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Hello everybody, I'm hoping to seek advice with regards to how best set-up my K&H 0300s, K&H 0810 and the cranesong...

Lord Vader
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monads 8th April 2011
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Hi Everyone. I am coming to gearslutz after trouble shooting a lot. I was working on a session yesterday at around 8pm we...

super teaboy87
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super teaboy87 8th April 2011
Avatar for TLH

Do you all agree that there is a big difference between the larger meter 525 and the small meter 525 compressors? Side by side, I...

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RoundBadge 8th April 2011
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IS there any clone high-end gear end up better than the original classic? The first one it pops up in my mind is Telefunken U47...

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BuildaFriend 8th April 2011
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Does anyone know if my JBLLSR6328's will work with the earlier model JBL LSR12P sub without problems. I don't believe that the...

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Rivethead 8th April 2011
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Hi all, Most of us know "the API sound". It's fast, tight and confident (imagination required). This week I had the...

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Kronos147 8th April 2011
Avatar for nas

I have been reading on some threads that the MM27 are a little bit "relaxed" in the low-mids and I'm just wondering if...

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steveschizoid 8th April 2011
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I decided to skip buying a Ferrari this year instead I spent 200K on outboard equip. I don't believe in plugins I believe in...

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Avatar for DarkSky Media
DarkSky Media 8th April 2011
Avatar for Nama

Hi. I often only mix these days, and most of the songs are programming based, and most of the time, vocals are the only one...

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work2do 8th April 2011
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Specifically, if you had $1k to spend, what you buy from this collection? Would you blow it all on one? Find a few...

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ofajen 8th April 2011
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I just purchase some bulk Mogami 2549 and Neutrik NC3MXX-B (male and female).... How long is too long for mic cable before you...

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Avatar for Meko
Meko 7th April 2011
Avatar for houndog328

Would a rack of 512's and 550a's, a 8200 mixer and 7800 master unit linked up come close to what a 1608 would sound like?

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Avatar for seaneldon
seaneldon 7th April 2011
Avatar for t-hiho

Hi, I'm just curious - why does tape echo sound so much more natural (like a real echo in the mountains e.g.) compared to 1:1...

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Avatar for Drumsound
Drumsound 7th April 2011
Avatar for Swurveman

I saw this post the other day: "Neve has an dark warm creamy sound, SSL has a cleaner crunchy sound, Api has a clean...

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Avatar for Swurveman
Swurveman 7th April 2011
Avatar for team714

Hello @ll, i saved a budget for a better tube preamp with a great soft tube distortion sound on vocals parts. on the list are...

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Avatar for iziphonics
iziphonics 7th April 2011
Avatar for oceantracks

OK trying to get some input though I fear I know the answer already. What would you guys suggest to make the biggest...

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paul999 7th April 2011
Avatar for alan_un

I am using a Brainstorm DCD-8 for 192 kHz audio signals with AES dual wire out into an RME ADI-192 and from there with AES single...

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Avatar for alan_un
alan_un 7th April 2011
Avatar for bmss

Hi, I have rosseta 800 with X-HD & 2 lixecon reverb I conected c24 by DB25 with Rosseta800 both in-out. how I can make...

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Avatar for Trev@Circle
[email protected] 7th April 2011
Avatar for Unicorn

Hi all, howdy Need an advice from experts here.. I'm trying to decide on purchasing Doepfer LMK4+ with an objective of getting...

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Avatar for leander
leander 7th April 2011
Avatar for SDB_12

I'm not asking about the sonic advantages/disadvantages of extra conversion vs. plugins vs. this vs. that. I'm curious as to HOW...

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Avatar for alooker
alooker 6th April 2011
Avatar for Analogaudio

Hey , here the opportunity to buy two of the best Philips CD Players ever made. Philips LHH2000, LHH 2000 , Professional CD...

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Avatar for Analogaudio
Analogaudio 6th April 2011
Avatar for Avidmusician

Done a few searches and can't seem to find any of these mics for sale new in the UK. Is it the case that they're not available...

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Avatar for KevWind
KevWind 6th April 2011
Avatar for rashadrm@hotmai


[email protected]
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Avatar for danoan522
danoan522 6th April 2011
Avatar for Surf Street Rec.

I am not a guitar player at all. I have several clients that are booked and I don't have a decent studio amp yet. I however have...

Surf Street Rec.
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Avatar for binarymilton
binarymilton 6th April 2011
Avatar for nwinkler247

Hi All, Do api 312 and neve 1073's sound any different when recording at hotter(pre clipping of cos) levels. I have had my API's...

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Avatar for Ward Pike
Ward Pike 6th April 2011
Avatar for Electrode

Hey guys, I just grabbed a pair of purple actions and I am having some issues with getting them to function properly. I think...

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Avatar for EisenAudio
EisenAudio 6th April 2011
Avatar for bigbongo

I bought a Beyer M160 a couple of years ago when that was all I could afford and it's performed great, recording mostly brass but...

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Avatar for superwack
superwack 5th April 2011
Avatar for MainTime

Hello, Gearslutz! Planning short studio upgrade. My studio meant of mixing pop music (without tracking). I have Pro Tools...

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Avatar for MainTime
MainTime 5th April 2011
Avatar for delay

hello there, wanted to share this and check if other users have similar or opposite opinions. i have used HEDD 192 since a...

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Avatar for JohnnyHo
JohnnyHo 5th April 2011
Avatar for branscobe

Are there any users who own those units (Amek DMCL, CIB, 9098 DMA and EQ) and may want to quickly comment how their sound compare...

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Avatar for paraudio
paraudio 5th April 2011
Avatar for Dizzy

I've got an 09/10 Avalon and I find the compressor absolutely unusable, for hip hop vocals atleast. I've been in want of of a...

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Avatar for nukmusic
nukmusic 5th April 2011
Avatar for amelendezfs

I was wondering if any of you guys know the fastest and most efficient way to get to the drivers in the horns on the Augspurger...

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Avatar for meverylame
meverylame 5th April 2011
Avatar for TomD

I know there have been other posts about PT certification, it's value or lack of.....but here's my specific question: Has...

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Avatar for TomD
TomD 5th April 2011
Avatar for Schizzo

Hello, everybody who is interested in some microphone audio demos should check this: mikrofon vergleich mikrofone im...

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Avatar for Schizzo
Schizzo 5th April 2011
Avatar for patheticus

I have an Ampex ATR 104 that's been converted to a 102 1/2" machine. It's had some issues ever since I bought and I've had a...

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Avatar for KungFuLio
KungFuLio 5th April 2011
Avatar for Hal

Hi, I'm searching for a new pre, mainly for vox and bass with a round and thick tone. What about 1073 MP? Some other options...

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Avatar for slybass3000
slybass3000 5th April 2011
Avatar for hart07

Hello everybody , I need advices to get a very good Pre-amp for myvocal chain. My mic will be a wunder CM-7 GT ( with M7...

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Avatar for hart07
hart07 5th April 2011
Avatar for KennyS

Hey all i'm really looking into buying an La2a, I love analog gear but I just want to double check. Does the La2a plug sound...

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Avatar for salomonander
salomonander 5th April 2011
Avatar for TLH

Just got my 1073 LB today. First impressions are very positive. Tracked a single vocal through the LB without eq or compression...

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Avatar for TLH
TLH 5th April 2011
Avatar for TequilaKez

Hi guys, Looking to purchase a good mic preamp to record our new album, mainly for radio worthy male vocals, Indy rock/pop...

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Avatar for RCM - Ronan
RCM - Ronan 4th April 2011
Avatar for craigdouglas

I have a 3m m56. it sounds great, but recently i started just using it for color. Im not running tape, just passing the signal...

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Avatar for Flymax
Flymax 4th April 2011
Avatar for ajcdrum

Hey y'all. I have an opportunity to pick up a pair of Neumann KM84i's for $1100. Good cosmetic condition... Haven't tested them,...

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Avatar for salomonander
salomonander 4th April 2011
Avatar for videoguy

Hello audiophiles and experts, I am at a crossroads. Beefing up my studio setup for better sound in order to record my second...

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Avatar for videoguy
videoguy 4th April 2011
Avatar for rowan wood

API 8MX2 !!! How good is this deal? $2,500 for eight channels of API? All pro or what?

rowan wood
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Avatar for API Sez...
API Sez... 4th April 2011
Avatar for UrbanKlass

Had a search around, even other forums! But alas, I am lost. I bought a Dbox, figured i would use the summing since i got it....

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Avatar for Faderjockey
Faderjockey 4th April 2011
Avatar for vert-fonce

Which presets do you use to simulate reverb/echos in the mountain ? Do you know any impulse response ? I'm also looking for good...

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Avatar for t-hiho
t-hiho 4th April 2011
Avatar for yoCG

Hello, I'm at the point of buying a 2 channel preamp to record the Mix Out from the electronic drums set Roland TD20. For...

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Avatar for 8inthemorning
8inthemorning 4th April 2011
Avatar for Da Leader

Fellow sluts, Im looking to purchase my next high end microphone. It has come down to the Sony C800G and the Telefunken M 250...

Da Leader
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Avatar for Da Leader
Da Leader 4th April 2011
Avatar for switch1

Had a U87ai: Hated it! Seriously not bad but I didn't like its proximity effect (too muddy) and when I tried to take out all...

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Avatar for Driveby Studios
Driveby Studios 4th April 2011
Avatar for Scott Whigham

Fantastic premise - At $3500, that's not a trivial piece of gear. Anyone bothered auditioning one or, better yet, bought one?...

Scott Whigham
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Avatar for piano
piano 4th April 2011