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Checkout the Trident 80 Series Facebook group. A lot of owners, previous owners, users have joined. ...

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dudleys100 7th October 2015
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Title pretty much says it. Have you tried Amphions with different amp topologies, and which did you prefer? I have a very good...

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murphythecat87 7th October 2015
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I just bought a pair of SM9's. Amazing. They are a beastly 80lbs. and they don't fit on my current Ultimate Support...

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BrockJon 7th October 2015
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Hi Slutz, I'm after your opinions here... I'm at the stage where I have a little cash to upgrade my rig, but want to get...

Citrus Fresh
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jamesPDX 7th October 2015
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Recomendations on who I can send it to for the mod AND install Telelfunken tubes or if anyone ha s a better tube...

Dirty Halo
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Squawk 7th October 2015
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Who's a good guy in Nashville that fixes rack gear?

James Lugo
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[email protected] 7th October 2015
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I have GENELEC 8030 W Sub 7050. I can't make a decision in some mixes good. Some People use Genelec with other same price...

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Jantex 6th October 2015
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Hey guys, So let me start out by saying I live in India, making it very difficult to buy quality mics, let alone test and...

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ChaseUTB 6th October 2015
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Does anyone have a preference here? Or is it still sonically better to use a separate Master Clock? And does the Burl clock...

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Slug1 6th October 2015
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I need to get the opinion of people more versed with vintage microphones. I'm looking to invest in a music project by liquidating...

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Marcocet 6th October 2015
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Okay, I'll apologize in advance for a seemingly stupid question. But I'm a little confused... I was opening up my neve today...

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ClaySchmitt 5th October 2015
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When purchasing higher end mics sometimes get "typical" response graphs (e.g., AEA R84) that show expected frequency...

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CraigL 5th October 2015
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What mic was this on stage next to Bob Dylan, during last night's performance on Letterman? He never used it, but it was there...

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Telefunken Lab 5th October 2015
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I looking for an ADDA with a great mastering sound that adds warmth, body, and an awesome stereo spread. I'll also need to good...

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Citrus Fresh 5th October 2015
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Hi does anyone know roughly how much would it cost to replace the beryllium tweeter for the (trios 6 be) and would it be user...

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MIKEHARRIS 5th October 2015
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Hi, I had a Neumann KM88i (nickel) and it was a fantastic mic. I used it primarily for close-micing fingerstyle and lightly...

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swafford 5th October 2015
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I'm going to pull the trigger for the Thermionic Phoenix Mastering Plus. I was in doubt about the Phoenix and the Manley...

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steveschizoid 5th October 2015
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I've taken the liberty copying this post by nlc201 and making a seperate thread out of it. The original thread was : 'Do I...

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steveschizoid 4th October 2015
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Hey guys... Thinking about revamping some of my gear and workflow... As a drummer, drums is the one thing that I record the...

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nnajar 4th October 2015
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I'm desperately looking for klangfilm EQ to borrow or buy. Is there anyone to help?

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carloff 4th October 2015
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What do you think about both? Is the Trinnov worth up price compared to Dirac? Thank you

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Deleted d78e603 4th October 2015
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This is just out of curiosity, is the preamp on the Neve Shelford 5052 the same in the 1073 vintage Neves? If not, how it...

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141550 4th October 2015
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Aloha , I've been tracking a bunch latley . I've been experimenting with a few different units . I use the pacifica ,avalon , ...

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Tommyswami 3rd October 2015
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Hey guys, so here is the thing: I make music for a tv channel, and ocassionaly some short movies. Almost 90% of what i do is...

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ghostwriter 3rd October 2015
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Hey everyone - I was wondering which studio has the largest tracking room on the East Coast now that Legacy's big room has...

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Fletcher 3rd October 2015
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Greetings peeps Quick question, most likely a long shot but does anyone own the Forssell Technologies MADA2?? I'm currently...

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funka 3rd October 2015
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I'm using B&W 802s3 speakers with emotiva upa5 amplifier Audiopath: pc=>audiocard=>converters=>drawmer monitor...

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generalx 3rd October 2015
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I've recently purchased a Brauner VM1 KHE and I'm looking for another mic. I want to get a U67 or U87. Which is more...

Jazzy Alz
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[email protected] 2nd October 2015
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Where to start... I am a home recording type. I mostly do everything ITB except I want a couple of pieces of outboard gear to...

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SoundSlinger 2nd October 2015
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Which guitar splitter are you guys using to split one guitar into two more more amps&caps to mic various tones from one...

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Squawk 2nd October 2015
Avatar for wizzman5000

Hi all, Wanting to get a decent hardware chain set up on my master bus. I currently use Vintage warmer into l3 on most tracks...

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Palermo 2nd October 2015
Avatar for Midas

Hello slutzs I´ve recently got a Lexicon 480L..that was one of the most sought after units that i´ve been looking for the last...

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psycho_monkey 1st October 2015
Avatar for DavidChampoux

Just got a Bricasti M7 V2. Anyone has a hint on how to mimic a stereo EMT 140 as close as possible? I would appreciate some...

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DavidChampoux 1st October 2015
Avatar for kingrhythm

I just got a re20 and it has a bit of noise to it, maybe buzz would be a little bit more accurate. I'm wondering if this is...

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MicDaddy 30th September 2015
Avatar for Andreas Baldomr

Hi guys I will be buying a Lavry or some High End DAC for my studio, and I wondered from your experience if I should do with USB...

Andreas Baldomr
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scvo 30th September 2015
Avatar for A.D

Hello - I'm looking for a box that I can use for noticeable compression / saturation. I work ITB, although I do have a...

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SWAN808 30th September 2015
Avatar for Mike H

OK, my rant for the year. I just bought the compilation "All Good Things, Jerry Garcia Studio Sessions". This is a...

Mike H
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OliverV 30th September 2015
Avatar for Juppies

First post in a while, I'm more of a lurker than a poster. Anywho, I'm getting ready to break ground on my new studio (that's a...

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unfiltered420 30th September 2015
Avatar for fearsend777

Ok so I own a Tube Tech CL 2A which is my fave comp I own. I love the detail and the warmth it brings out in my tracks. I...

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generalx 29th September 2015
Avatar for DCommand

In you opinion, what would be a step up from Hilo in sound quality, what would be your choice off AD/DA equipment ?

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DCommand 29th September 2015
Avatar for bobwarren

I'm considering getting one, but are there other sources it excels on like bass or guitar?

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Avatar for .:On The Rock:.
.:On The Rock:. 29th September 2015
Avatar for Limit54

Anyone using it? What's it like? Anything else compare to it for la2a/3a type stuff in that price range? I'm looking to buy a...

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Axelrod 28th September 2015
Avatar for Stacks

lexicon pcm 70...Single mono input...stereo output... Do i need two of these two treat stereo sources? Bit of a stupid...

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TheLastByte 28th September 2015
Avatar for James Lugo

Gearslutz.com / Studio Open House Party Saturday September 19th - 12pm to 10pm Studio is in the heart of East Nashville We'll...

James Lugo
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James Lugo 28th September 2015
Avatar for nwtlnts

The omni Altecs are notoriously used as drum room mics, taped to the floor, at Electrical Audio. Thoughts on solid omni...

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hollis 28th September 2015
Avatar for DCommand

I´m into buying one off them, seems like some people claims that the M149 gives a little more body to the sound, i´ve worked a...

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Avatar for DCommand
DCommand 28th September 2015
Avatar for Palaver

I'm mainly looking for a product that I can place after my Elysia Xpressor and Xfilter for bus duties. I'd also like to have the...

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Palaver 28th September 2015
Avatar for Cooleyocity

Hey I was curious if anyone knew of any songs or albums that were tracked with the JCF Latte? Not necessarily albums mastered...

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noah90210 27th September 2015
Avatar for sdd17

Both regarded as Mojo boxes Can anyone comment on these units sonic differences/characteristics/common traits if any? thanks

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Squawk 26th September 2015
Avatar for Drumsound

Has anyone here used or even heard the NHT M-00 monitors? They seem interesting to me and are very affordable. M-00

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Avatar for rimisrandma
rimisrandma 26th September 2015