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How am i Able to intergrate an Eleven Rack with a high end converter? meaning i want to use the Eleven rack for processing but...

Real Talk Ent.
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Squawk 6th August 2010
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Hey guys,just purchased a 1966 Fender Pro Reverb on E-bay. It comes with a pair of Jensen P12 Qs and also a set of Celestion...

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Deleted f7b41d2 6th August 2010
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The Cure.


like my rush thread, i am curious if anyone knows what they recorded with through the ages, what gear they used etc... I am a...

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fuzzjunkie 6th August 2010
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(Studio/Gear: Logic Pro 9, Mac Pro, 16ch DA to Toft ATB, lots of external MIDI gear, rack full of outboard compressors, eq,...

Mr. Z
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tapehiss 5th August 2010
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is they're PCIe Interfaces Supporting 96-192 Khz so i can use external converters? i dont mean like a Pro tools HD lynx or...

Real Talk Ent.
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psycho_monkey 5th August 2010
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Hello, what would be the best way to record an audio book. its 450 pages, he wants to put it in chapters. i have protools. what...

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[email protected] 5th August 2010
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Im going to be using a Studer 2" with a '70s Neve on a few projects. Its new to me - I've been using Cubase and Soundcraft...

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norman_nomad 5th August 2010
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Hi everyone! Just curious about this high end HiFi brand. It has a great reputation among some audiophiles. I have heard their...

Oscar G. Hinde
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Oscar G. Hinde 5th August 2010
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Hi all, Does anyone know if there are any cheaper alternatives to the Earthworks QTC or measurement series that have relatively...

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ofajen 5th August 2010
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Hey!! In my Protools HD system i have hooked up some hardware comps. I have made all the things correkt in the inserts, and it...

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s.d.finley 5th August 2010
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Hey Gearslutz, I was wondering if there are any sonic differences between a vintage 70s u87 and a vintage 80s u87. If you have...

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WunderBro Flo 5th August 2010
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Looking for some advice on how to soften or address the slight sibilance that is added from my compressor during tracking vocals....

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pan60 5th August 2010
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did a session today and for the first time I had the experience of working with a bass pod . the bass player didn't have an amp...

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funkytracks 5th August 2010
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Looking at the Audio Technica 4051a, AKG C451 B. I plan to get two for recording an acoustic guitar in stereo. Has anyone heard...

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salomonander 4th August 2010
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Dear Gearslutz forum, Please, I need help asap!! I just received a symphony 64 pcie system and the thing won't fit!! I...

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latestflavor 4th August 2010
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I'm familiar with the sound of the Manley vari-mu. How does the Nail compare? Looks like it is much more versatile in any case....

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pan60 4th August 2010
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Hey guys, I'm going to need to completely wipe the studio computer clean today and reinstall the OS and update to PTHD8. As...

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dhiltonlittle 4th August 2010
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hey fellow slutz iam keen on having a crack at mixing in 2 an out board ssl type compressor and just wondering wat the idea of...

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Musiclab 4th August 2010
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So, being the strange classical guy I am, I have very limited knowledge of non-transparent gear. Generally speaking, I have no...

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Tone Laborer 4th August 2010
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OK I'm trying to figure out what mic this is. They're all the same mic. I saw a video of it being used in a rehersal for male...

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mattg082 4th August 2010
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I have an AKG 451eb that has some problems. Can anyone suggest a great repair shop/person the can handle it fairly quickly? ...

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T. Morgan 4th August 2010
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What stereo preamp would you use in a FOLCROM setup to get a large analog console sound for rock mixing? And if you don't like...

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RonT 3rd August 2010
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Hello! I can offer a Telefunken AC 701K in used, but perfect condition. If somebody is interested, please send me a message to ...

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RKrizman 3rd August 2010
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I come from mixing ITB. My workflow utilizes 8 Subgroups, and 4 final stems. I treat all the single tracks with basic eq shaping...

Noise Commander
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work2do 3rd August 2010
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Black lion audio says theirs is better Metric Halo Say's Theirs Is Better. So if their is anybody out There with experience with...

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budzinmylungz 3rd August 2010
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If one would go for a non-tube mic to match or surpass the Pearlman TM1 ?

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Dean Roddey 3rd August 2010
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Hi everybody, I expect to build a control room (RFZ) size 120m3 aprox. Which Main monitors could you recommend to me for...

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MIKEHARRIS 3rd August 2010
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It's time to upgrade my gear. I need recommendations on what I should run into my Digidesign 003 Factory for recording vocals for...

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soundpuretodd 3rd August 2010
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was wondering today about the humid climate i live and work in, and the effect it may or may not have on my microphones. this...

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sound_music 3rd August 2010
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Some nicely made old custom console channel strips. Only have fader, gain in pushbutton stages, and I guess buss routing(A B C D)...

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LeoLeoLeo 3rd August 2010
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Does anyone have experience with these and have A/B'd them? What are the sound differences? The RFT is noticably cheaper than...

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Dark1 3rd August 2010
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Right now I have an apogee rosetta 800 with an aphex 142 slaved to it... but I am looking to get into 16 out as well to do some...

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seanmccoy 3rd August 2010
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So I'm making some big gear acquisitions and I'm soon getting my first really nice mic preamp and then a high quality a/d d/a...

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Metasonics 3rd August 2010
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Your favorite HARWARE EQ for the Money is ...... what? A minimum of $600 and over per channel NEW is a requirement to avoid the...

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Filthrill 3rd August 2010
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Just wondering if anybody has any opinions as to the scaling of the Distressors knobs. I figure that 0 on attack is 50...

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keano 3rd August 2010
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The Vintage King Site lists the Shadow Hills as Chris Lord Alge's mixbuss compressor, and the Red 3 has been removed. I have...

Empire Prod
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spicemix 2nd August 2010
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sooo.... Any users? It's been out for a while, but not too much info anywhere! It caught my attention and I'd be happy to hear...

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alkex 2nd August 2010
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I am seriously considering getting a Neve VR 48 channel console for my home studio in the near future. My question is would I...

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audioshark 2nd August 2010
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Hello I've just bought a protools HD1 and I'm looking for an i/o interface. I hesitate between the digi192 and the aurora 16. I...

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Doc Mixwell 2nd August 2010
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I got the lynx aurora 8 and aes16 card about a week ago and I just checked the on board mixer. I'm getting a very small minute...

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living sounds 2nd August 2010
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I have a SPL 2Control and it is SUPER sensitive, meaning if the dial is turned up any more than 5%, my ears are going to...

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Dandruff 2nd August 2010
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I've decided I'm either going to go with the SSL Alphalink or the Aurora 16 for my converters. Really, for the same price the...

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sodium glow 2nd August 2010
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So I'm about to purchase a new Massive Passive that will be used primarily for tracking and mixing. I'm strongly leaning toward...

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Rohwer 2nd August 2010
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Out in Omaha Nebraska

Rick Carson
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lynyrd 2nd August 2010
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So I searched an couldnt really find an answer to this question. here goes my first thread then... Im going from the Lynx...

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Nick Morris 2nd August 2010
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Hi, I would like to gather IRs from nice legendary or favorites mic preamplifiers. Would be nice if you give me 10 minutes...

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soulviasound 1st August 2010
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Looking for a tracking compressor for vocals and bass purposes. (Pop, rock and country music.) How does an 1176 into LA3 sound...

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Albert L. 1st August 2010
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Is anyone familiar with this old active speaker? I believe it´s from the sixties... Could it be intended for mono listening...

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twanginalex 1st August 2010
Avatar for 666666

I have a several old PCM41s and PCM42s that need some "sprucing up". I have one ultra mint PCM41, hardly ever used, it...

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tapehiss 1st August 2010
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Compression rack now complete! I finally received the last SH Module for my portable rigs compression rack. 4 x Optographs, and...

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JonathanEspinosa 31st July 2010