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There is a pawn shop in Hollywood that is selling one for $2000. The guy's name is Elliott 323 656 6639 I bet it can be had...

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hubercraft 8th March 2012
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Yes the vintage mic clone craze is in full swing... but I'm actually interested in checking out some newer more...

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NEWTON IN ORBIT 8th March 2012
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Hello, I just ordered 2 racked original red Helios 69 pre/Eqs from the first Manor Mobile Helios desk, built around 73/74 from...

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papabodo 8th March 2012
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I'm sure most HD600 users have had to replace their cables several times like me. I'm willing to spend ~$100 for a higher end...

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Macaroni 8th March 2012
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Hello guys, Being a singer songwriter with a twist for britpop I do have an early Neumann U87, a Beezneez Arabella, a Mojave...

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legato 8th March 2012
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Looking for something new or used around $1k that's stackable, musical, versatile, non-fatiguing, and perhaps even a little bit...

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MechMastering 8th March 2012
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After 10 years of being crossed between unbeatable vintage analog and digital Nykiel-Audio has brought pretty useful program for...

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Helios67 8th March 2012
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Hey all, In the upcoming weeks ill be starting a project to tape. This is my first fully analog recording and i don't want to...

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AaronBerman 8th March 2012
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Are there any commercial microphones that are considered as being extremly detailed and neutral when it comes to pick up sound...

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fivedotone 8th March 2012
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Can any one give me some advice or tips on this unit. I have a chance to use one frequently but never seem to be able to figure...

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fivedotone 8th March 2012
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I am looking for a mic to record a 10W 12" Jensen speaker old Univox U45B amp. It's more for a studio recording purpose, so...

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andychamp 8th March 2012
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I have a loose pin on the XLR. Is there a picture reference or a schematic anywhere for how these are wired stock? When I looked...

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Gatortail1 8th March 2012
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I'm reeeeally liking this pre, it's colored yet very musical and very stackable, I'm wondering if anything on the new/used market...

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jeremyglover 8th March 2012
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Hi, I own a pair of F760X-N. I would like to build a lunchbox like you can see on this video: Drums through a Compex F760X-N -...

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jeremyglover 7th March 2012
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MIC, MIC-PRE, COMP.. for vocal chain. advise needed.. Hello ppl, i just registered to the forum like 30 min ago so first off...

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cheu78 7th March 2012
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i like to compressor the bass really hard to keep it in place. Howerever, it has come to my understanding that the moore gain...

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MarkhamCornoit 7th March 2012
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Hello..i recently bought the ik arc system.i'd like please to suggest me a nice sounding player which can accept vsts..thanks

Stergios T.
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Stergios T. 7th March 2012
Avatar for icit

Does anyone have any experience with all 3 of these? How would you categorize the differences sonically between them?

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Ryan Gregory 7th March 2012
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potslutz 7th March 2012
Avatar for joedoc

Maybe someone else has had this problem, and knows the solution: The chain is as follows Mac Pro running Logic 9> RME FF UC...

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zany 7th March 2012
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Hey guys. been looking into a new studio monitor upgrade. i produce and listen to mostly electronic music. my price range is...

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phatbeatstudio 6th March 2012
Avatar for Peter Stengaard

- anyone know of a box that does the same - maybe for less $$$ ? maybe less purple would be nice too... :-) thanks ya'll

Peter Stengaard
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MarkyGoldstein 6th March 2012
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My business partners and I will maybe finally open our own facility. We'll mainly be active in audio post-production...

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Clueless 6th March 2012
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Hi all. I've been planning and prioritizing some of my future gear, in particular compressors and equipment that adds...

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NWSooner 6th March 2012
Avatar for RustGL

Hello people! I love the sound of vintage V72 on my guitar. I should admit I became a fan of vintage units. Could you...

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[email protected] 6th March 2012
Avatar for guitar4982

Hi all! There are many great high end channel strips around. For the project studio owner it makes it very hard to choose. For...

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LPP 6th March 2012
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Title says it. I have a small home studio, and I want to use this mic to record my guitar cabinet alongside my sm57. I also want...

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BigKD 6th March 2012
Avatar for My Tiny Circus

I've had good luck using a cheap ribbon mic with a sibilant female singer and am tempted to buy a better ribbon for vocals. An...

My Tiny Circus
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My Tiny Circus 6th March 2012
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This is a question for anyone interested in high-end digital connections. I will have to connect two Lynx Auroras with a...

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RxGraphite 6th March 2012
Avatar for Edmond Dantes

Judging from reading here and some opinions by my colleagues a Manley Vari-Mu might be best for me? Doing soundtrack work I...

Edmond Dantes
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Avatar for swafford
swafford 5th March 2012
Avatar for svt93style

So I have been reading about the grace 101 and its $100 off right now on sweetwater. My question is I read a review in...

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climber 5th March 2012
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Hey guys! I'm starting to look for a high quality vocal and acoustic mic, hopefully a neumann. I can't quite afford a u87, so...

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aaron00lee 5th March 2012
Avatar for cpstudios

Hey All, I have been recently upgrading my studio and I am at the point where I need a really nice multi-channel preamp for...

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Fletcher 5th March 2012
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Been searching around without finding any info from users on this eq. Are there any out there and if so, what are your...

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erikdrink 5th March 2012
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So I'm getting my first job working in a recording studio with this console. It's my first time working with a recording console...

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kikin 5th March 2012
Avatar for James Lugo

We started an SSL owners, users and tech member list for people to use as a resource for technical and function help. Come sign...

James Lugo
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Avatar for James Lugo
James Lugo 5th March 2012
Avatar for Hamburg58

I'm just curious if anyone knows what this thing is? I was told it was a Series I prototype. It's 28 Channel 24 Bus. I've never...

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gregl 5th March 2012
Avatar for lowswing

Hi, I have to move an AKG bx20 next week on its side (for ca. 3 hours drive), what precautions should I take to make sure I dont...

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dandeurloo 5th March 2012
Avatar for soundbytes

Looking for someone who has working knowledge of the setup of a fairlight dream console. I have the three bay model with 48 io,...

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soundbytes 5th March 2012
Avatar for TheMiscreant

Hi Everyone, I'm building my first studio and am trying to make the right decisions. I started with 10 grand and decided on the...

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j2dafo 5th March 2012
Avatar for musiq

I'm thinking of picking up a Manley Reference C as my go to vocal mic and need some advice on pres to achieve that familiar...

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techneek 5th March 2012
Avatar for Gaex

Guys setting up my Neve 8816, being fed by Apogee DA16x from Logic (and back to Logic summed stereo) and I'm hearing some things...

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Gaex 5th March 2012
Avatar for javd007

i was thinking of buying a lex 224 or an rmx 16. Anyone have experience in those? Are there any plugins that come close? I make...

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waldie wave 5th March 2012
Avatar for JDavis

am looking to buy one or the other for NS 10s anybody use both??

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Avatar for Killahurts
Killahurts 5th March 2012
Avatar for dhiltonlittle

Anyone using this pre yet? I'm resisting the urge but think I may have to get it!

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Avatar for Mind-Over-Midi
Mind-Over-Midi 5th March 2012
Avatar for activexjava

Hi guys .. need your kind feedback about my studio updgrade: I currently have a yamaha 01V96 V2 (got 2 Extra ADATS card) +...

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Avatar for Lights
Lights 5th March 2012
Avatar for dappey2

Was considering buying this as my first "good" audio interface. Does anyone here use it? Any bad experiences with it?...

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emearg_s 4th March 2012
Avatar for unit7

Haven't seen any thread covering this lately... Shouldn't these be created automatically on a place like this?...jkthtyrt Anyway,...

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Avatar for Melodicca
Melodicca 4th March 2012
Avatar for Eldhrimnir

Hey! I have a rap vocal session coming up, and I would really like to hear your take on a good signal chain for this. This is an...

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Eldhrimnir 4th March 2012
Avatar for DJ Carlotek

Hey, I've got a pair of elacin custom silicon earplugs with tranferable filters for 15db and 25db. But working it out, my guess...

DJ Carlotek
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Avatar for housegezeichnet
housegezeichnet 4th March 2012