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Hey guys, New to the forum, not sure what took me so long. Maybe I figured I'd have it all figured out after spending 4 years...

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Leestavall 24th March 2018
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Hello guys . I have an old yamaha amp P2075 and used it with NS 10's for couple of years still in great condition ,it's 50 watts...

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florent 24th March 2018
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I know Tridents weren't really preferred for mixing back in the day, but does anybody know any song or album that was made with...

Deleted be25781
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jjblair 24th March 2018
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I just listened to the new album, and holly s*** what an album! Also, I was mesmerized by his vocals that were popping out of my...

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Mikael-ange 23rd March 2018
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OK people, tell me if this is a supremely bad idea. I use a 3M M79 2" 16-track machine in my studio as my main recorder. ...

Swedish Caribou
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Sigma 23rd March 2018
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Hello all, Looking to solve a problem here. Hoping I can get some advice as I don't know all that much about compressors. I...

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u87allen 23rd March 2018
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Why does Neumann not have a reissue for this mic? Can they not find the parts? I know that if they released it, I would buy two...

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bzone 23rd March 2018
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Hi guys, Might be being a but of a dummy about this, but was wondering if anyone here had found an elegant solution to...

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Jeff Hayat 22nd March 2018
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Anybody know of an SSL console being sold in LA preferrably? Looking for a 4K or 6K but also open to 9K depending on the...

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ibeenajro 22nd March 2018
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I bought a new high end DAC. It's made in Germany by Pro-Ject. It's called the Pre Box S2 Digital. It's a 32 bit DAC that does...

Jim Williams
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psycho_monkey 22nd March 2018
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Anyone using this combo? What do you think about it? Are the speakers good for mixing? Best Regards

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World Studios 22nd March 2018
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Dear slutz I have been obsessed with analysing Spike Stent's different mixes and trying to understand his working methods. I...

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Wiggy Neve Slut 21st March 2018
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was this year's Gearslutz moderator annual ski trip. Here's EveAnna Manley (of Manley Labs) from the Geekslutz forum, Thomas...

[email protected]
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psycho_monkey 21st March 2018
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Hello I own a 2016 radar studio and use it in Radar DAW mode. I want to know how I email tracks from the Radar DAW . After I...

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SKYSGUY 21st March 2018
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Hello everyone, Just picked up a used Vari Mu (manufactured in 2015), and I've noticed that when the compressor was in my...

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joulss 20th March 2018
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Hello everyone Can anyone please post any microphone shootouts microphone comparisons very well recorded videos or audio...

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pentagon 20th March 2018
Avatar for PluckinTones

I would like to hear opinions from people who have experience with these mics.

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pentagon 20th March 2018
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Hi guys, I'm a bit new to this forum but I have already checked out a lot of threads on this forum. I also know these kind of...

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RubenP 19th March 2018
Avatar for swicker

hey everyone.... musician and voice over guy here... mainly focusing on vo for this thread.... i currently have an apogee...

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eLUX 19th March 2018
Avatar for captainj

Anyone have experience with both of these channel strips? Mainly to be used for vocals with Neumann U87ai, TLM49 and maybe some...

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jahborn 18th March 2018
Avatar for Michael_

Hi, Does somebody own a EMT 156? I am thinking of buying such a unit. I know i should look for a complete...

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Michael_ 18th March 2018
Avatar for geocities

Hey all, I’m in the market for some mains. My eye caught a few options. The PMC MB2S and the Geithain 901k. I have some...

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geocities 18th March 2018
Avatar for Jonney

yo, so I bought a bettermaker limiter demo from vintage king. I've tried it out and its not bad.. I am post back surgery, so...

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Jonney 18th March 2018
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I just love the way the drums sound on that record. It's processed just enough to sound HUGE without sounding fake and pop...

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inkomodo.dragon 17th March 2018
Avatar for dualflip

Being a proud owner of 2 MCI jh-500 C rev consoles, some friends and i decided that we wanted a dedicated forum to share...

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Avatar for 127Riot
127Riot 17th March 2018
Avatar for Michael_

Hi, I purchased a Yamaha Rev 1 with Remote. I need a longer cable for the Remote, as long as possible. Do anyone know...

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Michael_ 17th March 2018
Avatar for BigKD

In 2013, the Crane Song Avocet converters (digital to analog) were clearly better than the RME UFX converters. Now it's 2017,...

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m03 17th March 2018
Avatar for Pops

I'm looking for a compressor that can be switched around all over the place such as vocals, drum buss, mix buss etc. I want...

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Avatar for b0se
b0se 17th March 2018
Avatar for rockreid

just wondering if anyone here has tried it out or any published reviews of the beez neez para1 mic pre exist, especially...

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Avatar for corey pryor
corey pryor 17th March 2018
Avatar for PdotDdot

I have been a fan of John Leventhal from back in the days when he was playing guitar for Billy Vera in Westchester - also with...

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PdotDdot 17th March 2018
Avatar for njv

Hey guys, So I’ve got the ssl sigma on demo atm and I’m really liking the way it compresses/saturates when driven....

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njv 16th March 2018
Avatar for theswiftone

Been building my first home studio which is in a dedicated space, so trying to get it right. Been researching monitor stands and...

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Avatar for midmost
midmost 15th March 2018
Avatar for Jason rocks

Though I really like the 1608, I am surprised it lacks group channels and no one seems to complain about its limitations. Even...

Jason rocks
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Kronos147 15th March 2018
Avatar for Rumi

Hello all last week, most of my microphones, some instruments as well as a 4-Track Cassette Tape Deck and a potentiometer...

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Pictus 15th March 2018
Avatar for sensationblack

Hi all, Small question, I'm upgrading my studio (better acoustics and better monitors) and now I'm asking myself as the budget...

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occamsrazorben 15th March 2018
Avatar for TheScientist

Ok, so my RND MBP turned up a few days ago and I thought I would post a little thread to share my thoughts. I originally demoed...

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Mootiv 15th March 2018
Avatar for Prahlad

Hello Mytek users, I read somehwere here on GS this isnt possible... Im planning on using a 8X192 via the FIWI card Is it right...

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Avatar for esencia
esencia 15th March 2018
Avatar for Trev@Circle

I originally spotted this when it was part of the kickstarter, but as I'm no early adopter, I missed the opportunity to get my...

[email protected]
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Avatar for vsthalion
vsthalion 14th March 2018
Avatar for insect1

Any good ? Anyone have experience ? Is the eq capable of colour/sweeping...? Is it Nevetastic ?

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Avatar for joeyburns
joeyburns 14th March 2018
Avatar for Gigstuely

Good afternoon (from Amsterdam), I am thinking of adding an analog mixer to my setup. I have a few hardware synths and drum...

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Avatar for Gigstuely
Gigstuely 14th March 2018
Avatar for Abery Clark

I know the album was recorded over 48 years ago. I also know the room and obviously the player played a huge role. But, there is...

Abery Clark
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Avatar for myles
myles 14th March 2018
Avatar for THE_NIK

Hi has anyone else had issues with new focusrite gear. I purchas a red8pre and I have had two problems with it immediately....

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Avatar for Carabinerx
Carabinerx 14th March 2018
Avatar for osmos77

Hello, gentlemens! I'm waiting for Eventide Eclipse. And this is a new unit for me. What reverb do you think (is subjective...

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Avatar for osmos77
osmos77 14th March 2018
Avatar for berkelen

Hi, I am experiencing dropouts on my Sigma's mix buss. I understand the issue would be fixed in a firmware update which went...

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Avatar for Jim@SSL
[email protected] 13th March 2018
Avatar for themaidsroom

Any rooms in London with well maintained A827's right now in 2018 ??? Thanks Be well Jack

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Avatar for AlexK
AlexK 13th March 2018
Avatar for thethrillfactor

Looks like Steve Firlotte is making the Vac Rac limiters again(TSL1 stereo limiter with built in power supply). Its distributed...

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Avatar for mightyeskimo
mightyeskimo 13th March 2018
Avatar for fromthepuggle

Just picked up a classic cart for a lexicon 480l, without the 480. Now need to decide whether to buy a Lex 480l to join it, or...

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Avatar for fromthepuggle
fromthepuggle 13th March 2018
Avatar for Verbs R Us

Own a functioning 224X, loud fan and off by itself. Got a 480L with 4.10 upgrade so I can use the Classic Cart. Rarely use...

Verbs R Us
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Avatar for Jim Williams
Jim Williams 13th March 2018
Avatar for Sandmansong

Has anyone compared these mics? Cloud 44A and the AEA either the 44 or N8? The cloud with the vocal and music switch sound...

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Avatar for Overdrive
Overdrive 13th March 2018
Avatar for yams22

Hey guys, I currently own a Grace M201 preamp but I'm interested and getting a second pre-amp for when I want a little bit more...

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Avatar for yams22
yams22 13th March 2018