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It was mentioned in a tiny section in the mixing engineer's handbook, but it didn't seem fully clear to me. Maybe someone who's...

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salomonander 23rd November 2012
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Hi, I have mixed a lot of records using Vintage Neve 8036, and I am thinking in buying two channels of the 1081 reissued...

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carlosj 23rd November 2012
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Perhaps any owners of WSW preamps could chime in here on where I'd source a couple of pres? And I understand not all of them are...

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salomonander 23rd November 2012
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Title says it all. Digital DSUB I/o Apogee 16x directly interchangeable with AVID HD IO? ? JUST THE DIGITAL SIGNAL FLOW IN AND...

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mixerguy 23rd November 2012
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1963 original black danelectro solidbody purchased in new orleans. stolen off produce truck. ( driver is musician) 606...

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kungfuT 22nd November 2012
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Ok, guys. I'm going to put together my new project studio next year as I will shut down my old one. The studio mainly records...

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ssl_ambition 22nd November 2012
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Ok possible dumb question: I have a patch bay setup with mini TT balanced cables. The inputs of the TG Channel are not connected...

the keester
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Doc Mixwell 22nd November 2012
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It appears the day has come that I have outgrown my soundcard. My career has progressed to the point where it simply doesnt cut...

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Avening 22nd November 2012
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Have searched but to no avail, and have posted in High End as the people most likely to have been on the sessions or at least...

Ken Kennedy
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Ken Kennedy 22nd November 2012
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Hey can someone with API mic pres tell me if they have gold or silver xlr contacts? thanks!

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SRS 22nd November 2012
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Hi all, Being a freelance engineer and not having a large digital setup of my own, I've recently been vibing on the concept of...

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Rick Sutton 22nd November 2012
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hi, I just picked up a yamaha p2201 (same as p2200 but no meters). i think i like it but the more i listen I think it might...

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ejsongs 22nd November 2012
Avatar for Vito Janeiro

Hi guys! Is it possible to use SSL 4000G+ transport buttons to control Ampex Atr-102? There must be some expert, I can´t find...

Vito Janeiro
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Vito Janeiro 22nd November 2012
Avatar for Blueflame

Any reason why I'd want to continue using my Rosetta 200 with my Apollo quad? Just using the Apollo right now and love it but...

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Blueflame 22nd November 2012
Avatar for tape_attack!!!

hey. has anyone compared these eqs? i would like to get the fat bustard but would also like to get mixbus EQ. the manual...

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Avatar for Rsantana
Rsantana 22nd November 2012
Avatar for Modye

Hey Guys, I'm looking to buy a new 2 channel mic pre to compliment my Se Electronics Gemini III. My Budget is around 1000...

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Avatar for Modye
Modye 22nd November 2012
Avatar for Constant Noise

Hi there, I rarely post here, but often find myself sifting thru opinions etc when looking into a gear purchase. Anyways I was...

Constant Noise
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Avatar for littlesicily
littlesicily 22nd November 2012
Avatar for James Lugo

??? I set a couple of tracks to Buss C and then shut Buss C off but I'm still hearing a bit of signal. The tracks that are being...

James Lugo
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two|twelve 22nd November 2012
Avatar for Johnkenn

Obviously, I would assume not, but I'm wondering if upgrading my sub from a krk 10 would make any difference...just doing...

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RyanC 22nd November 2012
Avatar for atticmike

Howdy fellas, Concerning the Lynx FW card, run by a Mac Pro (Eight cores for that instance), which is your preferred I/O...

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psycho_monkey 22nd November 2012
Avatar for tape_attack!!!

hey! i am really desperate because it seems as if anything killed my Aurora GTQ2! it was not connected to any power cable the...

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Avatar for Geoff_T
Geoff_T 22nd November 2012
Avatar for djd100

Anyone ever use any of the the above UA pieces with a EV RE-20, on Bluzy/Raspy Baritone Male Vocals? Hoping to utilize...

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OolalavSuperfukk 22nd November 2012
Avatar for lobit

I haven't seen an otari radar in action and thinking of getting one. I wanted to ask any radar II owners out there a couple of...

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vintagelove 22nd November 2012
Avatar for vintagelove

Hi, I had Latchlake stands make an adapter for using a cmv3 or telefunken 301/2 (I think a rft bottle as well) on a regular mic...

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Avatar for Alex Breaux
Alex Breaux 22nd November 2012
Avatar for taintedblue

suddenly have the opportunity to buy 1 from a few different sources but I'm totally at a loss as to what the retail value is. I...

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Avatar for legato
legato 21st November 2012
Avatar for Philip Parker

I didn't get any answers to this in music computers. I'm wondering about how exactly HDX and HD Native handle the I/O in pro...

Philip Parker
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Philip Parker 21st November 2012
Avatar for Immersion

I wonder can any of the smaller SSL mixers inputs compare with the larger brothers in terms of quality ? the deal is I have no...

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smackmastering 21st November 2012
Avatar for rcd

I'm running PT HD 8.1 on Window 7. Will an Avid HD Omni link to a Digi 192 seemlessly? For mixing I need more Analog i/o and the...

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Avatar for World Studios
World Studios 21st November 2012
Avatar for DONNX

NEVE 33609 J/D Modification? Hello Slutz! Got a AMS neve 33609 J/D and I really think this is one of my favorite...

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Avatar for AllAboutTone
AllAboutTone 21st November 2012
Avatar for sei046

I picked up a U87 ai a while back and I have had problems with ever since. It seems dull on the high end and seems to have a bump...

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Avatar for Musiclab
Musiclab 21st November 2012
Avatar for J.F.K

To go Neve or not to go Neve, that is the question? At least it's the question for me. I have stumbled across a Neve v3 48 ch...

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Avatar for madriaan
madriaan 21st November 2012
Avatar for MrSayWho

Here is Hal Blaine recording Good Vibrations at one of the studio sessions. What mic is that?

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Avatar for BradM
BradM 21st November 2012
Avatar for dadodetres

So im upgrading my studio and planning to get a 500 series setup. My main mics for drum OHs are a pair of Coles 4038. I also...

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Avatar for pan60
pan60 20th November 2012
Avatar for PaRaNoId

I love using distressors set to 1:1 and "audio" set to d3 on drum channels (while tracking) to gently clip/limit the...

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Avatar for kraku
kraku 20th November 2012
Avatar for Icetea335

If you had to choose for mixing/recording with analog gear, but only had under $10,000 for the interface/converters. (And want to...

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Avatar for psycho_monkey
psycho_monkey 20th November 2012
Avatar for Immersion

I am building a studio problem is here I have zero knowledge about analog recording, I know nothing about what is a good pre amp...

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Deleted 651cf92 20th November 2012
Avatar for Schumannz

Hi...can you please suggest me best channel strip for Bass and Vocal? Thanks Schumannz

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Avatar for Baz
Baz 20th November 2012
Avatar for superburtm

So i got Two AKG 414 tl2's with way different output levels. They were bought at different times so they aren't matched for sure....

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Avatar for audiotech
audiotech 20th November 2012
Avatar for andychamp

I recently did a LDC shootout for a singer/rapper that included a (borrowed) Neumann U77. Since then I feel I've been missing out...

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Avatar for Peller
Peller 20th November 2012
Avatar for Davido

Mine came today. And I just wanted to tell everyone!! Anyone got any hints and tips? Anyone used one? WHHHHOOOOOHOOOOO!

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Avatar for QRS
QRS 20th November 2012
Avatar for radiovoiceone

With the imminent arrival of my Lucas CS-4, I'm asking those who have and are using this mic for their choice of preamp for the...

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Avatar for radiovoiceone
radiovoiceone 20th November 2012
Avatar for Immersion

Eventide H8000FW is going to be one of the main things in my first studio. I have come to the conclusion that the my money I...

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Avatar for Immersion
Immersion 20th November 2012
Avatar for RightOnRome

Has anyone compared the Telefunken R-F-T AR-51 with the new TK51D capsule to the U67 or the P67?

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Avatar for SoundHouse
SoundHouse 20th November 2012
Avatar for K. Osborne

Hello friends - After much debate I've sort of stumbled upon an interesting problem that I have. I can't seem to find a pair of...

K. Osborne
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K. Osborne 19th November 2012
Avatar for tape_attack!!!

hey. i am not sure whats the best connection for my setup! i have a powerboard in my rack where all my preamps are plugged...

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Avatar for J_Sky_
J_Sky_ 19th November 2012
Avatar for Flymax

Any one ever try it? Multi mics on a source, one for the hi, one for the mids, one for the low? thats my big idea of the...

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Avatar for latestflavor
latestflavor 19th November 2012
Avatar for Richard Chycki

Hi, Was looking for some details about the Equinox .... close up photos of front/rear panels etc. Shadow Hills website is a...

Richard Chycki
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Avatar for Rev. Eslam
Rev. Eslam 19th November 2012
Avatar for wm_b

I have received some digital transfers from a 2" 16 track machine and the levels are a little low. The person who tracked...

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Avatar for Plush
Plush 19th November 2012
Avatar for Mr.Greenwood

Hey there, As we all know, the old Neves need a bit of TLC to keep running as they are getting older now. Anyway, I'm half...

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delcosmos 19th November 2012
Avatar for mrbibidy

Im sorry if this is in the wrong place but I didn't know the exact spot to post it... I'm wondering if anyone in NJ (or the...

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Avatar for mrbibidy
mrbibidy 19th November 2012