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I've got a BAE rackmount 6 space lunchbox. I've got a CAPI VP26, a Purple Action, and 2 Fivefish PEQ-503's. When I turn...

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jeffinaustin 13th July 2011
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Hello, 2 questions I need quick answers to if anyone can help.. I am about to pick up a 140 plate.. 1. does anyone have...

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tha067 13th July 2011
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Here's hoping that we will see a UA Satellite with Thunderbolt. I'd love to have an excuse to dump the 5 year old mac pro and...

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ddageek 13th July 2011
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Well, I recorded my latest record at home in the expectation of booking a studio for the drums (which exist on the songs as midi...

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Fieldstone 13th July 2011
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Hey if anyone could help it would be appreicated. i own a pretty good digital studio i would say good monitors great computer...

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[email protected] 13th July 2011
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Hey guys, how are you? The whole Mr.Lugo adventure renew my desires to add a console to my current setup... I was wondering...

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Jim Williams 13th July 2011
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Hi all, I'm wondering if there's any reason to consider the h8000 vs spending the same money on a h7000, h3000, and a...

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AllBread 13th July 2011
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Jim Williams 13th July 2011
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Sennheiser and Full Compass to Co-Sponsor Audio Recording Clinic Featuring Leslie Ann Jones Grammy® Award Winning, Veteran...

The Press Desk
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jrakarl 13th July 2011
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Has anyone used either the Royer R-101 or Sontronics Sigma as an overhead(s)? What did you like/dislike about them? Whilst...

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Igotsoul4u 13th July 2011
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i just put a small ssd drive in to work on large projects.....in nuendo 4 i ran a project with 160 tracks at 88.2khz with 2 sec...

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psykostx 13th July 2011
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Please help me decide,which pre amp to buy.Im looking at the Great River 2nv and the GR eq2nv.Im also looking at the Daking Mp eq...

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jslevin 13th July 2011
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Is using an unbalanced 12ax7 tube in a Microphone preamp ok?

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Jimsi 12th July 2011
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Hy Guys, i really like tape a lot. It all begun some years ago with my revox pr99 as a master machine. No i have a studer a80...

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GotGear? 12th July 2011
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I know... there's a LOT of threads out there about these mic and I've pretty much read them all, but most are concerned with...

Lee Cardan
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sound_music 12th July 2011
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Serban Ghenea for example is ITB and does work on Pro Tools.

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andonwego 12th July 2011
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I've narrowed down my options to : API A2D + RME ADI2 or Benchmark AD or API Lunch Box + API512C + RME ADI2 I lean...

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ScumBum 12th July 2011
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Excellent Neumann U67 Tube Microphone | eBay UK surely too good to be true.....

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needs more 7s 11th July 2011
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I do live recordings at a venue and am lucky enough to have some really nice pres and a RADAR 24. I use the RADARs converters to...

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aabbey1 11th July 2011
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So I was talking with this oldschool engineer out of la and I asked him how he feels about the whole pro tools vs tape thing and...

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kats 11th July 2011
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Hi all. Need to rent some gear (analog summing mixer, high end mic pre) for a couple of days. I am in CT, and was hoping...

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AllBread 11th July 2011
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Hi again, I have an issue with my SSL Alpha Link. When turned on it starts clicking at about 150 bpm, it's input button is not...

Mike Sheridan
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Mike Sheridan 11th July 2011
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Hi, I want to upgrade from the GAP73+Comp54 combination im using at the minute. The Pre is fairly decent and so is the...

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OberHeim-Kenobi 11th July 2011
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hello, Is it possible to connect a RME Fireface UC to a Prism Orpheus for more ins and outs, and use the Orpheus's clock? does...

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esppse 11th July 2011
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Hi, I just bought some gear from a guy on Craigs List including a Royer 122 for $800. The mic looks in good condition but on...

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John Jennings 11th July 2011
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i have an hd core system system with the 96 interface and a digimax lt.i plan to get better converters down the road,but for now...

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Amun Ra 11th July 2011
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hey, i was wondering if anyone out there uses the tg mkii channel for a vocal eq. the tg channel can operate as a line level eq...

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Seditionary 11th July 2011
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im thinking of getting a prism orpheus and am a bit worried about latency i ran a test on my via firewire card and was running at...

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mmplisskin 11th July 2011
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Hi everyone I am about to get 16 channels for studio work. Aside of the main preamps we have already (ISA430 + API512c) I would...

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Dyne_Engine 10th July 2011
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I live very far from Australia. But need an SSL or Neve tracking room to track a rock band in and around Sydney...

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psycho_monkey 10th July 2011
Avatar for johnnydrama

Looking for information and pictures on the 1076. What are the differences between the 1066/1073? What are they going for? And is...

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Renaud Charlier 10th July 2011
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Thanks to Geoff T and others on the forum for advice! I got the frame first and then slowly filled it with modules and soldered...

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walth 10th July 2011
Avatar for solidstate

Ok, Im almost over with gear purchases(yeah right). I just need a top quality 2-4 ch headphones amp for the talent cans. I took a...

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solidstate 10th July 2011
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I just transferred Darkside Of The Moon from 1 bit 5.6 MHz WSD (Originally from 180 gram vinyl) down to 24 bit 96 KHz PCM. I...

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bcgood 10th July 2011
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hello, can anyone help me identify the pres in this...

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walth 10th July 2011
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Hi Im looking to buy a new STA-Level tube compressor. I just want to get some advicing from all my gearslutz fellows about this...

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peterlitvin2002 9th July 2011
Avatar for ajbianco

I have setup of the pacifica as they make up gain unit for the Folcrum on passive summing duties. for some reason channel A...

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Tone Laborer 9th July 2011
Avatar for Fezzle

Hi People, Ive got a minimul setup at home with some converters, and some decent preamps with pads on them. Ive...

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AllBread 9th July 2011
Avatar for Charliewonder7

Mic = Peluso VTB Pre-amp = Aurora GTP8 Converters = lynx 16 How can I drive the pre amps? ( since I can't trim the levels on...

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Charliewonder7 9th July 2011
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so i finally got the fat bustard and phoenix mastering comp in the rack! i have not had much time to experiment but am really...

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krheatman 9th July 2011
Avatar for davehall6162

Hey guys, picked up a used pcm 70 and seem to be having a problem getting a decent output level from the unit. Im only getting...

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kaoss 9th July 2011
Avatar for kosmokrator

Hi, I don't know if you guys already incorporated something similar. The aux-sends of the AWS900 are not too many and of course...

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kosmokrator 8th July 2011
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Hello all, I am an experienced Sound Engineer and Pro Tools operator. But configuring and installing systems is something I...

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J_Graves 8th July 2011
Avatar for no ssl yet

Anyone using one? What do you think of it? It allows me to do ________ to my Bass and guitar? (Help Fil in the Blank) How is...

no ssl yet
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Bob Ross 8th July 2011
Avatar for rafferty

Hi people, i am looking for feedback of people that have worked with the black lion 96 i/o! please post your comments and...

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rafferty 8th July 2011
Avatar for ajbianco

Just wanted to share some recent experiences which might be a good topic of conversation. I recently attended Studio 301 in...

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ajbianco 8th July 2011
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Recording piano......clearly the easiest instrument to tackle gooof I have been working on recording my Mason & Hamlin BB7...

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mrhudson 8th July 2011
Avatar for Hal

Hello, My recording levels are usually around -6dBFs when I go from the preamp to the converter (192) and it's ok. Now I have...

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Bokay 8th July 2011
Avatar for dualflip

Hey people, i was thinking the other day about the american made/designed consoles back in the day, specially from around late...

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walth 8th July 2011
Avatar for QuadWing

I've always wondered, what kind of cameras and kind of operations do they use and apply for live/broadcasting situations in terms...

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Avatar for Audiop
Audiop 8th July 2011