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I understand these were originally made for Fairchild cutting lathes. And apparently there are less than 5 of these in the...

[email protected]
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Wiggy Neve Slut 1 week ago
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Mainly rock What should I get? Anyone with both?

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christube 1 week ago
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I am brand new to the world of pro audio, and I really enjoy it. I am mostly a guitar player who tracks and mixes his own stuff,...

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elegentdrum 1 week ago
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Thoughts and comments on these measurements?

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oneblackened 1 week ago
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I have been looking closely at the SSL Matrix for a while , but after watching videos such as this one YouTube I am starting to...

Glenn Bucci
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rearslum 1 week ago
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Hi! I would really like to buy high end master bus processor . At the moment i am into Neve Master bus processor or Overstayer...

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billinder33 1 week ago
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hi everyone, my britstrip arrived this week. did some guitar, bass DI recording and vocal tracking. so far very happy with...

George Necola
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gsilbers 1 week ago
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Hi guys, I have the money in my account, and I am just one phone call away from ordering a Bricasti M7. I do a lot of jazz...

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OwensDrumming 1 week ago
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On the surface, it's a fairly simple question, which may or may not incite strong opinions: Understanding that no single...

pieter k
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skybluerental 1 week ago
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Is there any sonic difference between the racked xlogic g series compressor and the 500 series module they brought out?

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rearslum 1 week ago
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Hi, the following test was done at 24/96 in ProTools. I'm comparing three converters I own: - Lynx Hilo - Merging Hapi -...

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d3l 1 week ago
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I thought it was worth the attention of gearspacer's that Fred has retired. His designs and career are worth praise. I put...

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gfunny72 1 week ago
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Hi, i've read allot of the debates about clocks for convertors for years. And been quite happy with my dig 192 for years &...

[email protected]
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markblockjzz 1 week ago
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Well I'm posting here because I believe if its Chandler gear it's High End. The mic comes packed in its own wood case in a box...

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Kumbari 1 week ago
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My favorite Neumann factory-authorized service technician, Tom Onofrio, has just gone independent. I have watched Tom's work for...

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Gideon 1 week ago
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I am fortunate enough to be Beta testing the new Sonic Farm Creamer Special Edition. I happen to live in Vancouver where...

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sourpatch 1 week ago
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I'm in the market for a color / processing unit that really transforms the sound. Something that is not subtle at all where even...

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sergioelectro 1 week ago
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Just beeing curious here. For the usual posts, seems you'd be almost done with some U47s/clone, some sm57s for guitars/drums and...

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elegentdrum 1 week ago
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Afternoon, posting something for all of us that would like to hear gear in action prior buying it (and it's not always easy to...

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rearslum 1 week ago
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Has anyone had the opportunity to compare and contrast the Aurora GTP-8 with the AMS Neve 1073OPX?

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cheu78 1 week ago
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Hi there, I've read rave reviews of the ATC SCM20 ASL MKII on this forum and was wondering if these would suit a home...

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Avatar for Brad Lunde
Brad Lunde 1 week ago
Avatar for Pyxis360

Upgrading my ye old monitors and have 5K. Has anybody compared these? What's your vibe? I just bought a pair of PMC...

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Brad Lunde 1 week ago
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Can anyone here elaborate more about the sound character, strengths & weaknesses, and differences about the Knif Soma and the...

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Paul_G 1 week ago
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Hi ! It was stated here before that KH750 "probably" offers the possibility of DSP-correcction of non - Neumann...

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vasylek 1 week ago
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Hi, I've just been having a look at the KS-Digital website after hearing good things about their A200 and noticed they make...

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dickiefunk 1 week ago
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Just wondering what folks think the best single channel or 2 channel AD converter is. Looks like Benchmark is out of their ADC...

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hmx 1 week ago
Avatar for Sybille

Hello, kfhkh So, burl ? JCF audio ? Forssell ? Lavry Gold ? Anything new in 2020? Haven't read much on this topic for...

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carloff 1 week ago
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I recently got my hands on an ISA 428 mk 1 with optional ADC card installed. On the digital output side there is one AES 9 pin...

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wileypoots 1 week ago
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I was wondering about the Amphion One18. I am using the Hedd type 20. I really like the speakers I am using. But since they are...

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ashmundo 1 week ago
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I am new to recording audio, and I see lots of post talking about a Neve sound or an API sound. I was hoping someone could...

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andychamp 1 week ago
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Unicorn 1 week ago
Avatar for omegaomega

Hey slutz! I was just about to buy a nice cream pair of Soyuz SU-013 when I came across the Telefunken M60 FET. I plan to...

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markblockjzz 1 week ago
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Hi all, I’m having a hybrid mix setup where my only hardware/analog gear is on my mixbus. I’m torn between the DW Fearn...

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ETLarsen 1 week ago
Avatar for knariman

Hey guys, I've been after one of Dave's mics since 2015. I'm ready to take the plunge now. I've narrowed it down to these two...

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WiseOleHaku 1 week ago
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Some time ago I picked up this McIntosh transformer from a friend. He said he didn't know what it was and I could have it for...

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cathode 1 week ago
Avatar for Johnkenn

I realize this will probably open up a can of worms, but just wondered if anyone had any experience with it. He seems to be VERY...

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ology 1 week ago
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syra 1 week ago
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any new feedback from the HEDD type 20 speakers. anyone have them? how is the translation verses say something more clinical...

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M Albazy 1 week ago
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Hey Folks- I know there was a lot of interest but not a lot of discussion about these in terms of comparison. I know that I...

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flipnaut 1 week ago
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bradh 1 week ago
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Hello, In a perfect session, a tracking limiter shouldn't even be in the chain. But for the purpose of safely printing hot, is...

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IanBSC 1 week ago
Avatar for erike123

I've been using the Waves SSL Bus Comp on the master on every track I've done the last 2-3 years, and I'm thinking about getting...

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Pyeguy 2 weeks ago
Avatar for HobbyRobby

Hey All, I'm about to start mixing an LP I engineered/produced, and my studio just got a new piece of gear: the Neve Portico...

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augustin187 2 weeks ago
Avatar for Mr. Bars

Kinda a rhetorical question, but I have to ask it, because it's about a big amount of cash. I have long dreamed of buying myself...

Mr. Bars
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drockfresh 2 weeks ago
Avatar for UpNSmoke

You slutz know what I'm talkin bout - that piece of gear you just got tired of, etc.. and decided to sell it for one reason or...

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Nevemachine 2 weeks ago
Avatar for jb_studio

Hey y'all I thought it would be fun to have a good discussion about the uses of that mysterious and magical compressor, the...

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carolcappetta 2 weeks ago
Avatar for bs44

EDIT: this is not a real product :P So I had a few days off and have always thought why API, being one of the big commercial...

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Avatar for elegentdrum
elegentdrum 2 weeks ago
Avatar for Shadow Puppets

Fairly self explanatory question, but I’m interested in people’s thoughts on SSL and Neve’s high end offerings (Duality,...

Shadow Puppets
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Avatar for Vinylizor
Vinylizor 2 weeks ago
Avatar for Neodym

its really simple,what is best analog to digital converter you ever heard,doesnt matter how much it cost or if its even curently...

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Avatar for living sounds
living sounds 2 weeks ago
Avatar for audiothings

After spending time with a few studio and hi-fi large format speakers with horn loaded compression drivers, I'm inclined to think...

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oneblackened 2 weeks ago