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Hi guys is it possible to connect a NEVE 1073 DPD into Apogee Symphony i/o via S/PDIF or ADAT? Do I need a special adapter from...

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Synchronia 14th December 2011
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I have the opportunity to acquire one of these consoles: TAC Blue 16/8/2 or a TAC Scorpion. I have understood that the...

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Bluzzi 14th December 2011
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Hi there, I want to find out the maximum Input Level in dbU and the EIN (equivalent input noise) amongst other things for teh...

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baikonour 14th December 2011
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I'll be recording a live band this weekend, and they use a Soundcraft M8 mixer. It has a S/PDIF out, which they say is...

Magic Alex
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Magic Alex 14th December 2011
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Hi, I'm thinking about switching my main studio setup to 500 series. My main recording chain right now includes the Aurora GTQ2...

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kosmokrator 14th December 2011
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I'm looking for someone to run stereo mixes through one. I'm a low end guy but I love the sound of that machine's gloss, depth,...

Deleted 1846071
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blueturtle 14th December 2011
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In my 6 space is: 2 great rivers 1 purple biz 1 germ 500 They're all brand new. Tracking yesterday after about an hour the...

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dreissk 14th December 2011
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Looking at getting a 192 i/o for Pro Tools HD. Can I run 16 analog outs (with the D/A expansion module) to my summing mixer, and...

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workhousestudio 14th December 2011
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Hi Gearslutz :) I would to buy a preamp for my mic JZ Microphone BH-2. I saw a web's article which says the best preamp for the...

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pan60 14th December 2011
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Ted_R 14th December 2011
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What Is The Best Thing You Have Bought In The Past 5 Years? What purchase has been the most beneficial to you? Try to keep it to...

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Grin-go-go 14th December 2011
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Hi Guys, :) I have a session about 7 hours from now. I will be using this combo on acoustic guitar and vocal in a good...

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Ted_R 14th December 2011
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Hey has anyone done any work on an M700 ? im looking at one at the moment and just after any comments on this desk.

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anguswoodhead 14th December 2011
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Hello All, I'm thinking of purchasing some line amps to go between my DAW and a summing amp...something that can add some color...

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DrRick 13th December 2011
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How do you manage it? Elegant, compact, aesthetically/ergonomically appealing solutions: Hit me. I'm going to have a mobile...

Silver Sonya
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swafford 13th December 2011
Avatar for junglehs

Dear slutty friends: I have been lusting for years for a bi lexicon sounding reverb. I do have a 96 right now and it is all...

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Casey 13th December 2011
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Ive been reading the Calrec 1061 and 1161 has a headroom-issue. is it true? Im about to buy a vintagekingaudio racked 1061. A...

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Geoff_T 13th December 2011
Avatar for MainTime

Very interesting this compressor for drums, bass and other. Are there analogs of this compressor to compare it's work with? This...

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betscho 13th December 2011
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Hey friends! Does anyone have any experience with the fox preamp. How does the vintage setting compare to new Bae/Neve 1073...

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Audiovisjon 13th December 2011
Avatar for MrVelvet

Hi, I'd like to use several UA 2192 units with my Lynx AES16 card, connected via AES/EBU. I use the Lynx clocking as the...

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MrVelvet 13th December 2011
Avatar for ch-holt

Hello everyone, In a couple months I will be buying an all new DAW setup (Interface, & Pre's). I'll be using it with an...

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always_ending 13th December 2011
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Who do you recommend to make good harnesses in Nashville? I need some for an SSL install to DB25. Thanks, Ashley

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bassman 13th December 2011
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Please Pick your favor Final Stereo Buss Comp:

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always_ending 13th December 2011
Avatar for Sugar Stinky

Anyone know who did this?, I think it sounds fantastic, reminds me of a modern day stones / beatles esque type sound,...

Sugar Stinky
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Avatar for Jimbo
Jimbo 13th December 2011
Avatar for rgr22

Hello everyone hows it going? I just finished audio school and lately I´ve been thinking of moving to LA to make my way into...

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Jim Williams 13th December 2011
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I asked this before but I don't think I made myself clear. SYMPHONY SYSTEMS ARE INDENTIFIED AS 192 I/O's ON PT HD. AFTER PT HD 10...

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alligator 13th December 2011
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After a couple of days of recording and mixing a song (around 26 hours) client went home happy I think, but around 1 hour later I...

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u b k 13th December 2011
Avatar for tiny333

Hi guys n Gals Do any of you have the DAV8 and the JCF AD If so how did you link them up ? I got a lynx card as...

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Dental 13th December 2011
Avatar for airmate

This is a question for fellow Lavry users: I am a mostly very happy Lavry owner/user, but I have a strange issue that I have...

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hasbeen 13th December 2011
Avatar for abrstudios

Hi GS! I was hoping some of you big time engineers could assist me with some information regarding my vocal chain. Manley Ref...

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yotonic 13th December 2011
Avatar for The Audioman

Hi guys, First poster here, I am the lucky owner of a couple of km84's. There is one specific capsule though that has...

The Audioman
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McDingus 13th December 2011
Avatar for Audiovisjon

Hey friends! I just used all my christmas money for a pair of new Barefoot Micromains 27.. ( dont tell my wife..cooge ) I...

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Audiovisjon 12th December 2011
Avatar for poormansgear

Looking to buy a Native HD System with the 8x8x8 but everyone is out of stock. Does anyone have any leads on where these can be...

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poormansgear 12th December 2011
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recorder2 12th December 2011
Avatar for Joelistics

Am building a second room that is intended to be a composers/producers suite and have a difficult preamp dilemma. I'm stuck...

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Telefunk 12th December 2011
Avatar for Djgus

Hi please advice me, i run a lynx aurora 8 via fw to my mac. Pro tools 9 hd. . My mixes sound ok, i mix in the box.. Question is,...

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Avatar for Olivaffair
Olivaffair 12th December 2011
Avatar for yoshimodular

Hi, Does anybody know if there is a way to save a default setup? Every time that I boot, I have to change the settings from...

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yoshimodular 12th December 2011
Avatar for Johnkenn

Just thought I would follow up with this post after all of my mic comparisons. I know I've posted that I thought my CM7 was a...

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cinealta 12th December 2011
Avatar for Tank_Stevens

Hi guys, I've been looking around at studios to record in with my band for our EP. Because I guess I'm the most 'Techy'...

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Avatar for psycho_monkey
psycho_monkey 12th December 2011
Avatar for Joel C

Hi guys, My Alpha Link doesn't seem to clock to the Mytek. Funny thing is, sample rate locks, but the Clock LED keeps...

Joel C
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Faderjockey 12th December 2011
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Hi, I will be renting this combo for a vocal recording next week, and I was just wondering if someone could give me some...

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Avatar for RiF
RiF 12th December 2011
Avatar for muziekschuur

Tycobrahe, known from the Parapedal en flangerpedals, made at some time allso a console.... Does anyone here know of such a...

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muziekschuur 12th December 2011
Avatar for Chantant

Hi, I have been enjoying this forum for a while and finally have a reasonable question (i think) I have the following equipment...

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Chantant 12th December 2011
Avatar for stardustmedia

I wonder... Would you like to see the high end forum to be split into hardware and software as a subforum or a single forum?...

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Avatar for Arichlsss
Arichlsss 12th December 2011
Avatar for Gnash

I'm thinking about purchasing an Avalon VT-737sp channel. Currently, I have a Rode NT1-A running though an Art Pro Channel. I...

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Avatar for rboy
rboy 12th December 2011
Avatar for -c-

Hello. Want to upgrade my NT5s. I'm spending way too much time with EQ. Looking at ... Gefell 300s Beterdynamic...

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Avatar for Twangtown
Twangtown 12th December 2011
Avatar for Philip S Bova

Besides that Sony reverb which has long been discontinued (sorry i forget the model) are there any other options for running...

Philip S Bova
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Avatar for axisdreamer
axisdreamer 12th December 2011
Avatar for klaveguitars

Hi! I'm upgrading my modest studio little by little, and I have saved up a bit to get some preamps. I am wondering whether I...

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klaveguitars 12th December 2011
Avatar for minoskorva

Hope this is appropriate for this forum. If not, my apologies. I've recently acquired a Chandler Germanium Compressor and...

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minoskorva 11th December 2011
Avatar for RickGobe

Sorry if this sounds like a dumb question but I'm curious because i would buy one if Dan made it. A higher end version of the...

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Avatar for RickGobe
RickGobe 11th December 2011