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I have started recording more live drums and bands lately. While tracking I am running out of mic pres and eqs. I am using...

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thedigitalgod 7th February 2011
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I'm going out on a limb here, but I am wondering if anyone has an interest in merging studios? I no longer have a space available...

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arasandvolodkas 7th February 2011
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Well, I've been saving for quite a while and want to upgrade my whole setup ! My chain right now is AT4047>GAP...

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KevWind 7th February 2011
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Moderator please delete this thread for me. Wrong forum. Thanks.

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madehumble 7th February 2011

Hi, Was wondering what the current market value of these limiters is, and what is overpriced. Thanks.

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AllBread 7th February 2011
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Not sure if I have the right forum, so feel free to suggest a better one. I'm only a guitar player, not a sound engineer, so go...

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kooz 7th February 2011
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Ok, Slutz, I'm looking for some input here. I have worked in 3 high end studios over the past two years working on a couple...

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jrod9900 6th February 2011
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Hi everyone, after having some technical issues with one of my Perreaux amps, i could get my hands on a used Quested AP1300 amp....

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Arkhe 6th February 2011
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Hi! So far I always found enough answers in this so informative forum but finally ended up posting my 1st thread now to get a...

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Robert McCormick 6th February 2011
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I see on various threads that the 550B does not get as much love as the A model. Is this because the 550b's are newer and have...

Dave Reid
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theother 6th February 2011
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Saw this on Craigslist. Should I go for it? What would it cost to get this thing cleaned up? Any guesses?

Salty James
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Fletcher 6th February 2011
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I'm considering getting one of these mics but I can't find any images of it with the 3/4 size tuchel adapter. On the Wunder...

J.S.Vega III
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J.S.Vega III 6th February 2011
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How do you feel with your km74? I use mine on many things and find it's a very good mic. Do you have some great results as well?...

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matucha 6th February 2011
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I'm getting a 4099 for double bass, banjo and nylon guit. Swedish sales rep says 90 hz (guitar version) suits bass even better....

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nilsemil 6th February 2011
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SO has anybody heard this thing yet? What's the scoop? How are the converters? boing

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lifesize 6th February 2011
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whats the best speaker switch unit out there? I dont really need A/D as I already have 40 channels of apogee and 192 I/O but I...

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Onan 6th February 2011
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Dear Forum I´m not really a native to the Pro-Audio scene, but I would like to kindly request a little input to clear up...

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DSD_Mastering 6th February 2011
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Hello, Anybody tried the BAE DMP? I currently have a UA 6176 and a TLM 49 (hoping to upgrade to a U87 eventually) and was...

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littlesicily 6th February 2011
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Hey there everyone. I'm an intern at a record label here in Arizona and the owner was kind enough to give me half of his studio...

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nessup 6th February 2011
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Noy-mann - gotcha. But what about Neutrik? I'd always said "Nu-trick" but then a vendor last week said...

Scott Whigham
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KAB 5th February 2011
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I've already tested a lot of equalizers and compressors on 2 buss (mastering) and I've found only 2 things those can make REALLY...

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jacko 5th February 2011
Avatar for bassjam

Someone should make a 500 series Listen Mic Comp.

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bassjam 5th February 2011
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I have done a search but haven't found any proper discussion on here. Has anybody had the chance to see this in action yet?...

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Fleaman 5th February 2011
Avatar for baikonour

hello there, there's more and more summing box around.... The nicerizer seems to be a nice product, anyone has tested it yet?

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Avatar for Honest Abe
Honest Abe 5th February 2011
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Hey all, was wondering, due to the small number of fx sends and returns on consoles (compared to mixing in the box), wise...

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thethrillfactor 5th February 2011
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So i just received the Studio Eq from Opal toady. I was interested to know I am already running a Krk Ergo in my room, Should i...

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Smokey510 5th February 2011
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Is it usually better to plug equipment through their digital connections than their analogue connections so as to skip their...

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puppee 5th February 2011
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...with AES? And there´s nothing about this in the Symphony´s manual. I´ve never used AES so I don´t know how all this...

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twotonbrick 5th February 2011
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Are copper buss bars facilitating more subharmonics being generated? Are the subharmonics resonantly affecting the fundamental...

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Avatar for Mark D.
Mark D. 4th February 2011
Avatar for Mattski

Does anyone know why my UA LA-610 catches radio. It's not around any other gear. There's no metal to metal contact. No audio...

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Avatar for whataboutit
whataboutit 4th February 2011
Avatar for sigmatibet

Hello, I am a very happy user of The Phoenix tube compressor. I usually mix through a Dangerous 2busLT, but I lately feel the...

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Mgr 4th February 2011
Avatar for GoochPie

Sup guys, So, I'm about to receive a mic from someone. They said it's been dropped a couple times and has been in a smokey...

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GoochPie 4th February 2011
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I'm thinking of getting an EMT 140 plate, it would be situated in a room overlooking a fairly busy street (centralish London,...

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Flymax 4th February 2011

Manley_Stingray_iTube Stingrayitube Truly a **** polisher

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quantumpsych 4th February 2011
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The sluttiest thing on the AES floor for me by far was the very limited (20 units worldwide) Josephson C720 condenser mic. This...

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RadioCamp 4th February 2011
Avatar for DeyBwah

Hey all, just wondering if anyone has compared the D/A between the D-box and Aurora? I'm debating whether I should get the...

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Avatar for Andysw
Andysw 4th February 2011
Avatar for Absinta

Okay I may be somewhat inept but here goes. I have a Lynx Auorora 8 ch. w/ L-HD card connnected to my PT HD PCIe card. So I've...

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Absinta 4th February 2011
Avatar for Paradox90

Please Help with choice!!

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lynyrd 4th February 2011
Avatar for Ibvee

What I know of these Universal Audio compressors, is that the LA2 is the most sought after one, is 4 rackspaces high, en sounds...

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Avatar for clearwave
clearwave 4th February 2011
Avatar for bassjam

Here is the situation, we have enough SSL Alphalink SX boxes to populate the 60 monitor inputs and 60 "line B"...

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Avatar for ericmixer
ericmixer 3rd February 2011
Avatar for Weimar

Anyone used the e22s for this purpose? I am close to buying this mic after having used it with great joy in several...

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Avatar for meverylame
meverylame 3rd February 2011
Avatar for Ernie O

So I have had the Eventide eclipse for a couple of months and am really pleased, But i feel I have not yet explored the most of...

Ernie O
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Avatar for Kalara
Kalara 3rd February 2011
Avatar for Udyret

Hi there, as im new to music production i want to learn more about the hardware part. im going to make myself a list where i can...

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Udyret 3rd February 2011
Avatar for denial

Looking for a professional heavy duty mic stand that can be used to suspend heavy valuable mics with a good reach and hight to...

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Avatar for Lynn Fuston
Lynn Fuston 3rd February 2011
Avatar for AB3

Sometimes I do not know how much I love a piece of gear until I have sold it and realize that I must have it back. That happened...

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Avatar for Caramel
Caramel 3rd February 2011
Avatar for theother

Ok, we already know that Fletcher likes them and happens to sell them, too. heh I did a search and all I found was a zillion...

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DeyBwah 3rd February 2011
Avatar for The Press Desk

New York City, January, 2011 METAlliance (Music Engineering and Technical Alliance) in presenting the second In Session event,...

The Press Desk
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Avatar for The Press Desk
The Press Desk 3rd February 2011
Avatar for scruffy

Hey everyone, I want to get some feedback as to which two ribbons I should go with. Applications are electric guitar, nylon...

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Avatar for scruffy
scruffy 3rd February 2011
Avatar for ::fred::

Thought this would be interesting! This is for all of you lower gain cats. I know clean/crunch tones are not that popular...

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Avatar for Whoopysnorp
Whoopysnorp 3rd February 2011
Avatar for lmgoldsmith

I hear a lot of stories about people tracking to Radar...perhaps then dumping to Protools. Anyone going "all the way"...

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skybluerental 2nd February 2011