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I went to bed last night worried sick after setting up for a session yesterday. The banjo player (who is the main artist on this...

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BluegrassDan 31st December 2010
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Folks, Any of you have experience with this unit ? I did buy one of them but so far I haven't used yet. The person who advised...

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Sandysound 31st December 2010
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Hello friends I want to buy a new monitor and I have these 2 models in my mind ADAM A7X o DYNAUDIO BM5A MKII , I want a quality...

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youngrob 31st December 2010
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Hi guys! A colleague and me did a study on the audible differences between the UA 1176LN reissue and the 1176LN plug-in from...

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P-pangdrums 31st December 2010
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Have a nice Yamaha D5000 delay. The Back up battery is almost dead. Does anyone now what battery i need and were I can find it? ...

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Pereds 30th December 2010
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Am thinking of setting up a mobile rig based around Pt9 on a Mac Book Pro with a UFX and some Mytek converters (connected via...

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Kore 30th December 2010
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As some of you know I have been test-driving a Brent AVerill 1073 and like it quite a lot. Just wondering though if those in the...

VO Guy
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waxx 30th December 2010
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What is the diffrents? i have a wunder cm7 and i was thinking of getting another mic that is diffrent and what is the prices? can...

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Toppermost 30th December 2010
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A fair number of people are looking for a quality pair of nearfields in the $2000 and under range. There ARE some helpful...

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analogjeff 30th December 2010
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So I fell over in the studio this morning and broke my pelvis, im wondering which piece oh high end gear has the most medicinal...

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bassjam 30th December 2010
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Is this even a remotely good idea.......? It would seem logical that swapping out a few components for higher end stuff would...

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youngmain 30th December 2010
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I just got a Korby kat 4 today still playing with it. Trying to find the perfect capsule for my voice. I also have a cm7 which i...

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Chromalord 30th December 2010
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So I have a question to all of you in the high end sector.... Let me give you a quick question, if you were only allowed One...

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waxx 30th December 2010
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Hi, I just got my twin6 pair and one of them won't turn on. I tried the same cable on the computer but didn't work out. Next I...

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aquinox 30th December 2010
Avatar for BluMaterial

Hello everyone! I am looking to upgrade & expand my current orchestral library, which consists of Garageband orchestral...

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myles 30th December 2010
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Hi, Resolving a problem with my newly bought Korg Polysix. Everything on the synthesizer works as it should, but the the...

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myles 30th December 2010
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For those like me who admire Chris, maybe you can find this interesting:Article Preview - Secrets Of The Mix Engineers: Chris...

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doubledecker 30th December 2010
Avatar for cortisol

I'm looking to buy a mic to use as an alternative main vocal mic to my Pearlman TM-1. The Pearlman is extended and open in the...

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tapehiss 30th December 2010
Avatar for funkdog

To all my more experienced SSL gurus out there... I've been mixing on an SSL 4056G for a few years now, and i was thinking...

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peat 30th December 2010

What set of monitors would you get if you had $20k to blow on a stereo set??

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kosmokrator 29th December 2010
Avatar for ArisA

Hi all, im want to change my setup with my motu 24 i/o right. The Gearslutz told me that the one i have is not good enough for...

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frans 29th December 2010
Avatar for seventn

I used to own a Ghost but I sold it. Wish I had kept it but at the time it was just too big. Now I'd like to get something in...

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memphisindie 29th December 2010
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I have built my studio on the idea that plug-ins and digital summing is to be avoided if possible, so I even like to avoid...

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ppaulsen 29th December 2010
Avatar for Sput

Hi Folks! I've been usign the PCM96 for a month now. It's my first Lexicon unit and it sounds just like I wanted it to. I just...

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McDingus 29th December 2010
Avatar for heyman

Any Radar user's out there like to share their thoughts on: What type of front end they are using... (Analog board, digital...

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haleystudios 29th December 2010
Avatar for lachlan

one of the channels on my Sebatron VMP 4000e recently dropped to about half volume and became noisy and crackly and a few weeks...

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lachlan 29th December 2010
Avatar for ChuckG

I have the opportunity to buy an SM5b at what I think is a pretty good price. I dont really know anybody who owns one of these...

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ChuckG 29th December 2010
Avatar for dream

What are your opinions on this little unit?

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Daedalus77 28th December 2010
Avatar for JPeters86

Hi folks, I'm looking to buy a stereo pair of these mics. Just wondering if there are better alternatives in the same price...

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jmikeperkins 28th December 2010
Avatar for ocianic

Looking for a larger commercial studio in LA to buy/lease for long term - must have professionally designed control room and...

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ocianic 28th December 2010
Avatar for TheStixter

I have a high end Woo Audio 3+ Headphone Amplifier that I use use in the studio all the time paired with my Beyerdynamic DT990...

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Avatar for Ward Pike
Ward Pike 28th December 2010
Avatar for Ward Pike

OK, time for a general but pointed question where you supply Just Your Own Humble Opinion... if you would be so kind as to...

Ward Pike
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digitalM 28th December 2010
Avatar for automatom

So which is it? I'm in the UK and the Neve kit is cheaper by about £100. The Neve seems to have some perhaps extraneous...

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Avatar for Broken_English
Broken_English 28th December 2010
Avatar for babydaddymusic

I just got in the 500 series game, with an API lunchbox and my first unit is an API 512. I have the Waves CLA classic compressor...

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thethrillfactor 28th December 2010
Avatar for lalalalala

Hello!! I am just on the verge of buying an EMT 140 stereo SS plate, but oh, the piano-removal-crane-hire, the setting up of the...

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u b k 28th December 2010
Avatar for bassjam

What is the best SSL style bus compressor? There is the Obsidian, the Obsidian 500, the Alan Smart units........ Which is...

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Avatar for Joey Walnuts
Joey Walnuts 28th December 2010
Avatar for Ringan87

Hey, I just got my Manley Ref C and thinking about getting a new 500 series preamp for it. But I'm having trouble deciding...

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Avatar for skiff
skiff 28th December 2010
Avatar for MyPutzyRod

I love MH character with my ULN-2 but as I am not on the road anymore I can afford to have some outboard to patch into my MH...

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MyPutzyRod 28th December 2010
Avatar for MR WOO

I have been trying to get PMC to help me resolve the problem with this blown 10"woofer.I have been working on this for 2...

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therealbigd 28th December 2010
Avatar for andonwego

I'm told there's quite a range of options on this. Style and taste of tube...

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Avatar for andonwego
andonwego 28th December 2010
Avatar for sound delux

Just wondering if anyone has schematics for an Amek Medici, I have looked everywhere without any luck so far. Can anyone...

sound delux
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Avatar for sound delux
sound delux 28th December 2010
Avatar for Bob800

Please recommend me some good cables to connect Avocet to my DAW & speakers? I need clear signal paths.

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Avatar for Fletcher
Fletcher 28th December 2010
Avatar for markchatwin

Any recommendations for a high end mic (1-3K to spend) that can primarily do a great job with elctric guitar? Style is 70's rock/...

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Avatar for Tim Abraham
Tim Abraham 27th December 2010
Avatar for jayfield

Wunder CM7 Wagner U47w HORCH RM2J Telefunken RFT AK47 Telefunken U47 M Korby KAT U47 Vertigo Sound VS47 BeeNeez...

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Avatar for Wiggy Neve Slut
Wiggy Neve Slut 27th December 2010
Avatar for pullpush

Hi, I,m going to change all my system cause I have : -Apple G5 -HD3 PCI - 1core 2accell -192 interface My first thought was...

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pullpush 27th December 2010
Avatar for Jharris22883

So Does anyone have a NU47 that they have taken apart? Id really like to know what it looks like on the inside. There has to be...

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Jharris22883 27th December 2010
Avatar for chrisdee

Just wanted to share my thoughts on the Microclock MKII. Been using it for a week now and I'm very glad I bought it (even though...

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Avatar for drycappuccinoguy
drycappuccinoguy 27th December 2010
Avatar for caustic386

I'm setting up a little space to practice bass/guitar, in which I'll be using the SansAmp character series (so I can keep my...

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Avatar for ofajen
ofajen 27th December 2010
Avatar for tmanoff

Has anyone had speaker damage from super high frequencies like those from an SACD recording? What about playback of hi-rez...

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Avatar for Matt Syson
Matt Syson 27th December 2010
Avatar for OzarkRoots

I went to order a KM184 from pro audio solutions. I've alwasy liked those mics. Then I got a call from their salesman telling me...

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Avatar for Nobilmente
Nobilmente 27th December 2010