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Just doing a little research. Ideally, I'd love an 8 channel analog mixer, with eq, dynamics, level, pan, AND complete recall! ...

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[email protected] 4th March 2012
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Hi, all of us know that U87 vintage has more headroom then U87Ai....what about the new TLM67 headroom? I'm looking for a mic...

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zakco 4th March 2012
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Hi, So, apart from the 500 series, the SSL X-rack, the Audient Black series, what other kind of "lunchbox" format do...

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embrionic 4th March 2012
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Perhaps this should be in the moan zone but I'm so tired of having to buy 2-3 of each mic just to find a "good" one....

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syra 4th March 2012
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Greetings I have a pair of KH O300D monitors and I?m considered to add a sub in order to achieve better low and higher SPL....

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Ketster 4th March 2012
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Hi, I'm looking into an EQ for the 2-bus for mixing. Most of the material I'm working on ranges from Hip Hop to vintage flavored...

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D K 4th March 2012
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erikdrink 3rd March 2012
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Hi, I read in some AES newsletter about a V2.0 of the Bricasti with a new algorithm. Is these a future plan, or is there...

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Doc No 3rd March 2012
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Ok I've been reading tons of threads about AD>DA and DA>AD conversion/converters and the term "front end"...

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awhitebeats 3rd March 2012
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Hey guys. Just wondering about FX and how you route them. 2 questions... In the old-school analog world was it ever...

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Bassmankr 3rd March 2012
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I've been planning a studio for a bit, and I have come to a standstill. To this point, I had been set on buying an SSL 4040 E/G+...

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Bassmankr 3rd March 2012
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I have a Brauner Valvet X with an Avalon M5 mic pre. Is this a good combination? If not why and what would you suggest? The...

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evilaci 3rd March 2012
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Generally, we need a bunch of ADC channels and (usually) only 2 DAC channels for monitoring right. So many converters or...

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Joe Porto 3rd March 2012
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It's seemed in a couple of years that the prices of 660s and 670s have gone up and I can't seem to find one for sale. What would...

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Dave_Amels 3rd March 2012
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hey. i plan to update my mixing setup and it seems as if i also have to add another converter. at the moment i have a lynx...

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naths101 3rd March 2012
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Not that I'm unhappy with the Aurora, on the contrary, but I'm curious to know what would be the next step up that would be a...

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cheu78 3rd March 2012
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I am on the fence. I've read all the post out there. I've always had a dream to have a super hi end home studio. I'm a wanna...

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James Meeker 3rd March 2012
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Hi I´m new user of Avid HD native system, and i have synk/crackle problem. My problem is how to synk my gear, I have...

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Ward Pike 3rd March 2012
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Ive been working with my pair of KM84 for some time now, still discovering them. I love the detail and thickness , but...

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AllAboutTone 2nd March 2012
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hey the search function didnt help me much. im looking for a studio in london for tracking drums. could you name some...

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psycho_monkey 2nd March 2012
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Hi, I've been lurking on gearsluts regularly for the past year and finally I have something actually noteworthy to say that might...

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tomat 2nd March 2012
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8k budget. I'm about to pick up a Rode K2 and Shure Sm7b and run them into a new lunchbox rather than a 737 like I usually do....

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SRS 2nd March 2012
Avatar for DanGo

Just saw an ad for some lower end Focals and one of the sell lines was that you need only be 1.5 feet from them to get a good...

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DanGo 2nd March 2012
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Ok you slutz. Last year I was serving two different decent malts at the Prosoniq booth:...

Denis Goekdag
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Denis Goekdag 2nd March 2012
Avatar for carldut

Hey Guy's, I'm starting to record at home, here is my actual setup I Just bought adam a7x monitor RME Fireface UC Chandler...

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Alrod 2nd March 2012
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Anybody know of any decent studios in New Orleans that have a load of vintage equipment and tape machines? A friend of mine...

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dbjp 2nd March 2012
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Hey, is anyone else out there having problems with their Antelope Eclipse 384? Mine is sometimes freezing on me during playback...

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TomAndersonAudio 2nd March 2012
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Did anyone catch last night's hijacking of our beloved Gearslutz site? I wonder whether we should perhaps have an opening...

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stardustmedia 2nd March 2012
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Mgr 2nd March 2012
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Hello ! I'm hesiting between buying an old ssl 4000 or a xdesk with 4000 Eq's & comp and i would like to know if the...

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Laury 2nd March 2012
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Based on what I just learned, in what way would one use this interface if it has the potential to cause converter latency using...

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nst7 2nd March 2012
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I was under the impression that the RPQ 500 series ribbon mic pre's would and are great for my AEA R84 (AEA also makes the RPQ...

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alligator 2nd March 2012
Avatar for Providence

Ok forgive me if I posted this in the wrong place but I figured this is a high end question. I believe in summing and I like...

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erikdrink 1st March 2012
Avatar for FFTT

You don't see many amps that make an SVT look or sound like a toy. There's probably less than a handful of owners of this new...

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frans 1st March 2012
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Sound on Sound magazine just did an amazing review on this summing box in their August edition. . Hugh Robjohns who I know...

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StarfishMusic 1st March 2012
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Hi Everybody! Despite the Safesound P501 and the RND 517 are there any other 500 series preamp+compressors in 1 slot? I own...

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cheu78 1st March 2012
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Is there a significant difference between the digi 192 (all digital) io and avid hd 16x16 io (digital) if i'm just using the...

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Icetea335 29th February 2012
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Alright my top bass line and best acoustic guitar tone threads keep inspiring me with all the great suggestions and is helping me...

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LeMauce 29th February 2012
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Ok, so i got my self a Saffire Pro 24, Great River ME-1NV, EL8X Distressor and a Shure SM7b, im slowly working up to what else I...

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crosscutred 29th February 2012
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installed this balanced power conditioner today and am experiencing mixed results... maybe? before and after tests appear to...

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drBill 29th February 2012
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Since slutz are really the only ones who care about stuff like this - I thought I would post my (along with a thousand others)...

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tomat 29th February 2012
Avatar for Aaron Rash

So there's a couple things I'm trying to figure out, for one I'm not used to the way the Toft is wired. So here it goes... I'm...

Aaron Rash
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PTP 29th February 2012
Avatar for fateisaweapon

Anyone interested in super high end hand crafted guitars and other wooden stringed instruments? I have direct contact with a...

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fateisaweapon 29th February 2012
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I am currently using a digi 003 for 90% of my mixes when I am at home. My room is treated and I am using Focals and yamahas for...

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Anghello 29th February 2012
Avatar for XodiaK

The RackWriter

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bee 29th February 2012
Avatar for mm-pro

I have a Radar project on DVD-Ram (cartridge type) and need it restored and transferred to PT, OMF, or AAF. If you can do...

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dreamark 28th February 2012
Avatar for arielilu

API 7600? Neve 8801? Chandler TG Channel Mk2? Manley Voxbox? Avalon 737sp? i know that all of the above are...

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SIXTWOFOUR 28th February 2012
Avatar for KIDBILL

Hi, do you like a km84 pair for grand piano? Many people seems to favor Ldc for that I heard beautiful results with m149 or vm1...

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KIDBILL 28th February 2012
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Hello, Just another thread over Daking (read all) those preamp seems to be wonderfull sounding device !! I just want to go a...

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cerisaie 28th February 2012
Avatar for everglass

A friend is selling his pair of vintage API 550a's for a good price & I thought I might grab them. I have 2 x original 312...

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Avatar for pan60
pan60 28th February 2012