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Hello all, Real slut question, so I thought this would be the right place but if not let me know! I've been hearing a lot...

Deleted bf054fa
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zvukofor 14th February 2021
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Decision time for mix Bus compression. The final are the rack versions of the SSL XLogic and C1. I don't need mono as this is for...

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momomel 14th February 2021
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Just got the two cables from Alan Smart and while they have written instructions, it doesn't seem to make sense. Can someone...

Dirty Halo
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Hal 14th February 2021
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Hey guys, I just wondered if there are any Elysia users who know the difference between the two in a 2 buss situation? I...

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owhsinchu 14th February 2021
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Update: Very happy to report that I was able to sort out my issues. It was a healthy balance of position tweaks, some EQ cuts and...

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TommyShameless 14th February 2021
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Hello Gang, I use a DSM Api system as a racked console with numerous 8200 modules linked to a 7800. By the way, I still have 2...

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Mindwarp8 14th February 2021
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Considering that digital technology has progressed rapidly in every realm over the past 30 years, why does digital audio sound no...

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nat8808 14th February 2021
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Hey gang. So after settling on my Prism Titan for ADDA, I'm now running a test on which cables to outfit the new place with....

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herecomesyourman 14th February 2021
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Hello!Anybody has "hiss" problems with sE RNR1 and Universal Audio LA-610 preamp?I have a RME FireWire 800 , i...

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joeko 13th February 2021
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I just bought a Blue Bottle, and wanted to try out some other capsules with it (it came with the entire B0-B8 line of Blue...

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choppie61 13th February 2021
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Hi slutz! I just demoed the new Myburgh M1 mic, and did a quick comparison with Brauner VM1 and Horch RM2J. It´s not an...

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IanBSC 13th February 2021
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Just turned everything on to do some Drum tracks tonight, and I flipped the phantom power on on my daking 500 pre.. A minute...

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bjg 13th February 2021
Avatar for BB Bill

Just wanted to share my experience having Klaus Heyne modify my vintage U67. I own a beautiful vintage U67, serial 289, that I...

BB Bill
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crille_mannen 13th February 2021
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I guess this is just a “I can’t get to my studio until Tuesday what do you think” post So recently I’ve fallen in love...

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augustin187 13th February 2021
Avatar for tsebaoth

Been trying to find out a bit more info on the 500 housing, modular console they released, but currently, their site just seems...

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the fxs 13th February 2021
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Hi guys The bass driver in my left speaker is producing some faint buzzing noise when playing isolated bass material through...

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Avatar for Dikkie
Dikkie 13th February 2021
Avatar for elambo

I have a set of Genelec S.A.M. monitors, which sample the room and correct for its deficiencies via onboard eq and time...

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Avatar for SteelyDani
SteelyDani 13th February 2021
Avatar for jml designs

I know its talked to death but I have yet another pair of 436c's on the bench and cannot for the life of my find the skim for the...

jml designs
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snod_donkey 13th February 2021
Avatar for prestigetone

Hey Slutz, I am admittedly not an engineer or mixer of any kind, but I love this community and the truth in audio it provides....

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prestigetone 13th February 2021
Avatar for axelhuber

Just got my hands on the unfairchild and I asked myself, what would be a good choice for a hardware Eq in the side chain. What...

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Avatar for bzone
bzone 13th February 2021
Avatar for Melodioso

To those who are using the Genelec 8351s, do you have any experience and recommendation for a subwoofer to go along these...

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Avatar for john caldwell
john caldwell 13th February 2021
Avatar for Nightowl43

In the market for a stereo mic to use for acoustic guitar while doing singer/songwriter material to go along with a U67 for the...

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Avatar for Fletcher
Fletcher 12th February 2021
Avatar for PaulMac

Currently using a Calrec, but not loving the EQ as they're a little rubbery and flabby. Having worked on a Neve VR, I liked the...

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Avatar for Nevehead
Nevehead 12th February 2021
Avatar for maestro

I've owned the R88 for years and while I haven't used it too much I usually get really great results. That is usually done by...

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Avatar for themiracle
themiracle 12th February 2021
Avatar for Grumpy Eye

Hey guys, I'm cureently in the market for a good set of midfield monitors. Now, I've searched trough topics for 3 days now, and...

Grumpy Eye
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dfghdhr 12th February 2021
Avatar for jindrich

Hi everyone. I’ll post this project here, for it might help someone with similar needs. This is about an engineer who was...

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Avatar for bobedelstein
bobedelstein 12th February 2021
Avatar for barneyfresh

Hi there, Since a few weeks i am the happy owner of a 2bus LT. I love what it has been doing to my mixes. I do have a question...

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barneyfresh 12th February 2021
Avatar for angel72bg

Many people think that Wes Dion bus comp is the same as SSL Xrack bus comp., but no. They are different about the sound.I have...

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Avatar for Firechild
Firechild 12th February 2021
Avatar for Mount Stupid

I'm about to purchase my first hardware EQ, and have narrowed down the choices to CAG HDE-250 or Great River MAQ-2NV. I plan to...

Mount Stupid
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Avatar for loji
loji 12th February 2021
Avatar for BioMichanical

Are there any mics on today's market that sound similar as this mic? I realize that these are rare gems and nearly impossible to...

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Avatar for Klaus
Klaus 12th February 2021
Avatar for drobinson9

Hi, thinking of selling my UA6176. What do you all reckon are the best choices on a budget between £2,500 and £3,500 new.

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Avatar for drobinson9
drobinson9 11th February 2021
Avatar for jml designs

Hi I sold some gear to buy another vintage u67. My current u67 serial is 8307 amd I love this mic but am not totally sure about...

jml designs
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toledo3 11th February 2021
Avatar for Analogue Kid

Hi Just wanted to say a big thanks to Ray Lam from IZ Recording Canada . I must admit I was hesitant in sending our old Radar...

Analogue Kid
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Avatar for theRagman
theRagman 11th February 2021
Avatar for drockfresh

I’ve been looking at the 45a for my hybrid production/listening and mix room. 45 users you happy or have any of you gone to...

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Avatar for Brad Lunde
Brad Lunde 11th February 2021
Avatar for JackRose

Hi, I recently picked up a single 550a for my lunchbox and have found it particularly useful for shaping individual drum and...

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Avatar for elamberth
elamberth 11th February 2021
Avatar for stoobysnax

Not interested in the cheap models, the Behringer, the Samson, the DBX... I've had em, there's crosstalk, I don't trust...

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Avatar for Brent Hahn
Brent Hahn 10th February 2021
Avatar for indecline

As I sit at my gf’s work, listening to some style of JBL patio speakers (?? I will find the model #!!), I can’t help but...

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Avatar for ZoeuLX
ZoeuLX 10th February 2021
Avatar for arkaneskye

Hi I'm working on my 500 series lunchbox and I'm starting off with a preamp but I can't decide between these two (in title). I'm...

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Avatar for NeveSSL1
NeveSSL1 10th February 2021
Avatar for markatrain

Hi all, It was recommended that I pose this question to y'all. I am upgrading my studio and am looking at buying either an SSL...

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Avatar for jindrich
jindrich 10th February 2021
Avatar for wannaberocker

So in my search for a summing mixer ( yes I bought into the whole summing mixer snake oil thing ) I found a Heritage Audio MCM-8...

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Avatar for Q-phonic
Q-phonic 10th February 2021
Avatar for bigteets922

when mixing should you have the compression plugin before reverb or the other way around. or do those two matter? i was always...

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Avatar for cruisemates
cruisemates 10th February 2021
Avatar for maestro

Only noticed this now from a Facebook post last July. The comment is in reference to a photo of an old Neumann U47...

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Avatar for chessparov2.0
chessparov2.0 10th February 2021
Avatar for Phase Shift

Hello, I tried contacting shadow hills and KMR audio. No replies so i am asking everyone here. These are the issues that...

Phase Shift
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Avatar for disantlor
disantlor 10th February 2021
Avatar for lowswing

Hi, I own the Roland R880 reverb and I have all presets card (480L, massenburg, quintana) and I copied those many times for...

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Avatar for waveterm
waveterm 9th February 2021
Avatar for VirtualPG

Hi forum! I'm looking to do a modification to my TAC Magnum console Master Channel and would like some technical input from...

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Avatar for VirtualPG
VirtualPG 9th February 2021
Avatar for mahasandi

I got my 1073lb a a few weekends back and thought i'd share my thoughts. The unit's knobs buttons feel good to me. Some have...

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Avatar for skiff
skiff 9th February 2021
Avatar for JonnySun

Does anybody have this machine or the possibility to test it and make a few audio examples? It would be cool to hear some stuff...

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Avatar for branscobe
branscobe 9th February 2021
Avatar for nikodemos

Hey everybody! Here is a video I made with an interesting try out of condenser mics for recording electric guitar... so what...

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nikodemos 9th February 2021
Avatar for gilfeldman

Looking for image for install disk 363 or 393 for ssl 9000J Thank you gilfeldman1 @ gmail . com

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gilfeldman 9th February 2021
Avatar for Realbadwolf

I'm happy with my mixes and i'm not expecting anything to give me "that sound" or anything like that, just interested...

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Avatar for thethrillfactor
thethrillfactor 9th February 2021