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Hi all, after getting very useful info here and weeks of internetsearching i basically decided to get BAE 1084 + Neumann U87...

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ArisA 28th January 2011
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Which tubes are the best? in my case for in a SPL 9530 Vitalizer

Analogue Mastering
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Analogue Mastering 28th January 2011
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Without this sounding like another this vs. that thread, I am curious to know what would be a wiser purchase if only enough money...

Lumin One
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jordanvoth 28th January 2011
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Hey guys I have to record drums for a Band! and i have the Apogee AD16x connected to a Lynx AES16 via AES, I have a problem tho!...

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MIKEHARRIS 28th January 2011
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Ever hear of anyone complaining that any of their equipment is whey too good? Well this might be the first time ever as I am...

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benelli 28th January 2011
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I have seen a pair of these speakers at Malcolm Jackson's site MJQ :: Sales System :: Regent-TPF and they look interesting. I...

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andyspiller 28th January 2011
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Just to spin off from the eventide/fractal thread that's here:...

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[email protected] 28th January 2011
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This might be a silly question during mixdown of a track that is being summed using a summing mixer or a board do you mute the...

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drundall 28th January 2011
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For pop-rock-folk-ethnic, to record Martin-Gibson AGs,electric guitars with Fender Amp, Fender Precision Bass and vox. Your...

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pan60 28th January 2011
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With all the expenses that go with starting a studio... preamps, compressors, mics, instruments, acoustics, console, cabling,...

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Fleaman 28th January 2011
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Hello people, Just lookin for anyone to help shed some light on the Calrec minimixer mkII. Does anyone know if its loaded with...

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Steamy Williams 28th January 2011
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Hi, I've got a pair of Distressor EL8-X with the Brit mod and stereo link that I use mostly in Opto (LA-2ish) mode for...

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Fletcher 28th January 2011
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I got the 5500 today and I mixed with it . This is one hell of an EQ ! ,used it on bass vocals ,and played with it on the mix...

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dhiltonlittle 28th January 2011
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I have the module, I have the rack but I m not good at soldering/eletronics so I m looking for someone in Europe who could do...

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Piedpiper 28th January 2011
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Man I am sooooooooooo excited right now. The 13 or so years I have spent collecting gear and recording bands has lead me to this...

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crosscutred 28th January 2011
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Hi Fellow Gearslutz, I know it has already been beaten to dead but I got a few question for you about Digital...

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HDaudioCoyote 27th January 2011
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What you can say?diddlydoo

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loh90 27th January 2011
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I just got a hardware C1 compressor for the stereo Mix buss. I have being mostly using until now a very light compressor...

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jffmusic 27th January 2011
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I just got a new Symphony IO system and am getting it installed and config'd. My previous ad/da solution was 2 Apogee Ensembles...

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infiniteposse 27th January 2011
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I saw on youtube, looks cool : YouTube - NIIO analog TRACK THICKENER / ER-1 FLASH stike

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HDaudioCoyote 27th January 2011
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Hi Slutz! I would post this under 'mastering' but I chose to post it here, hoping that people in the 'high end' category will...

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Greg B 27th January 2011
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I have a 5.1 consisting of BM15a, and a BX3 sub. Also currently have a pair of Adam Sa3's. I am looking at the Air 20's,...

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roonsbane 27th January 2011
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Hi. A friend gave me an AMEK MZ15-RN and another AMEK MZ11 I/O module in order to rack them up in a pair. He has 30 more of...

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PhantomBox 27th January 2011
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I have a strong interest in purchasing a used piece of Avalon equipment and I called the headquarters today to try and find out...

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AllAboutTone 27th January 2011
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MIX article posted about AVID upgrade PCI to PCIe REMOVED! WHY??? There was a post that had a link to a MIX article saying...

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ddageek 27th January 2011
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Audio Hombre 27th January 2011
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hey there, I`m into recording for years BUT I don`t get the sound of any real studio production - no matter what professional...

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joeq 26th January 2011
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I ordered an Arabella a while ago, and while I liked it, it did not have the silky high end that I was personally looking for. So...

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PointReyes7 26th January 2011
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Hi all, so i have my new setup together, and i will be ordering the stuff in the next days. Now, the only thing im not sure is...

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ArisA 26th January 2011
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Salty James 26th January 2011
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There are more than one 1176 style compressors available right now. I am looking to just buy one for my studio so that I can have...

Hammock Byrd
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Kingtone 26th January 2011
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i have a couple of high-end pieces and a few high-quality vintage pieces that i'm not using so much in the studio these days. i'm...

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Scott Whigham 26th January 2011
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Has anyone got any insight on the Fairchild F-22 LDC? Uses? I wouldn't mind tracking a pair down for room duties?

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YRLK 26th January 2011
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Hope someone may help me. My U87 falls and two problems appear: grill damaged and the operation of the mic itself also with...

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John Willett 26th January 2011
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I am looking for an all around great vocal mic for my project studio. All the stuff I record is either hip hop, pop, r&b or...

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littlesicily 26th January 2011
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Hey all, I'm looking for a mastering quality 2 channel AD/DA converter to use for printing mixes, sending signal to outboard...

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Canopus 26th January 2011
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Posted this in Advice, but on second thought...think it's better suited here. Don't mean to spam. I'm new to external summing...

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rizertheblue 26th January 2011
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Hey guys, first post here, though i've been reading the forums for many years. Last year I decided to invest and beef up my home...

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eddiestune 26th January 2011
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Is there any difference between NOS BASF 911 tape and new production RMGI 911? Which one is better, or this "naming" is...

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mahasandi 26th January 2011
Avatar for Scott Whigham

I can pick up a 1U 500 series rack for $400ish and two API 550As for about $1500ish - so $1900. Or I can buy a used API 5500 for...

Scott Whigham
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superburtm 25th January 2011
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Currently have some 1030a's I have had them for around 5 years and really know them inside out from a listening point of...

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daguv 25th January 2011
Avatar for Haslett

Hi all! My first post!! I'm a technician at a recording college. We are moving to new premises soon and building a second...

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[email protected] 25th January 2011
Avatar for jfast007

Hi, I have a studio at home. Already with a drawmer 1968 as the unique compressor. Would make sense to add a Urei 1176 LN Rev F?...

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Avatar for Hairball Audio
Hairball Audio 25th January 2011
Avatar for Rick Shepherd

If the Blue Kiwi microphone is as great as most people say, then why are they often sold used for about half the price of a new...

Rick Shepherd
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dirker 25th January 2011
Avatar for CAGuy

I am using an Earthworks QTC40 on acoustic guitar. WIthout a capo I like it around the 12 fret about 5 or 6" away. However,...

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CAGuy 25th January 2011
Avatar for AlphaDingo

Well it's that time again, analog lust is upon me and I have some questions. Has anyone ever used a Sony APR24? What can you tell...

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Jim Williams 25th January 2011
Avatar for Refresh

Hi everyone, Hooking up all my gear in some really nice new racks tomorrow and i got a question: Does it mather how long (or...

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Avatar for AllAboutTone
AllAboutTone 25th January 2011
Avatar for TaazKareem

Hey someone can help me out. I own a ADL-600, brought brand new a couple years ago but recently I've noticed I'm getting a...

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AllAboutTone 25th January 2011
Avatar for Joram

Anybody good advice on a high quality standalone phantom power unit? Need a few of them. Thanks in advance!

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Joram 25th January 2011
Avatar for doubledecker

I am mixing next week in Icon based studio with tons of "classic" outboard. There will be lots of editing because some...

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Mgr 25th January 2011