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Hey! Long time reader, first time poster. Need some advice. Running the title rig. I'm recording @ 48k, so I opted for the...

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Jimi_James 18th October 2011
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Hi, The c800g has been on many top selling recordings by both Daughtry and the All American Rejects. My question for you, --if...

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pianomog 17th October 2011
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Hi guys, quick question. Do I need to bother getting a low-z xlr cable for my tube microphone that is about 50ft away from the...

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killbert 17th October 2011
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Hello! howdy I hope you can help me by giving your advice. I recently sent myself my stereo pair of Beyerdynamic MC-930's...

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beasone 17th October 2011
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I have recently spent a lot of time conducting a huge summing comparison with all major DAWs and some analog mixers. The general...

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Matt Syson 17th October 2011
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HI chaps I am in the midst of a frantic Mic purchase spree, and i have got some lovely condensers and now some great,useful...

Steve Honest
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toneguru 17th October 2011
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Hi Has anybody experience with new Mytek 8x192 and Adat card? I would like to connect the Mytek via adat to RME Multiface ....

bass man
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bass man 17th October 2011
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I'm trying to avoid lunchbox format or any of the "desktop" formats like the MN1nv even though I do love those pres....

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[email protected] 17th October 2011
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This question is for the "Engineers" here who work on pro projects. I have a project coming up that will be recorded at...

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Fletcher 17th October 2011
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Hi all. I will be moving to the Nashville area in the next few months, and will be looking at setting up a private mix studio...

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juniorhifikit 17th October 2011
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Snap 17th October 2011
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I am surprised nobody mention this yet. But honestly Steve Jobs has a lot to do with today's music technology. If it wasn't him...

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u b k 17th October 2011
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i got a DDA D Series... and it's ok.... but i want a more gritty sound console I will be mindful of your advices... THANX

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Danielavellaneda 17th October 2011
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Am I out of the loop or something? I think its awesome that they put the NV series into a lunchbox unit. I have been thinking...

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HansMues 16th October 2011
Avatar for Magic Alex

Well, last night I bought the X72mk500 on a whim. It's looks so slick, well built, and such a good price. As I mentioned in...

Magic Alex
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once a roadie 16th October 2011
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Hi, just got 2 Orpheus and a Dangerous 2 bus. (Sounds amazing!!!!) I've worked on few projects only monitoring the signal from...

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once a roadie 16th October 2011
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Has anyone had the chance to try this one out yet? I'm really curious. I need a preamp to go with my 512c. It needs to handle...

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mwagener 16th October 2011
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Metallica James Hetfield rack and guitars - YouTube Good god

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carlheinz 16th October 2011
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I'm pouring through the ATB manual and discovered there appears to be no way to solo the aux channels. My normal way of...

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Liquid Caravan 16th October 2011
Avatar for TeleKing

I have a nice mix chair, but my tracking chair sucks. It's uncomfortable. Just the standard cushioned task chair with no...

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ohgee 16th October 2011
Avatar for bradwell

I just received an Egret (8 channel mixer) and want to move OTB as quickly as possible, but I'm a little short on funds right...

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techneek 16th October 2011
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Where do you find the DBX 162 excells? -a DIRTY HALO www.dirtyhalo.com

Dirty Halo
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psoul 16th October 2011
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That's gonna make your spine chill! CNBC released a list of the most expensive musical instruments ! What they have in common?...

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Avatar for Lehmman
Lehmman 16th October 2011
Avatar for deathimmortal

I’m looking for a studio Preferably in NYC area or Nj That has a ssl 4000 board. I want to book some block out time with it to...

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deathimmortal 16th October 2011
Avatar for T_R_S

What to know how good the Avid I/O is ? AVID I/O vs Apogee AD-16X Rosetta 800 SSL Alphalink Digidesign 192 Lynx Aurora Yes and...

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T_R_S 16th October 2011
Avatar for Mangoo

Hi guys Im new to this forum as a used but Ive been following it for a long Time! I have just ordered stuff to my new built...

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Mangoo 16th October 2011
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Now that this mic has been out for a bit and folks are settling in, which capsule is coming across as the one to get? Johnkenn's...

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Louie S 16th October 2011
Avatar for babooino

Hi GS's Just got this for from an 70 year old good friend. Neumman is all original u47 with VF14 and PSU. I already emailed...

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chap 16th October 2011
Avatar for Robert Sands

I know that it depends on a lot of factors as to which mix bus comp you would choose for a particular track but just give me some...

Robert Sands
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chap 16th October 2011
Avatar for DRC

I'm wondering if the older silverfaced model has the same guts as the current blackfaced version. I know Demeter uses mu-metal...

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kellyd 16th October 2011
Avatar for Mozart

I hear these don't have output transformers. Are those worth getting for the "NEVE" sound? I have chance to get two...

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Avatar for Geoff_T
Geoff_T 16th October 2011
Avatar for jrasia

Ok, I asked something similar on here without much response, so perhaps I have to be more specific. Sennheiser MHK30/40 combo...

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Avatar for John Willett
John Willett 15th October 2011
Avatar for RitchieBorg

Hello fellow slutz! Recently bought a SSL 4040E and somehow the instructional books with schematics and the rest weren't there....

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RitchieBorg 15th October 2011
Avatar for BB Bill

I gotta do 4 days of tracking drums in Vancouver early next month for an album I'm producing. Triple A/hot AC vibe. Think Train,...

BB Bill
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tincan 15th October 2011
Avatar for Lagerfeldt

All of Saturday I've compared these two converters. The RME has a very usable gain switch on the front (-10dBv, +4dBu or Hi...

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fabriciom 15th October 2011
Avatar for carloff

I have in studio Neumann U47 with M7 and VF14, another U67 head for it, Neumann M49C, Neumann U67 , Neumann U87, and AKG C12...

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Avatar for carloff
carloff 15th October 2011
Avatar for Jared1426

I'm interested in getting a new or used MC-77 but I can't find any completed listings on ebay for it, so I'm not really sure how...

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dbjp 15th October 2011
Avatar for Sqye

. Well, it's been a while since Tim Farrant's thread, so here goes... What are your favorite Monitor Controllers? Specifically...

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Avatar for virelai
virelai 15th October 2011
Avatar for grimple1

Is there a solo clear type button on the SSL G console like on the 9k? I can't for the life of me figure it out if there...

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grimple1 15th October 2011
Avatar for waldie wave

I have a 1/2 amp fuse but have no idea how to open the black plastic below the power supply to get the fuse out. I have tried...

waldie wave
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waldie wave 14th October 2011
Avatar for loveinoctober

I was wondering if anybody could tell me if there are any sonic differences between the Neve 33114 and the Neve 33122a? If so,...

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Avatar for Geoff_T
Geoff_T 14th October 2011
Avatar for MREVOL

**was told to post this here so sorry if not high end question** Hey guys, wondering if I have a small drum room (about 10x17)...

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Avatar for RKrizman
RKrizman 14th October 2011
Avatar for Pringles

I'm not getting much answers on the ultimatemetal forum on this matter so I'd like the GS input on this ;) I'm about to invest...

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Avatar for Kelly Cameron
Kelly Cameron 14th October 2011
Avatar for surfer69

Hi all. I want to sum my ITB mix through an analog summing mixer, such as a Neve 8816m or maybe a Farichild,... I have two RME...

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Avatar for Malini
Malini 14th October 2011
Avatar for Knastratt

Start having a sense of humour. I also want to find out whether there is a remedy for the Apogee Duet noise-from-hell problem....

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Avatar for Knastratt
Knastratt 14th October 2011
Avatar for freaken

Anybody help with this one. I have input but no out put. I have enabled output 9 and 10 in pro tools as output, as I assume that...

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Avatar for techneek
techneek 14th October 2011
Avatar for nonsuchpro

Hey all, I'm using a Lynx Aurora 16. Is the Apogee Big Ben worth having as a clock or is the Aurora clock just as...

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Avatar for McDingus
McDingus 14th October 2011
Avatar for TonyD

I'm after a clean little mixer that has the following: 24 line inputs A pair of auxes (or a stereo aux) for a headphone...

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Avatar for TonyD
TonyD 14th October 2011
Avatar for Recman

If you have a stereo unit that's either a pre, comp, eq, etc. Will it wear out the side most used more and make it less likely to...

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Avatar for eoireitum7
eoireitum7 14th October 2011
Avatar for ManiMusic

Hi. I have 8816. I want to get a DA. I'm considering Lynx and Apogee. What is the best 16DA for 8816? Thx.

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Avatar for 8inthemorning
8inthemorning 14th October 2011