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hi all.. just curious if UA Apollo has been released any where ?.. has anyone heard it yet ?.. THX John

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activexjava 21st March 2012
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So obviously he's Melodyning the living **** out of every syllable (or a honeycombed swarm of evil mindcontrolled assistants are...

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andrea19837 21st March 2012
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Hi Guys I have a chance to buy a Lucid 88192 for a very good price. Is this converter high end, and still worth buying? I have...

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Rythm'BackStudio 21st March 2012
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Brand new releases already...Yamaha with their new CL series, must say...slightly underwhelmed with this. DiGiCo with the new...

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tombo 21st March 2012
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I'm thinking of grabbing two SSL 4000 Strips, but I'm also thinking of going for a Apogee Symphony rig with 64 card?? I own both...

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waldie wave 21st March 2012
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Hi i wan't buy this consoles i would like to now how it sounds in general, most of all the eq and the summig? Somoene can tell me...

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Byzance 21st March 2012
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Haven't found any zone here related to building equipment, but does anyone of you know how to adjust (balance) the output of...

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sat159p1 21st March 2012
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What would be your choice? Ideally 4ins/4outs. I am coming from a RME FF 400 which I think sounds a bit...

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potslutz 21st March 2012
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I started a project at home in PT LE 8.0.5 with a michael jackson song in it. No plugins, fader at 0, no clipping. It showed me...

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uncle muscles 21st March 2012
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My friend bought a house, and found a Neumann M 49 in the basement. It got no powersupply, where could I get one?

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Ryan Gregory 21st March 2012
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put one of these on my list

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mikeyman 21st March 2012
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414 Overheads W/ Daking Pres for recording drums overhead with low ceiling. Wondering what you guys do for best phase results, I...

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dimag333 21st March 2012
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192 I/O calibration for +30db analog gear I know this issue has been addressed a lot; however, when searching threds I only...

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jimdrake 21st March 2012
Avatar for Higure

Hi, I read a S&M Audio EQSM1 review a few days ago (found the link thanks to another GS thread) Do you agree with the...

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sportyspice 21st March 2012
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Anybody know or want to guess what this new Rupert Neve mystery machine...

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Cb Media 20th March 2012
Avatar for etrella

Hi guys, So i tried to post something similar in the other section but not much help. I recently acquire a mytek stereo 192 AD...

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Magucci 20th March 2012
Avatar for Beastie

I mean this from a production engineering point of view - so please don't respond with "its all about the vocalist and the...

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SoZo 20th March 2012
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So I'm running PT 10 (not HD) with a BLA modded 003. I notice that when I insert hardware compressors in PT, then make them...

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jamesphillips 20th March 2012
Avatar for BillEl

I know the best solution would be to test it out myself but it might not be an option. So I was just wondering if any...

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swafford 20th March 2012
Avatar for Johann Lover

Hey there! I wanted to post this into the mastering-forum but I don't have permission. Maybe here's fine, too. I do mastering...

Johann Lover
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stinkyfingers 20th March 2012
Avatar for radlid

Hi, If I was to hook up a dsub to 4malexlr/4femalexlr cable and hook that up to another 4malexlr/4femalexlr to dsub. Would this...

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Avatar for Ward Pike
Ward Pike 20th March 2012
Avatar for unfiltered420

I want to try to sync my deck to Logic, so I don't have to bounce the main tracks. I have heard it syncs well, but I have no idea...

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AccessAudio 20th March 2012
Avatar for beesting

gday :) im looking at buying more gear for my home studio. i mostly make dance music (influences include: underworld, chemical...

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Avatar for pultech
pultech 20th March 2012
Avatar for Devon8822

So as far as I have discovered, there are pretty much very little choice for PCIe cards. Theres RME... and Lynx... anything else?...

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psycho_monkey 20th March 2012
Avatar for jono

Hi - finished a project here recently that was a lot of fun. It's instrumental music that is vibey, world-ish, rock-ish,...

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Avatar for jono
jono 20th March 2012
Avatar for Zuewi

Does anyone have experiences with the SPL Gainstation 1? Or compared them with units in the same price range?

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MarkyGoldstein 19th March 2012
Avatar for blackbirdstudio

Howdy all.. Does anyone have a PDF of a recall sheet for urei 545 eq's?? Thanks Dave

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blackbirdstudio 19th March 2012
Avatar for williamthesecond

Anybody has compared the three units? What would you say is the best conversion quality out of theses three? If you have any unit...

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psycho_monkey 19th March 2012
Avatar for buzzjoe

Hello, got my new Lawson L251 Tube two days ago. Actually I was looking for a L47MP MKII or L47FET but got the L251 Tube for a...

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buzzjoe 19th March 2012
Avatar for Turdadactyl

Does anybody have the skinny on what gear Max Norman used on the Megadth (no skull and crossbones please) albums Countdown to...

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Turdadactyl 19th March 2012
Avatar for dickiefunk

Hi, I'm in the middle of finishing a bigband track and have the band tracked and am really pleased with how it's...

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Wlouch 19th March 2012
Avatar for Antoine8

Hey Gearslutz. So I find this place is really where ya can get some straight up honest feedback so I need some help on a few...

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Antoine8 19th March 2012
Avatar for newsound

I'm helping a friend build a great high-end 2-channel 78rpm transfer/mastering rig. He already has a Cedar Duo Declickle with AES...

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newsound 19th March 2012
Avatar for androgine

I have been searching through the forums for an answer to my situation without much luck. I recently bought 2 second hand mono...

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SRS 19th March 2012
Avatar for brianellefson

Gotta give my props to MJ. I got my matched pair of his modded MXL 603's this week and, MAN, I'm really impressed. I recorded...

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zvenx 19th March 2012
Avatar for cornerstone

Hi if any one could give me a clue on how to get that kind of re-verb + delay settings that Jim has on say riders on the...

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Avatar for KevWind
KevWind 19th March 2012
Avatar for Schattenmann

Hi, I know quite a few digital patchbays, most of them with the ability to be remote-controlled. What about analogue...

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Avatar for Rudimenta
Rudimenta 19th March 2012
Avatar for targa2

How do you know when the tube is worn out in one of these mics and where does one find the tubes in the Toronto area.

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Avatar for targa2
targa2 19th March 2012
Avatar for matt_r

I've had a pair of these for about a month and I'm pretty sure there's a problem with the tweeters on them. It's very subtle, but...

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Avatar for Jomox
Jomox 19th March 2012
Avatar for 7+1

I'm looking to see if any one has a similar snare sample like on "in another time"? It sounds similar to a...

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Avatar for thenoodle
thenoodle 19th March 2012
Avatar for andykay

Hi, can you guys help me identify mic in this you tube video? I am posting it in high end assuming that it's something...

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Avatar for joeq
joeq 18th March 2012
Avatar for Higure

Hi, I don't have the technical expertise to maintain, nor the bucks to buy a vintage desk. Seems that both the AMS-Neve...

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Avatar for jono
jono 18th March 2012
Avatar for timraye

Show pictures of your mics, low end, high end, good, cheap, small, big, black, silver whatever pictures of mics you've owned...

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Avatar for nbrecording
nbrecording 18th March 2012
Avatar for Kim Bjäle

Hello. I`m thinking of buying an RMS Folcrom and I was wondering if you slutz got any suggestion on a good preamp for the sum....

Kim Bjäle
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Avatar for Kabby
Kabby 18th March 2012
Avatar for andonwego

I'm humbly going to say I don't have the kind of ears to discern a whole signal chain, and I may be wrong about even this, but...

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beldabeast67 18th March 2012
Avatar for Nowak

Howdy, I'm getting a G series SSL 4072 and would love to start having a read about the computer. Does anyone happen to...

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Nowak 18th March 2012
Avatar for adamj31

I'm pretty much set on getting a set of Klein + Hummel O300's. I was hoping someone could comment on the differences between the...

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Avatar for adamj31
adamj31 18th March 2012
Avatar for timraye

Have both and simply just want to know What's better and why is it better thank you.

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timraye 17th March 2012
Avatar for timraye

Did it last year, let's do it again.

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timraye 17th March 2012
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Whats up everyone. I own a XTA DP226.. I got it to crossover my monitors in my old studio, Unfortunately for me i had to move...

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junya-eskimo 17th March 2012