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Hi There, I'm trying to get some ideas on how to get the "air" like is on this album into my mixes. Any ideas?...

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Waltz Mastering 8th June 2012
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Hello guys, I'd like to find a way to achieve the opposite of a De-Esser. Basically when the singer is on mic all frequencies go...

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bgrotto 8th June 2012
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Aurora 8 connected to Native Card, I know these can be dodgy sometimes but it worked fine with the old HD PCIe cards. On launch...

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Avidmusician 8th June 2012
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What mic pres did the original Neve consoles come with? I understand that there may not be one correct answer - that different...

Jeff Hayat
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Geoff_T 8th June 2012
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Has anyone tried both of these microphones? I´d appreciate any comment on this regard, thx. kfhkh

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ccabezas25 8th June 2012
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jusf found someone sell it. anyone has the experience with this mic? any idea how much it cost if brand new? rgds noe

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Ergo 8th June 2012
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Hello, I am fairly new to the recording world. I've been in the game for about 6 months now, I've been using a Bluebird mic...

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walth 8th June 2012
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They're an absolutely great bunch of guys but their prices are a little whacky. Monthly; Vintechs are going for the same as...

uncle muscles
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uncle muscles 8th June 2012
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Hey guys I'm looking at something massively better than uln2 pre's for around 2k. Are there any? I'm looking at forssell smp2...

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D18ch 8th June 2012
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Can achieve this kind of result, or at least close to the professional sound you are hearing in the video. I'm using a digital...

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superwack 7th June 2012
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Hi, I just got NS10, pretty washed-out (for one monitor) and ok ( for the other one). One even has traces of moisture, and the...

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DownSideUp 7th June 2012
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I feel a bit like Jim Gaffigan wanting to talk about an old movie everyones already probably seen but here goes... I finally...

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recall 7th June 2012
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I used a few racked Quad Eight 312 EQ modules a few years back and really loved them. I believe it was a 312 module. It was...

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L Diamond 7th June 2012
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I've given up on my quest for the tube-tech cl1b after being screwed over by a seller on ebay and today loosing a bid on one.. I...

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Musiclab 7th June 2012
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I have a ca '84 Siemens C4 and I am wondering if there is anyone out there using a similar board? I would love to hear from...

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dlmorley 7th June 2012
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Okay, So I have some questions for you experts! :) I’m Looking for an Audio Interface but don’t know which one to go for....

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blizzy 7th June 2012
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hi, i'm in need of a very versatile, full-featured, 88 key MIDI controller ( with extensive depth and scope in terms of its...

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synthoid 7th June 2012
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Doesn't the "recording" process simply consist of recording/tracking the vocals and then there is a separate...

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joeq 7th June 2012
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Hey all! I'm looking for a new mic for the locker, and wanted to get some opinions before heading on over to Calistro's and...

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RKrizman 7th June 2012
Avatar for hasbeen

I have a KM86i with a loose XLR connection that is driving me nuts to deal with. Anyone know how to get at the wiring? I see...

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hasbeen 7th June 2012
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Why on earth would they not let you have two simultaneous digital inputs?? If you are going to use the Hilo to monitor and...

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pmoon 7th June 2012
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I realize that most of what you might read on the forums is that the Clariphonic is amazing on the 2 bus, but I wanted to hear...

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BradM 7th June 2012
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my engineer friend says the EQP1A was made with different faceplate colors other than blue. Is this true? What other colors...

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dandeurloo 6th June 2012
Avatar for philoking

This may be a stupid question, but I'm not able to find a clear answer. I'd like to add some of the API, Neve and SSL stuff to my...

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Avatar for Rolf Ebitsch
Rolf Ebitsch 6th June 2012
Avatar for the_inquisitor

I'd like all, but only enough cash for one currently. Leaning towards the Overstayer mainly for the price. What do you think?

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Avatar for the_inquisitor
the_inquisitor 6th June 2012
Avatar for Krubbadoo

Looking to buy a great headphones amp for my HD-650. They are a little touchy with some amps. Which one's your favorite? Thanks.

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warhead 6th June 2012
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Fairchild 670, 2x Ear 660 or ADL 670? which ones are the best?

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matteo_mp 6th June 2012
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lol Sirio looks like meth addict :D I like how hes dising the PMCs and Genelecs "advanced trasmision blah blah...

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cheu78 6th June 2012
Avatar for TanTan

Hi guys, I'm considering some main monitors options for my new room.. I'm thinking about getting a pair of Quested V3110 with...

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J_Flux 6th June 2012
Avatar for carloff

My friend sent me a link to this studio website: this is SOOOOO nice:) something for real german equipement...

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miles_stevens 6th June 2012
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Just wondering guys how these two units compare? From what i understand they seem to be the same circuits but the Primetime II is...

Deleted 8456dd3
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TheLastByte 6th June 2012
Avatar for tmacb3

I'm considering buying a pair of these compressors. Anyone out there have any experience with them. I would love to hear from you.

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anthonygallo 6th June 2012
Avatar for freemidnight

Anybody knows about Karry systems? Sound quality vs price? thanks

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freemidnight 6th June 2012
Avatar for Floydpaint2000m

I'm looking for a reverb for life about: - voice - drum I have the possibility to buy: - a Sony v77 for €500 - TC M3000...

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ionian 6th June 2012
Avatar for Johnkenn

I've got a really good offer on my sta - which I love...but, I really, really liked the Anamod 660 when I had it too. Honestly, I...

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Johnkenn 6th June 2012
Avatar for funkyman21

Greetings, I just picked up a used SCA pre on Ebay, and it has 4X N72's inside. I just got it yesterday and immediately...

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funkyman21 6th June 2012
Avatar for 100WChris

Hi Gearslutz-Forum! short question: how important the power supply really is for a mic-pre? i have a preamp with wall wart power...

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nosebleedaudio 5th June 2012
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I hardly feel qualified to post in the high-end section of the forum... I had no real high end gear, until today. I just...

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Avatar for Tarkovsky
Tarkovsky 5th June 2012
Avatar for Ward Pike

Someone please provide the class with an educated experienced rundown of all he various Neumann-Gefell LDCs used on a regular...

Ward Pike
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Avatar for sdelsolray
sdelsolray 5th June 2012
Avatar for Blk_Dynamite12

Hey guys! First time posting in here. I've recently purchased a Saffire Pro 40 interface and a Dangerous D-box. The Pro 40 is...

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therealmarkjohn 5th June 2012
Avatar for activexjava

Hi guys .. I am interested in buying the Rode K2 mic .. care to hear how it worked for you tracking lead vocals .. male/female...

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Avatar for fluxta
fluxta 5th June 2012
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So me and my friend have been going back and fourth about something. Maybe some of the Vets can help us settle it. Would using...

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Avatar for Ryan Gregory
Ryan Gregory 4th June 2012
Avatar for Karloff70

Hi Chaps, Just curious here.... Has anyone tried a combo of console and passive summing for mixing at all? As in, use the...

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jordanvoth 4th June 2012
Avatar for liri8780

i am now in search for new monitors . i am thinking to buy genlec 8040a . no budget for quested khrthjdrtkhrthjdrtkhrthjdrt...

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Avatar for Neodym
Neodym 4th June 2012
Avatar for Geoff_T

Hi Barely a day passes without a presentation of a wonderful new Neve 1073 that surpasses all others in sound, build quality...

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Avatar for Lindell
Lindell 4th June 2012
Avatar for Davido

Hi, My insurance is up at the end of May, and Im going to do a bit of looking around. Got around £50k worth of gear. Just...

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Avatar for TheMusicalNotes
TheMusicalNotes 4th June 2012
Avatar for The Beatsmith

Hi there, Once again, my right Adam S3A (out of warranty) has developed a problem. Just as (well, before) the warranty was...

The Beatsmith
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Avatar for Petrus
Petrus 4th June 2012
Avatar for Dayo

Call off the search. In a thirty year career I must have tried as many mics, but surely nothing can beat the humble Sennheiser...

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Dayo 4th June 2012
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Hello every one, You will find this interesting - and surprising !! cooge This is a (male Voice) comparison between the...

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Avatar for shobud
shobud 4th June 2012
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I'm currently upgrading my LE system 002 (signature series) interface Aueter dual channel preamp (keeping it) mac pro dual...

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Avatar for psycho_monkey
psycho_monkey 4th June 2012