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hey. i sold my AKG c414 pair today! they are useful mics but some kind of boring for my taste! any recommendations for a...

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tape_attack!!! 19th December 2012
Avatar for Edwincalle

Guys - I'm looking into purchasing the Symphony 2x6 ... Not only for the conversion, but also for it's look. If you currently...

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Avatar for Doc Mixwell
Doc Mixwell 19th December 2012
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Hi, In the past I used a TLM193 through a Pacifica pre for vocals and found the combo to be rather dark for my tastes. Today, I...

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cloudy house 19th December 2012
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Ok - I need two channels of eq for vocals on mixdown. I was waiting for the equalux to be available again but that is taking...

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jamieboss1 19th December 2012
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I have always been very curious about why manufacturers brag about their tweeters going above 20Khz, what's the point ? Very...

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Deleted d78e603 19th December 2012
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Hi, for those who have the symphony please list extra components that I'll need. I currently have a Duet 2, but want something...

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Avatar for Edwincalle
Edwincalle 19th December 2012
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I currently use a Universal Audio Solo 110 to record DI guitars and bass, and vocals through an Audio Technica 4060. I have no...

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Avatar for chrispick
chrispick 19th December 2012
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Hello Friends!! Is there any way to know the reverberation time in a EMT 240 but without the remote? Obviously has 2 controls...

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germanduranv 19th December 2012
Avatar for Arichlsss

I just bought a 121 off eBay and tried it on a couple of sources today. The first on acoustic guitar ( back side) sounded good...

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Avatar for Draytone
Draytone 18th December 2012
Avatar for Flagfoot

This thread is for anyone interested in the Bock 507. The Bock 507 is a really cool mic and we have been using it a lot on an...

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Flagfoot 18th December 2012
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So I was trying to get ADAT out of a Crane Song Spider, and couldn't get any 'readable' signal, nor would the clock on the...

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DigitMus 18th December 2012
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Deleted be25781 18th December 2012
Avatar for Bruce Swedien

Transient Response _________________________________________________________________ I am frequently asked to define...

Bruce Swedien
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barefoot 18th December 2012
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Avatar for Fergies Watch
Fergies Watch 18th December 2012
Avatar for karco

hi there! i need help finding the right cables to connect my api lunchbox modules ..im trying to connect my api512 to my inward...

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Avatar for karco
karco 18th December 2012
Avatar for abrstudios

I record my vocals like this most of the time: Manley ref > X73 vintech > 1176 this all gets recorded into my BLA...

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Avatar for Trev@Circle
[email protected] 18th December 2012
Avatar for Royaldeadman

Anybody use the preamp 6176? If so what are your setting for it. I'm constantly going back and forth from my closet to the preamp...

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Avatar for djbless
djbless 18th December 2012
Avatar for iamascientist

Just got my new Lindell 500 series compressors loaded the stereo pair in my 6 space BAE rack and nothing, nada, no sound...I...

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Avatar for Akysz
Akysz 18th December 2012
Avatar for Floydpaint2000m

I get the money for buy an ADC high-end. Features: - 2 IN - (optional 2 OUT) - windows 7 64 bit compatible - budget for used...

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Avatar for emitsweet
emitsweet 18th December 2012
Avatar for spunkadellic

I need to buy a good mic pre and compressor for recording in your face pop vocals - mostly female - think Britney! Ive heard...

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Avatar for Ward Pike
Ward Pike 18th December 2012
Avatar for aer_uk

I just moved house and had to store the larger pieces of my gear in a garage (Toft ATB16 and pair of Adam a8x). I just managed to...

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Avatar for Ward Pike
Ward Pike 18th December 2012
Avatar for recordT

Hi, someone can please describe the sound difference between vintage C12 and Neumann U47 ?? you can also bring in the U67 if it...

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Avatar for Jonathan@FPA
[email protected] 18th December 2012
Avatar for buttonjaw

Suggestions? Sent from my iPhone

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buttonjaw 18th December 2012
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Avatar for MrJoshua
MrJoshua 17th December 2012
Avatar for lapsi

Dear slutz, Here's my dilemma: I have roughly 1000€ budget to get gear as a christmas present (yeah!). I've been pondering...

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Avatar for lapsi
lapsi 17th December 2012
Avatar for Egg_Fried_Rice

Looking to add a stepped attenuator to a 610 mk2. Assuming the pot values are the same is it just a simple case of unsolder and...

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Avatar for kosty
kosty 17th December 2012
Avatar for alligator

Any thoughts, opinions, reviews on Serpent Audio's Stereo Bus Comprssor? I'm having trouble finding anything about it but that...

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Avatar for ben_allison
ben_allison 17th December 2012
Avatar for Lexicondonn

I have a INTERFACE eLECTRONICS CONSOLE. Series 100 Anyone know anything about them? It has the Byerdynamics pre amps in side...

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Avatar for iampoor
iampoor 17th December 2012
Avatar for Martijn4live

Can it be that the sound sample heard on my attached file are mouth sounds..? I recorded these around 0 decibel. I’m...

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Avatar for germanduranv
germanduranv 17th December 2012
Avatar for ZebastianSwartz

Hi! I recently aquired a Studer 169 but it doens't have a power supply. The guy I got it from said it's possible to use any...

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Avatar for ZebastianSwartz
ZebastianSwartz 17th December 2012
Avatar for eclipse

Hi Now that the HG3 is out Is there anyone out there who owns them?? How do they sound compared to the other monitors out...

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Avatar for Harvey Gerst
Harvey Gerst 16th December 2012
Avatar for Fabio Barros

Hi, this is my first post here! Anybody uses Fink Analog CS2? I have problems with mine, maybe a phase problem betwen L and R...

Fabio Barros
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Avatar for Fabio Barros
Fabio Barros 16th December 2012
Avatar for Scott Whigham

The recent sale that Lexicon has on their PCM Native plugs got me thinking... Lexicon values their plugins at $1500+ (retail...

Scott Whigham
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Avatar for HighEnd
HighEnd 16th December 2012
Avatar for stevetgn

Second only to “What compressor” & “What pre” the question of which summing mixer seems to be one of...

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Avatar for Hyder boy
Hyder boy 16th December 2012
Avatar for Cris

So after reading up on all the reviews and what users had to say I ended up with the Apogee Symphony. Ive been using the Apogee...

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Avatar for Acoustic Music
Acoustic Music 16th December 2012
Avatar for Qronik_dakid

Which one of these would you spend your money on and why?

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Avatar for Qronik_dakid
Qronik_dakid 16th December 2012
Avatar for Nicky T

Hi Wondered if others had similar experiences over the years with "gear pyramids"; you know; you start off small as...

Nicky T
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Avatar for joeq
joeq 15th December 2012
Avatar for VO Boy

...still looking for that right LDC for my voiceovers since I tend to not like overly bright mics, what about the TLM...

VO Boy
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Avatar for Baz
Baz 15th December 2012
Avatar for RickGobe

On voice-over work i was wondering what a lot of you professionals prefer? U47 or U48!

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Avatar for legato
legato 15th December 2012
Avatar for rjay

Does anyone have any WAV samples of before/after Bricasti M7 applied ? Preferably ac.gtr or solo strings. Am trying to convince...

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Avatar for Yannick
Yannick 15th December 2012
Avatar for Bluesdog

What is Neve's current version of the 1066 aka Lanois' fav pre ? Not interested if it does or doesn't sound the same (of course...

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Avatar for C.Judd Karn
C.Judd Karn 15th December 2012
Avatar for gravyface

Figured this was the best place to ask, seeing as the high-enders would actually have their hands on the real thing, but what are...

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Avatar for jmikeperkins
jmikeperkins 15th December 2012
Avatar for Johnkenn

I LOVE my Heritage 1073, but I'm really wondering whether I want to go back to the Helios. I could have two for the same price as...

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Avatar for littlesicily
littlesicily 14th December 2012
Avatar for Deleted 4205102

So sorry if this has been covered but I can't find anything and I kinda feel like an idiot. But, the other day I was re racking...

Deleted 4205102
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Avatar for Deleted 4205102
Deleted 4205102 14th December 2012
Avatar for Barcza

I'm a producer and bassplayer, and prepare to record a vocal crossover record with voc/piano/dr/bass. In the studio there are...

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Avatar for Bassmec
Bassmec 14th December 2012
Avatar for Karl Zuya

Hello everyone, I need your help! My dreams came true and now, I'm proud owner of a Siemens M444 6+2/2 console from...

Karl Zuya
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Avatar for RFZ DUDE
RFZ DUDE 14th December 2012
Avatar for RickGobe

The Flea 47 sounds incredible! Does any Flea 47 owners have any raw files they can share? Watched a couple of Youtube videos but...

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Avatar for drew
drew 14th December 2012
Avatar for JOHN

The Major problems with Tascam X48 and IZ Radar 24. Please can users post their personal experience using the Tascam X48 and IZ...

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Avatar for nashvillecat
nashvillecat 14th December 2012
Avatar for Johnkenn

Do you have to have an HDX card to connect Omni? So really, the cheapest way to get into HD is $5k for the Omni HDX bundle?

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Avatar for nst7
nst7 14th December 2012
Avatar for unfiltered420

My MP is by far the best piece of recording gear I have ever used. I have had it less than 2 years, but am still learning new...

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Avatar for kosmokrator
kosmokrator 13th December 2012