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hi im using avalon vt737sp and drawmer 1969, i want to buy one more pre which one is the world's best ? price doesn't...

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Aisle 6 20th April 2009
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Hey guys, is there a site for lossless music (wav/aiff) by now in the abysmal depths of the internet ? I only know...

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John Willett 20th April 2009
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I'm considering these for the buss, the music is rootsy/acoustic/folk, all recorded to 2" and mixed to an ATR 102- Think...

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geeek 20th April 2009
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Would love to check out the Aurora GTC2 if anyone has one in or near Stockholm. jummpp

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gainreduction 20th April 2009
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So where do you start for boosting highs and lows on the mix bus with the GML 8200? I know that every mix has a different...

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okydoky 20th April 2009
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Is the DBX 162 SL usefull for a mastering application? In this price range better comps? Even highend? Limiting like Brickwall?...

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Schizzo 20th April 2009
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I used My GTQ2 from Aurora Audio as a insert on my masterbus in PT today. With just a slight of a notch EQ. OH MY GOD!! The...

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Kristian 20th April 2009
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I hope not to place a silly question, but always i have wondered why most of studios keep their gear behing the mixing console or...

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leebridges 20th April 2009
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I need some extra cash so im looking into trying to sell my OCDP custom kit I had built for me a few years back. Its still in...

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mfizzle32 20th April 2009
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today i got my 102 card for my anamod and i can say, that this is the best card ! the 102 will give you a 1073 larger than...

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Mixary 19th April 2009
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If you are tracking your stuff with great outboard and mics. Then when its time for mixdown, you send it out to your outboard...

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trevort 19th April 2009
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Hi, Can anyone point out any fundamental reasons why it would not be possible to build a high end studio on a ship that is...

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2N1305 19th April 2009
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Is the LTD-2 best used for drum buss? Anyone use as an all purpose compressor as well, vox?

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Ollie 19th April 2009
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SUMMIT TLA100 good vocal tracking compressor? Hi there any of you guys use this? What are you experiences? Cheers....

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E.rOk.stA 19th April 2009
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Which is more transparent and which has mojo? Which is better and why?

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Avatar for MicSlut666
MicSlut666 19th April 2009
Avatar for Mr. Gloves

this is one of the only portico units i don't own - probably just because i have too many compressors as it is - but i've heard...

Mr. Gloves
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switch1 19th April 2009
Avatar for SK1

Hello People, I have a mixerless studio. I'm interested in picking up an analog fader so I could ride the levels going to my...

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SK1 19th April 2009
Avatar for Buffstuffbuddha

Ok I am making the transition over to PT and I was going to buy a Mix system because obviously the HD systems are a bit too...

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Kronos147 18th April 2009
Avatar for Buffstuffbuddha

I was wondering if anyone has a pdf manual for this console or if they at least have a patchbay diagram for the 32x24 model.

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Buffstuffbuddha 18th April 2009
Avatar for D.F.

I have hired a U47 to track final lead vocals (male baritone in a gothic rock sound). My mic pre is a neve 1272, I have EAR 660,...

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Avatar for Eric Greedy
Eric Greedy 18th April 2009
Avatar for Jonny Radford

Hey guys, I have been using a pair of S3a's for about 2 years now and I do love them. However I have been thinking I want to...

Jonny Radford
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raal 18th April 2009
Avatar for PdotDdot

Hi all, I am running PT 8. I am trying to decide what my next upgrade will be. I have a great Vocal chain CM7/GT > GTQC...

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musicsound-2 18th April 2009
Avatar for koldice

thinkin about picking one up, but was wondering if there was a on/off switch on this 1space rack unit?

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Avatar for theother
theother 18th April 2009
Avatar for levonvincent

Thoughts? anyone have an opinion, versus say, 24/96k?

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Avatar for levonvincent
levonvincent 18th April 2009
Avatar for wayne mox

I recall these things setup in our living room when I was little. My dad is the original owner and still has the original...

wayne mox
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Avatar for kafka
kafka 18th April 2009
Avatar for TheMIXIMAL

Just curious, what gear are people buying these days ? THIS YEAR, what NEW gear purchases have you made ? (not used gear,...

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Avatar for nightscope
nightscope 18th April 2009
Avatar for kristoffer

Hi! Our new studio is almost done, and we now have to buy some new gear :) I have been looking for some high end mic stands (for...

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Avatar for . . .
. . . 18th April 2009
Avatar for C.Judd Karn

First, thank you for all of the information you've given on the great records you've been involved with.....very cool and always...

C.Judd Karn
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C.Judd Karn 18th April 2009
Avatar for dhiltonlittle

i've been having trouble getting my meters to read right on the discrete section of my mastering comp. they will not stay at 0....

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Avatar for dhiltonlittle
dhiltonlittle 18th April 2009
Avatar for levonvincent

What are your thoughts on the soud quality, versus 24.96k PCM... This is the studio version of the portable, which I am...

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Avatar for levonvincent
levonvincent 18th April 2009
Avatar for markworsnop

Hi, any help would be much appreciated. I'm looking for some nice pre amps, I've pretty much decided on a pair of Telefunken...

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markworsnop 18th April 2009
Avatar for tonyrockyhorror

TWO PART hypothetical question: 1- If you were forced to part with ANY ONE piece of high end gear in your arsenal, what would...

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Avatar for Audio Hombre
Audio Hombre 18th April 2009
Avatar for matthewvandenham

I just had a wild idea pop in my head... When I found out that Neil Peirt's bass drum is 23"s, it made me think: is it...

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Avatar for matthewvandenham
matthewvandenham 17th April 2009
Avatar for grantlandau

I've got a cool little project with an excellent up and coming singer who will have a good budget from her label so I get to go...

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Avatar for heyman
heyman 17th April 2009
Avatar for Dirty Halo

Been listening to the new Hard-Fi album and it sounds amazing. Heard it was tracked and mixed on the Toft ATB... is this...

Dirty Halo
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Avatar for Space Station
Space Station 17th April 2009
Avatar for houndog328

Are there any other compressor/limiters that sound like a TG1 but don't cost $4K?

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Avatar for nandi
nandi 17th April 2009
Avatar for bluemuse

Trying to get in touch with Shaun. Anybody know if they're still in business. Thanks, Ernie

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Avatar for bluemuse
bluemuse 17th April 2009
Avatar for Schizzo

Which "low priced" highend compressor is out there?

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Avatar for Phaidon
Phaidon 17th April 2009
Avatar for ronatron

Just picked up a soundelux e47 and am thinking of a new channel strip. Looking at a Manley voxbox or a Summit Audio mpc 100a. ...

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Avatar for edcampos
edcampos 17th April 2009
Avatar for foursmith82

Hi I'm looking for very good channel strip VST plugins !?!?!(for Vocals) mfg foursmith

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Avatar for foursmith82
foursmith82 17th April 2009
Avatar for LethaL

Hello all I apologize for the newbie question but i tried searching for this answer and couldn't find it. I recently got a...

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Avatar for TonyBelmont
TonyBelmont 17th April 2009
Avatar for Schizzo

Want to plug it into a 003 rack for a mastering rack. Which one would you suggest? Schizzo :)

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Avatar for ddageek
ddageek 17th April 2009
Avatar for Guitar Zero

Who is getting the crisp clear sound they want, and which module are you getting it with?

Guitar Zero
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Avatar for Osse_87
Osse_87 17th April 2009
Avatar for DaVogi

hi, we're using an old adt 5mt console (1985) which is some kind of end of life time - a full service/recap would probably cost...

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Avatar for BlueSprocket
BlueSprocket 17th April 2009
Avatar for TanTan

I've just got a beautiful pair of Wilson CUBs speakers.. Does anybody use them ? I've just finished a mix on my Genelecs...

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Avatar for TanTan
TanTan 17th April 2009
Avatar for prslespaul

I have been eyeing up these pres for a long time but never can find anything about them so i decided to post it on...

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Avatar for prslespaul
prslespaul 17th April 2009
Avatar for 11562

Is it good idea to run keyboards/synths through mic preamps to give it more analog feel/ coloration while tracking. in my case i...

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Avatar for lostintime
lostintime 17th April 2009
Avatar for thkaiser

Hello, Looking at getting a Audient ASP 008 or a Metric Halo 2882. Could I route those into the API to get the conversion, or...

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Avatar for kooz
kooz 16th April 2009
Avatar for MeBangkeys

I'm moving up from PTLE8 w/a Digi 003 to a Pro Tools HD system, as economically as possible. I know the LE product line inside...

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Avatar for plexisys
plexisys 16th April 2009
Avatar for wheatus

Hello Slutz, Can any of you recommend a road worthy 500 series rack enclosure? Thanks, brendan b brown wheatus.com

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wheatus 16th April 2009