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I got a chance to play around on a Studer Vista 9 a few weeks ago. Does anyone know a ballpark price on these things? I can't...

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Mijnlieff 26th February 2014
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If there's an AMS Neve rep on this site. Does AMS Neve plan to release a Neve 1081N? thanks

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walth 26th February 2014
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Which Mic would be a great all around vocal mic? Anyone with real world experience.? Neumann m147 or Soundelux U99 or Lawson...

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linzmaster 26th February 2014
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I just want to say THANK'S to GS member "Led" for his advice regarding a faulty chips on PCM42. In order to get that...

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Thomas.Gloor 25th February 2014
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I was wondering if there are any synclavier owners here on the board? There are some presetting sounds I need for a coverband...

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nednerd 25th February 2014
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hi everyone, i was wondering, is there a 19" saturation unit that imparts the same effect as the drive knobs in for...

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jerkrecords 25th February 2014
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Based on the circuit and sonics of this mixer, what would be a good marriage on the 2 buss compressor wise for this desk?

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Jpchartrand 25th February 2014
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I have a PCM 42 that does not store the delay setting. I have to reset it every time I turn it off... Is this normal? I don't see...

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TheLastByte 25th February 2014
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I wonder if the Sigma could be used as the foundation for an SSL digitally-controlled analog modular system (DCAMS)? A...

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VIGUIER 25th February 2014
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Was wondering if anyone has listened to this album? On the song Blue Ocean, when the band breaks down and are just singing the...

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Rockinrob 25th February 2014
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I sold my API A2D about 3 years ago. I LOVED it, but I stupidly sold it to get a portable Sound Devices USBPre 2 and...

Lando Calrissian
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Slikjmuzik 25th February 2014
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I´ve planning to buy a 2-track reel to reel recorder, alternatives are Telefunken M15a and Studer A810. Which one would you...

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bluespills 25th February 2014
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The green device... below their compressor here: rbE5FGbDLvk Has this been mentioned before? I don't see anything on their...

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Vertigo Sound 25th February 2014
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Guys, what is that sudden sound at 38:01 right after Mr. Niebank grabs his phone... Pensado's Place #75 - Engineer/Mixer Justin...

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Bluesdog 25th February 2014
Avatar for uylink

anyone with real experiment? i try to believe in 120 v rail but can not have demo here in my country now thinking between the...

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audiokid 25th February 2014
Avatar for Terminator

What studio monitors would you recommend for music enjoyment? I feel like I can´t enjoy music with my ATC SCM25A Pros. They´re...

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bmss 24th February 2014
Avatar for Mozart

Anybody has a spare, or knows where can be found one, would be a huge help! Also any other parts, pickups, preamp, amp.. Magnet...

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Mozart 24th February 2014
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Hello, Could I use the AES stereo input on Nagra seven, from my Mytek 196 ADC output and mix with the two other channels on...

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FREITOJOS 24th February 2014
Avatar for The Press Desk

Please join us on Friday 28th February between 5-7pm at KORE STUDIOS for an official sneak preview of the fantastic new...

The Press Desk
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The Press Desk 24th February 2014
Avatar for SoZo

Pink Floyd


What console did they use ???? man its amazing sounding.

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Avatar for InBetween
InBetween 24th February 2014
Avatar for mr. harrison

recently bought a bricasti m7 (which i totally love and print all the time) and was thinkin about upgrading my lexicon pcm70. i...

mr. harrison
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GeneHall 24th February 2014
Avatar for priko

I'm 90% of my time mastering with PSI A21 + Sub, this is a wonderful and successful set up. I like it very much. For mixing, I...

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priko 24th February 2014
Avatar for DownSideUp

Hi All ! I did cut my first album ( and mixed it) with minimum gear and now I'm just composing, AND upgrading the studio. I...

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Avatar for DownSideUp
DownSideUp 24th February 2014
Avatar for Cameron Johnson

Hey All, I'm thinking of picking up an older vintage console - and one of the boards at the top of my list is the Trident 65....

Cameron Johnson
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Avatar for mharmon1
mharmon1 24th February 2014
Avatar for dabigfrog

we are exploring some upgrade options for our monitors / power amps... for the last 11 years we have used a set of hafler...

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Deleted 230b1c7 23rd February 2014
Avatar for ceteris

ok neve gurus... the details: how interesting are the compressor/limiters in the 5104? how interesting are the pre's in the...

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tdb3 23rd February 2014
Avatar for DCommand

Hi all I´m looking for an option to get more inputs and are in to using the adatoption on the Hilo, would be nice with an...

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alvindarkness 23rd February 2014
Avatar for FrankSolari

Guys, Goal: To build one of the World's TOP Home Studio for Tracking/Mixing a variety of musical styles, no mastering...

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Avatar for Palermo
Palermo 23rd February 2014
Avatar for bluespills

Hello, I just bought a Telefunken M10A 1" 8 track machine. Physically, it's in almost mint condition. Only 100 hours, all...

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bluespills 23rd February 2014
Avatar for Marrone

Hi Gearslutz!! For a long time i have been wanting to buy a 2ch high end converter and soon found out that the Lavry Blue and...

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Avatar for tekn0
tekn0 23rd February 2014
Avatar for paulyd2

Hi guys I have just bought an xrack with the 8 in module, the stereo eq, master bus comp, and the master bus module. I have a...

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paulyd2 22nd February 2014
Avatar for ToneRanger

Hi everybody I'm seriously thinking about getting one of these. It's not possible to demo one where I'm situated. The 511...

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andrew_d 22nd February 2014
Avatar for Synchronia

Opinions? Is it similar to the Urei / Teletronix La2A? Thanks! ;)

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Avatar for Ward Pike
Ward Pike 22nd February 2014
Avatar for mherrane

I got a GTP8 a few days ago...Got the first chance to really test it out yesterday...Recorded some drums and bass through...

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Avatar for Ollie
Ollie 22nd February 2014
Avatar for Johnkenn

I thought this deserved it's own thread in High End...I - for one - am pretty jazzed about this. Since I don't have $5K for a...

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Avatar for Deuce 225
Deuce 225 22nd February 2014
Avatar for Tom F

Hello, Im mixing hybrid with a console and lots of outboard. My ad/da converter is the SSL Alphalink Ax. I need 8 more...

Tom F
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Avatar for xcskier
xcskier 22nd February 2014
Avatar for soundandsilence

Hi all, I've bought my first U87 and I think I have discovered that when too much pressure is applied to the top head (in this...

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Avatar for salomonander
salomonander 21st February 2014
Avatar for deepc0re

Just came across this. Miksebord - FINN Torget What kind of console is this and how much its worth? They want approx 8300...

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Avatar for dxavier
dxavier 21st February 2014
Avatar for Sptz

I'm going to be buying a console for Studio A in the next few months. Studio B comprises of an AWS 900. I was thinking of...

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Avatar for dlmorley
dlmorley 21st February 2014
Avatar for voxhumana

Has anyone ever put a Sony C800g and a Blue Bottle side by side? I have one (profitable and regular) client here in Sydney who...

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Avatar for VWYF11
VWYF11 21st February 2014
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vadaszgep2 21st February 2014
Avatar for colo

Hello, Usually I buy my pro audio / sound equipment (mixer, mics, speakers, cables, etc) online at B&H or Sweetwater. But...

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Avatar for colo
colo 20th February 2014
Avatar for waldie wave

Just wondering whether any slutz are using Manley gear these days and what Manley prodcuts they regularly use in their set-ups?

waldie wave
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Avatar for KeithRichards
KeithRichards 20th February 2014
Avatar for DSMrehearsal

can anyone tell me the mic input impedance of an original TAB V76 thanks dan

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Avatar for DanDan
DanDan 20th February 2014
Avatar for Stéphane

Which company offers a clone of that compressor?

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Avatar for Grummy77
Grummy77 20th February 2014
Avatar for VO Boy

any thoughts on either of these for VO?

VO Boy
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Avatar for jonathanm777
jonathanm777 20th February 2014
Avatar for M2E

Would any one with a TC Electronic 6000 like to export the presets to share with users of the VSS3 TDM plugin? Here is...

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Avatar for M2E
M2E 20th February 2014
Avatar for Alrod

I just purchased a used Lex PMC 91. Totally loving the reverbs! Here is my question for past an present owners; Is it...

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Avatar for Alrod
Alrod 20th February 2014
Avatar for RoundBadge

Hi . I've got a couple of beautiful A Range Modules that need racking in Los Angeles. anyone know a good rack guy in LA? sadly...

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Avatar for RoundBadge
RoundBadge 19th February 2014
Avatar for Bcsteene

I have a chance to obtain one of these for a reasonable price. I was wondering what your thoughts are on them? I currently have...

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Avatar for Bcsteene
Bcsteene 19th February 2014