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I am going into a SX-1 LE Tascam board from a DAC-1. How do you set this thing up? Thanks. LJ

lj Potyk
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EliasGwinn 16th March 2009
Avatar for Helius

Hello API 2500 users, I received my API 2500 (HW) today and connected it into my setup (Pro Tools HD -> Dangerous 2bus ->...

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jpupo74 16th March 2009
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I spotted another thread that will question will sit nicely in so I'm off to pop this question in there - sorry mods

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Dayo 16th March 2009
Avatar for James Lugo

So I have a vintage U67 and a Wagner U47w on the way. I'm looking for one more, something modern and hi fi, good for pop, pop...

James Lugo
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Lynn Fuston 16th March 2009
Avatar for bienchx

What would be the current market price for a board like this?

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jindrich 16th March 2009
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I have a GR ME1NV that I really love on anything I have thrown at it yet. I am running it into a Digi002 Rack with PT LE 8. I...

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gearmaniac 16th March 2009
Avatar for Robert Sands

Fellow Gearslutz, I am a composer and studio owner from the Central New Jersey area and I have created, over the past 25 years...

Robert Sands
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DanRock101 16th March 2009
Avatar for Big_Bang

Hi guys, This is for my home setup, where I had a "non-obtrusive" pair of KRK RP6 heh Not by will, but I am getting...

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danharr 16th March 2009
Avatar for audiomichael

I usually have my mix bus clean until the last 80%. Then I'll pick a combo of outboard and plugins. I've never tried with stuff...

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mobilemozart 15th March 2009
Avatar for jimboza43

Hi, My buddy has a U87 with possible moisture issues. Does anyone know of a reputible tech in the Altlanta area? Thanx -...

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Avatar for DanRock101
DanRock101 15th March 2009
Avatar for recall

Hi Guys, I have been speaking to a friend recently about the beauty of using high quality gear to act as an analogue mix bus...

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Tone Laborer 15th March 2009
Avatar for koldice

hd owners, do you guys buy rtas plugins or tdm plug-ins?

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Avatar for Studio Addict
Studio Addict 15th March 2009
Avatar for Msilver84

Hi slutz, I'm looking to get K & H o410's and wanted to complete the package with a nice sub. I was looking on K & H's...

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Avatar for Msilver84
Msilver84 15th March 2009
Avatar for Ravenclaw

Hello, I'm very familiar with API 312/550 and Neve 1073 pre and eq. I love both. Perhaps you can use these for reference for the...

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jchadstopherhuez 15th March 2009
Avatar for rattledaddy

Hi all... I need to add i/o to my PT HD2 96 i/o rig. I am/was contemplating adding another digi 96 i/o or a 192 i/o. ...

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Avatar for rattledaddy
rattledaddy 15th March 2009
Avatar for Bradahman

It's been several months. I am thinking about pulling the trigger with my tax returns... I am married to the mic because I am...

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Avatar for Kenny M
Kenny M 15th March 2009
Avatar for NWSooner

Hi all. I currently dual-boot XP SP3 and Vista X64. I would like to be able to use my 003 with Cubase under Vista x64, but...

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Avatar for space2012
space2012 15th March 2009
Avatar for Funk-O-Meter

So, listen, I've had the pleasure of hearing some really crazy good mic lockers. Worked in a few studios where the mix room had...

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Avatar for Musiclab
Musiclab 15th March 2009
Avatar for space2012

i know sound is subjective to personal taste, but...to me ua2192 DA so far the #1. dont like much the ADC anyway,... i like much...

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Avatar for space2012
space2012 15th March 2009
Avatar for salomonander

hi folks i decided to buy a small format console. i'll be using the preamps for tracking, the channels for summing and eq. i...

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Avatar for salomonander
salomonander 15th March 2009
Avatar for Tube World

Based on what I see the advantage of the Powercore is the following 1. Multiple reverbs can be added to your songs compared to...

Tube World
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Avatar for macgee
macgee 15th March 2009
Avatar for ronatron

Please read the post before you think I'm crazy because I know these mics might have very different characteristics. Thats why I...

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Avatar for gorillainthemix
gorillainthemix 15th March 2009
Avatar for Kore

Trying to do a batch fade on a kick track in pro tools that has been strip silenced. Short of doing each region one by one, how...

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Avatar for Deleted d78e603
Deleted d78e603 15th March 2009
Avatar for davidwilson

Hi Just wanted to know wether the 33609 is liked for rock/ heavy guitars. Also how it performas on the Mix buss. I am kind...

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Avatar for drundall
drundall 15th March 2009
Avatar for organic tone

I am looking to purchase a microphone for my ADR studio and wanted to know which mic is best for screaming / yelling...

organic tone
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Avatar for drundall
drundall 15th March 2009
Avatar for edup

Hi guys I'm here seeking help for a new project studio I'm setting up, I'm setting a protools core 2 accel pci e with a 192 i/0...

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edup 15th March 2009
Avatar for Hope209

Can you guys suggest a mix buss compressor for around $3500? I've searched through the archives and have decided that the...

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Avatar for starseed
starseed 15th March 2009
Avatar for NoFalsetto

What is your favorite use for a KM-84? Has anyone used the KM 184?

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Avatar for drBill
drBill 14th March 2009
Avatar for phildog33

Ive just acquired a Royer R121 and its my first ribbon mic in the studio. I'm used to hearing my Soundeluxe U195 through API...

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Avatar for Lynn Fuston
Lynn Fuston 14th March 2009
Avatar for lfranz5451

The distressor itself stresses that you should slam and push its own meters...that they're very flexible...my question is...

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Avatar for icebox
icebox 14th March 2009
Avatar for DaBear

I just saw this pictures! great idea..looks awesome!boing It is Rourketown studios in USA...

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Avatar for Jamz
Jamz 14th March 2009
Avatar for LSP

I have an opportunity to purchase two Millennia STT-1's at a good price. I was wondering if someone could attest as to how you...

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Avatar for thisgoestomark
thisgoestomark 14th March 2009
Avatar for 66z

Hi mates! I've just started to rebuild my studio from (almost) a scratch so I'm facing quite some decisions here.. Yet the most...

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Avatar for 66z
66z 14th March 2009
Avatar for MrVelvet

I'm thinking of a vocal mic that kind of combines the qualities of a 47 and a 251, e.g. I like the raspyness of the 251, but...

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Avatar for BOWIE
BOWIE 14th March 2009
Avatar for space2012

some hardware has built in that technique, like: weiss.ch adda in ADC2 mk2. theory is simple: 2 chips 1 signal same wordclock ...

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Avatar for okydoky
okydoky 14th March 2009
Avatar for Noise Commander

Hi! After having purchased new pres - Great River, Api, (I love them!!) I'd like to buy a fast compressor, limiter or maybe tape...

Noise Commander
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Avatar for plexisys
plexisys 14th March 2009
Avatar for tonyrockyhorror

First off, the AM660 is proving to be one of the best compressors I've ever used (and I've used/owned all the usual suspects). ...

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Avatar for RoundBadge
RoundBadge 14th March 2009
Avatar for BluegrassDan

What do the pres in the C24 console compare to? Are they fast and transparent? Any idea who makes them?

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Avatar for BluegrassDan
BluegrassDan 14th March 2009
Avatar for starseed

Hi. I am looking at using a mono Studer C37 as a color device for tracking/mixing, I noticed it is capable of enormous bass,...

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Avatar for ciardhubhan
ciardhubhan 13th March 2009
Avatar for Antonio_4346

I picked one of these up really cheap the other day. It's the entire channel, fader and all. I've done some searching and some...

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Avatar for Antonio_4346
Antonio_4346 13th March 2009
Avatar for Football

Wondering about the add on mic pre to the Evil Twin DI. If anyone ever used it, how does it compare to other high end...

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Avatar for jpupo74
jpupo74 13th March 2009
Avatar for hbuus

I'm looking for a good preamp or channel strip to do synth pop like Depeche Mode, and industrial music like Front 242. If money...

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Avatar for lobsterinn
lobsterinn 13th March 2009
Avatar for Musicman2008

I have a Rode NTK running into a Vintech x73i into a Distressor EL8X into Apogee Mini me then into pro tools mpower. I am...

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Avatar for Glenn Bucci
Glenn Bucci 13th March 2009
Avatar for Steffmo

I haven't seen this reported here...maybe I missed it. Phillip Glass has decided he has had enough of the studio biz and has...

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Avatar for kittonian
kittonian 13th March 2009
Avatar for amit monga

do line pre have transformers as mic pre is the quality of line pre as important as mic pre except input levels what is the...

amit monga
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Avatar for Doc Mixwell
Doc Mixwell 13th March 2009
Avatar for the

I used to play cello a while back as a kid for 8 years but fell out of it in high school. Since then I've gotten into other...

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Avatar for the
the 13th March 2009
Avatar for vcode

whats the differences between the ad8000 and the ad8000 se and also whats the street price difference between the two? thanks

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Avatar for WhoKnows
WhoKnows 13th March 2009
Avatar for waveform

Hi guys, Im new, Ive herd good things about Soundtracs consoles from anumber of people ive met over the years and ive seen one...

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Avatar for Coyoteous
Coyoteous 13th March 2009
Avatar for Paul D

Hello, I've got a real small room for tracking and am getting some fairly "boxy" (for lack of a better term) sounds...

Paul D
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Avatar for bing81
bing81 13th March 2009
Avatar for tonyrockyhorror

I'm working with the DerrEsser, which is arguably the best de-esser available, and I've found that it kind of alters the...

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Avatar for staudio
staudio 13th March 2009