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Here you go: Peace is the Word | Sean McCue (Click the download link to choose from a variety of audio formats) It's a...

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McCusic 11th December 2011
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I have finally built up my analog gear and I'm needing a console for mixing. I have thought, researched, and beaten my brains...

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Alex Breaux 11th December 2011
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Hi, I'm updating my system, I've got a new macbook pro and am about to buy a Prism Sound Orpheus to use as an interface with Pro...

Atlanta Bliss
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projektk 11th December 2011
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Just come across an api 3124 for sale going very cheaply, would love to buy it and have already contacted the seller, but then...

Deleted 651cf92
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Deleted 651cf92 11th December 2011
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Hi I have a chandler germanium rackmount and i am having some big problems. I am getting no sound. All the cables are fine...

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NEWTON IN ORBIT 11th December 2011
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Just curious, Im looking to upgrade from my Digi 003, and cant decide between pro tools HD native or HD. My main concern is...

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KevWind 11th December 2011
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satissounds 10th December 2011
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hi ,someone know what kind of tube there is in the sa538? - (company,type) tnx diddlydoohowdyhowdyhowdy

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liri8780 10th December 2011
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Bob Taylor with Rupert Neve redesign the Acoustic Pickup & Preamp system for 2003 Taylor Acoustic Electrics. Taylor...

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Jim Williams 10th December 2011
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Enjoying the great sound of Al Schmitt, I wonder if there's any book about his microphones techniques and as well mixing ? That...

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andersmv 10th December 2011
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I like both the Telefunken AR-51 and Manley Ref C...can someone tell me why one is any better than the other for modern...

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chrsyd_music 10th December 2011
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Hey all, I'm having a bit of trouble with an issue that has been driving me crazy (and it's really not that big of a deal!), I'm...

Chris Tatem
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Chris Tatem 10th December 2011
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What would you consider the most important gear in the post production? (Post-Production, so no Microphones and Performers; gears...

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LimeDisciple 10th December 2011
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So, just curious how everyone feels about the UAD virtual stuff. Im finding that this stuff is pretty cool...of course within...

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Floydmagnus 10th December 2011
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Anyone know how to get in contact with them?, Need to get a mic back that's been there for a few years, I want to make it...

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idylldon 10th December 2011
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I´m preparing some songs for mixing and some of them have autotune on them - can I just use my autotune preset I used inserted...

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pete 9th December 2011
Avatar for KennyS

Hey all, I have three mica for vocals I'm trying to decide between. I'm using an API 512c as my pre manly sometimes my LA-610....

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chrisdee 9th December 2011
Avatar for at4033

Hi Folks, I am generally very happy with the sound of the Blue Baby Bottle, though I don't use it as much as I could for one...

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warhead 9th December 2011
Avatar for Tomm

Currently have an Apogee AD16x and Lavry Blue DA. Problem is, I can't integrate digital boxes like reverb even with the advanced...

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Avatar for kooz
kooz 9th December 2011
Avatar for Driveby Studios

I just blew a tube today on my Blue Rocket mic...I guess I'd done alot of hours with it...but I thought it would have lasted...

Driveby Studios
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Avatar for Jim Williams
Jim Williams 9th December 2011
Avatar for spokes58

Hello, I am trying to get in touch with either Dale or Toby from OSA. I have a part that needs replacing. Does anyone have any...

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Avatar for timtoonz
timtoonz 9th December 2011
Avatar for Matty Muir

Hey all. I have a MCI JH 16 in Philadelphia and I am in dire need of a tech. Does anyone out there have someone in the Philly...

Matty Muir
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cjmnash 9th December 2011
Avatar for jcc449

Recently I find this DA situation quite bothering after I done mixing with Digi192. That is , the depth and sub- details that I...

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Avatar for psycho_monkey
psycho_monkey 9th December 2011
Avatar for Alex Breaux

Anyone? I need a GML tech that knows Ideris like the back of his hand. I hope there is still somebody left..... ??

Alex Breaux
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psycho_monkey 9th December 2011
Avatar for BB Bill

I own an old Federal AM864/u in beautiful condition, only blemish is that the original attenuator control knob is cracked...

BB Bill
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Avatar for Lehmman
Lehmman 9th December 2011
Avatar for DCommand

Hi all I´m interested building micpre´s my self, do any of you have any suggestion where to buy all the components...

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4blades 9th December 2011
Avatar for jacko137

I've recently purchased a racked pair of Ward Beck 460b preamps that have been professionally racked with the addition of a...

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tpad 9th December 2011
Avatar for jblive

Hello all, i'm a french engineer and i'm trying the fairman tmc in my studio , its a beautiful piece au gear , i love it , but i...

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jblive 9th December 2011
Avatar for cory508

Anyone have any experience or reviews on the FURMAN P-1800 AR VOLTAGE REGULATOR / POWER CONDITIONER?

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GoldMember 8th December 2011
Avatar for swinxx

Hello GS Members! I know that this question was asked 1000 times but i need your help. Want to be flexible with my Lunchbox...

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Avatar for craigdouglas
craigdouglas 8th December 2011
Avatar for Lightship95

Hi all, I'd like some opinions please; given the existing mic list below how would you spend 10k (sterling) on mics? I...

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PaulOcchialini 8th December 2011
Avatar for musicl

Sorry for the long title but i feel passionately about this amazing album with great vocal takes! Listen to I Do The Same...

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musicl 8th December 2011
Avatar for muziksculp

Hi, I'm interested in adding a dedicated High-Quality HW multi-Effects to my studio. Something that will offer those...

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muziksculp 8th December 2011
Avatar for hknnart

Hi guys i have ssl pres, comps etc but have no desk. I wanna desk with no pre or eq or comp just a good signal path with a wide...

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airmate 8th December 2011
Avatar for Marcus Alexander

Good Evening, I have just acquired a B&O BM5 to check if it's in a good state to buy. It appears that it isn't, as on...

Marcus Alexander
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Marcus Alexander 8th December 2011
Avatar for SmallTownBoy

Dear Gearslutz , I have next configuration, Logic -> FW -> Prism Orpheus >Dangerous 2 Bus, i just wanted to add another...

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SmallTownBoy 8th December 2011
Avatar for wagz

I'm looking for my next compressor. I want something to "lock in" and solidify tracks so that I don't have to ride...

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Avatar for wagz
wagz 8th December 2011
Avatar for Studio507

Is it possible to get this thing to lock up to Pro Tools via Midi for Delay timing? I found this link on Eventide's...

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Avatar for SP2016
SP2016 8th December 2011
Avatar for _Ludovico

Hi guys, I have a read a few threads about this but nothing really specific about what I'm asking. First of all, let's just...

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Avatar for Aaron Miller
Aaron Miller 8th December 2011
Avatar for hasbeen

I have been considering selling my X73i and replacing it with the 500 module. I don't use the EQ enough to justify the need, plus...

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Avatar for littlesicily
littlesicily 8th December 2011
Avatar for rickrock305

Providing the console has the updated software, how is the Autocue function accessed?

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Avatar for crying1986
crying1986 8th December 2011
Avatar for DannyMac

inductor eq, it's a funny thing..... a little like a french mistress

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Avatar for pan60
pan60 8th December 2011
Avatar for africantigercow

where would you guys ranks these in terms of quality(particularly for male vocals) ? any general reviews or thoughts?...

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Avatar for Mr.Greenwood
Mr.Greenwood 7th December 2011
Avatar for tincan

I was thinking of picking a pair of these up as I really like the expose 8's, which were made in the same focal/Krk era. Was...

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Avatar for pan60
pan60 7th December 2011
Avatar for Pchicago

Mid end to high end really for tacking vox, acoustic strings, rock guitars (little bit of distortion sometimes, mostly subtle),...

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Avatar for pan60
pan60 7th December 2011
Avatar for LordRadio

thoughts? A large, well known and very successful retailer picked up a very good condition, well appointed piece of high end...

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Avatar for pan60
pan60 7th December 2011
Avatar for airmate

Hi all, a couple days ago my new Speck LiLo console arrived. Recently I also added some other bits and pieces to the studio,...

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Avatar for airmate
airmate 7th December 2011
Avatar for urbanblaksmith

Was looking at used gear on craigslist and happened to come across this modular synth. ****! lol... Massive Modular Synth (trade?)

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Avatar for Jonathan@FPA
[email protected] 7th December 2011
Avatar for boboji

I'm looking for a used 91 but am researching the 90 also. They claim the 91 upgrade is from a "dual reverb" engine....

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Avatar for gtrpedal
gtrpedal 7th December 2011
Avatar for kosmokrator

Hi there, to all experienced AWS900-users/owners: When writing DAW-automation with the faders, you can according to the...

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kosmokrator 7th December 2011