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Can anyone attest to the differences between these two, especially with a number of tracks? From the clips I've heard, the...

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stephenmatthew 15th March 2013
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I tried a vari mu compressor and loved it on my mix. just made it sound warm and like a record. took the digital edge off the...

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Waltz Mastering 15th March 2013
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Anybody have any experience with this combination on the Mix buss?

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Doctor Rockter 15th March 2013
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I've never used either of these two mic pre brands, although I know LOTS of engineers do. Can someone tell me the main...

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Ryan Gregory 15th March 2013
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Hello, I have this cool Dynamic EQ i picked up and i can't find any info in it. Anyone out there have a...

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Labs 14th March 2013
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Let's say you're recording commercial voiceover material, for radio commercials, long-form stuff, whatever. What sort of gear do...

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Inverted314 14th March 2013
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All, (Stands up) Hi, I'm songuy and Im a Mackie HR824 user. I bought them a few years ago because it was the thing to...

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amenbrother 14th March 2013
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Hello Gearslutz! I currently have an SSL x-rack on test in my room, equipped with both 1 x 4 mono inputs module, and 1 x 4...

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sbackdoor 14th March 2013
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Steffmo 14th March 2013
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Hi guys, Been getting into the MC77's we have recently bought. Love 'em but my problem is, compared to the 1176's (black or...

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PsilohsaiBiN 14th March 2013
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Anyone know about the Klark Teknik DN780 beeing a copy of the AMS -16 reverb? I've heard about that but never really heard the ...

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Demokid 14th March 2013
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Hello all gearslutz Iam doing a buying research on best quality PCI / PCIe AD and DA sound cards manufacturers. I need...

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Adebar 14th March 2013
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Hello, howdy i'm putting a little labs attenuator between my api 3124 and protools so i can actually turn the pre up, would hw eq...

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sixtiksix 13th March 2013
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Tony Maserati sure is rockin' the Chandler Limited rig... Cool Interview Interesting he pairs the Curve Bender with Mini Rack...

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adam_f 13th March 2013
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Cookie 13th March 2013
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I want to upgrade my Adam A7's...wanna get something noticeably better in the $3000 or less range. My room is approx 17L x 14W x...

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spencerc 13th March 2013
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As some of you may know by my threads, I was interested in getting Neve type of preamp. I bounced back and forth between either...

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hasbeen 13th March 2013
Avatar for adirondack

This is from a '74 recording session. Not sure what configuration the guitar mics are...there's a good shot of them around...

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Avatar for Drumsound
Drumsound 12th March 2013
Avatar for nicolasixxx

I'm using the older AWS Awsomation (pre-AFADA). I need to cut a few bars out of the middle of a song in Pro Tools and mixed on...

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exel 12th March 2013
Avatar for crazyhorserocks

Does anybody know whether the new AVID HD I/O 16x16 digital interface allows you to use different digital formats at the same...

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weesch 12th March 2013
Avatar for Faderix

How come Earthworks preamps don’t get much cred here? Sure it's transparent but when compare to Millenia and other preamps I...

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psykostx 12th March 2013
Avatar for maticomp

Hi guys! I've posted this already in Low End forum, but it didn't gain track at all - on a second thought, that's not low end...

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maticomp 11th March 2013
Avatar for HoPMiX

I currently mix in the box and use a Avocet to over spdif for monitoring. Its awesome. I love it. I am adding a Matrix in the...

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Avatar for Lipps
Lipps 11th March 2013
Avatar for Trev@Circle

Okay slutz. i need your help... I'm trying to work out the most efficient set-up for my gear. At this point I'm am running hd3...

[email protected]
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Avatar for DannyMac
DannyMac 11th March 2013
Avatar for Larry Heinemann

Just curious if any manufacturers have a U67 style mic in the works to join the growing selection of U47, C12 and Ela M251-esque...

Larry Heinemann
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legato 11th March 2013
Avatar for 181483

Hi guys, This is kind of a two-headed question. Anyone have any problems acquiring the really good stuff from GC online? After...

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181483 11th March 2013
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To the helpful gearslutz members, First post , so thank you for all and any insight about the matter... Project: Working on...

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eeklipz 11th March 2013
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Requirements minimal: 3/4 Tracks - no preamps needed (good preamps get connected before) with Level faders/potis 1 Aux Send,...

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mobilemozart 10th March 2013
Avatar for rojaros

Hi there, I'm new in this forum and glad to find so juch experience and knowledge condensed in one spot. I dropped out of...

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Avatar for rojaros
rojaros 10th March 2013
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Hi, I just picked up the Obsidian 500 a couple of days ago. I went to install it in my BAE 11 space rack and it does not line...

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scoppa 10th March 2013
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Hi: I am a former engineer/producer (from the 70s/80s) who is now doing VO work. I am putting together a small studio at home to...

Deleted User
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Deleted fe72b385f72c012 10th March 2013
Avatar for jlsgear

Hi, to all users of the higher end Beesneez T1 (Ben's U47 clone) .. Was wondering if you folks could chime in with your...

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gergface21 10th March 2013
Avatar for Jermbobpro

Does anyone have info on this console? Does anyone have specifics on the Dal-con transformer itself? Model number, etc.

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Jermbobpro 9th March 2013
Avatar for DanV

anybody out there hear these? what did you think of them? kfhkh

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peter434 9th March 2013
Avatar for Portubong

Hi everybody I am searching for a versatile equalizer with great colour I have a Raindirk RM6 which is clean clear and...

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jurek 9th March 2013
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Mr. Lau 9th March 2013
Avatar for automatom

Been pondering the Josephson e22 for a while. Has anyone got any audio examples of it on acoustic guitar? It looks like it...

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adampardee 9th March 2013
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do you think the name of this thread is stupid? thats exactly how I feel when comparing these monitors on paper PSI - Class D...

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androlic 9th March 2013
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Hi, I used to have whatever signal inputing my 2 Lynx Aurora 16s outputing trough the same channel, in other words, having it...

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tendadaraposa 8th March 2013
Avatar for H89

I now have a Neve 2254e pair, racked and recapped, a 1073LB, a Portico Channel II MBP, and A Portico Channel II...

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Avatar for Alex Breaux
Alex Breaux 8th March 2013
Avatar for Bassphil

Hello all! I want to buy a BAE 1073DMP, which are $1,145 new. I just started my search a few weeks ago and haven't seen any...

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Avatar for Bassphil
Bassphil 8th March 2013
Avatar for Krubbadoo

Would like to get opinions on these. Used to own a pair of 2254 E 10 years ago which I was forced to sell at some point. Vintage...

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Krubbadoo 8th March 2013
Avatar for Conchious

I love this band - string quartet: Beethoven Op. 59 No. 2 Enso String Quartet plays Beethoven Op. 59 No. 2...

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Avatar for Conchious
Conchious 8th March 2013
Avatar for Portubong

Hi everybody, I am searching for a great tracking, drum bus compressor and with a good pressence in mastering but the most...

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Avatar for Joseph Egan
Joseph Egan 7th March 2013
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Avatar for MrToast
MrToast 7th March 2013
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eeklipz 7th March 2013
Avatar for Kyleseglin

I didn't know where else to post this so I just started a thread.. Is there a difference between having 2 mono preamps next to...

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Avatar for henge
henge 7th March 2013
Avatar for Elnico50

Hi Been using a UA 6176 without any problems. Turned it on today and it doesn't seem to be registering any signal from the...

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Avatar for Bo.b
Bo.b 7th March 2013
Avatar for pianodano

My LA-2A stays on the lead vocal channel in the console. It is approxmately 4years old. Studio has many 12 hour days so I suppose...

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Avatar for Matt Syson
Matt Syson 7th March 2013
Avatar for arpodthegreat

i am looking to get a pair of mics that will be used as my "main" mics. something i can use for vocals, OH, room,...

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Avatar for hagybear
hagybear 7th March 2013