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Hi! I have an Audient iD14 and a Schoeps CMIT5U microphone. I use this primarily to record audio when recording web-based video...

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ardis 13th September 2018
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I am thinking about purchasing KSP8 with remote. It seems that there are more than few satisfied users around the net. Anybody...

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gpiccolini 13th September 2018
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I am looking into getting a small type console. The problem I'm finding is I don't seem to find one that provides the sound I...

Jason rocks
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Singlecutz 13th September 2018
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Hi, I cant find much information about these. Any thoughts and do they stand up to other high end monitors in...

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burp182 13th September 2018
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Long time lurker here. I visit GS on (almost) a daily basis. Thank you so much in advance for your advice! I’m an...

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Folkie 13th September 2018
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Having an output issue with my EMT 140 plate. The amp is a 162 and have gotten a tested working amp and just installed it to...

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crosscutred 12th September 2018
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The new Telefunken c12's Or..... The new Neumann u67's

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Bushman 12th September 2018
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Looking for monitor stands for my Hedd type 20. 36inch might be to low. Thank you

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kellyd 11th September 2018
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I have recently acquired a Lavry Gold AD122-96 MkIII analog to digital converter, and I need to connect it's AES XLR digital out...

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Nevemachine 11th September 2018
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Could anyone post some examples of work done on Focal Twin or Barefoot MM27? Or maybe someone could give some titles that one...

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Robby in WA 11th September 2018
Avatar for Immortal Sound

Hello Not looking to start any ITB OTB nonsense, Just looking to know 2018 software Equivalent Of the lex 480. I have the Relab...

Immortal Sound
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Gertius 11th September 2018
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Just seen THIS on the Gefell site. Coming in July - looks interesting. kfhkh They...

John Willett
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Swing 10th September 2018
Avatar for DR Music

Would love to hear from a few x-Focal twins owners!! What are you using now that replaced your Twins? I feel like the low end...

DR Music
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JonnBoy 9th September 2018
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Reason I'm not posting in music computers because this is a specific question about workflow as opposed to conversion. Although...

Deleted 6ccb844
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Deleted 6ccb844 9th September 2018
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This is how we're doing it at MIX:ANALOG | Real-time Online ANALOG Audio Processing. bumpkin What is your theory on the future...

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kroflic 9th September 2018
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Hi, I've recently purchased an old mid 90s console (DDA Q2) that has a big PSU, I would like to change it with a new one that...

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Timothy Powell 9th September 2018
Avatar for bigsbyman

Like the gearslut I am, I’m buying my first pair of dBX 160vu comps this weekend. I don’t have room for them in my rack or...

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bigsbyman 7th September 2018
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Has anyone every heard of or built a DIY pressure-zone microphone from a really good mic? Would be super interested to hear of...

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deedeeyeah 6th September 2018
Avatar for Robert13

I’m setting up a studio to produce Pop/R&B Music. I’ll only be recording 1 vocalist at a time, guitar & bass (direct...

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e-are 6th September 2018
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Hi. Does anyone out there have the Harrison Raven 32 or MR-4 manual per chance? It's $$$$ from Harrison—actually more than I...

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jhebass 6th September 2018
Avatar for afw

Just got (2) 525A Power Supplies and one 29A lipstick mic. The unit appears factory original and never opened with an allen...

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thecr4ne 5th September 2018
Avatar for Blues Bird

Who has one? How do you use it? What do you like about it? Do mixes translate when monitored with it? Worth the money? Let's...

Blues Bird
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BusyBoxSt7 5th September 2018
Avatar for sammmoxo

Hi, I have some pretty advanced technical analog console questions if anyone of you guys know the answer please help me out!...

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brew 5th September 2018
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Hi, Im trying to narrow down the options for a good speaker that can take some beating. Will be used in a studio where there...

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DUBCREATOR 4th September 2018
Avatar for redddog

Is it the converters that make it so good?

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Avatar for Mike Caffrey
Mike Caffrey 3rd September 2018
Avatar for drx

Fellow gear nuts, Recently acquired a Soundelux e49 and just finished a session in my project studio recording acoustic guitar....

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toledo3 3rd September 2018
Avatar for VT-MHE

Wanna know how you guys (and gals) feel out there about these 2 converters against each other.

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BendingBus 3rd September 2018
Avatar for antiguru

Heyo, I acquired an IBIS eq about six months ago and it's a great EQ, however I produce electronic music and would love...

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antiguru 1st September 2018
Avatar for Koolaidjammer

So, I have been offered a 414 BULS at a fair price and I'm ready to pull the trigger, but I'm having some reservations as I've...

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u87allen 1st September 2018
Avatar for somnar

I have a eight or so Radar 24 sessions that I'd like to work on in Protools. First step is going to be to get those sessions off...

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brew 1st September 2018
Avatar for megatech7

Can I connect the H9000 on the RME Babyface Pro throught S/PDIF in/out? then use the ethernet connection to control it throught...

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megatech7 1st September 2018
Avatar for Kurt Enslein

Hi, I was wondering, how would you describe the Neotek Elite II or Elan II sound? (I know, always difficult to describe a...

Kurt Enslein
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BanditBlood 31st August 2018
Avatar for jx-10recorder

Hey guys I have kind of complex routing problem. I am running a lynx aurora 16 and a receiver with pre outs. I need a way to...

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jx-10recorder 31st August 2018
Avatar for Mozart

Got a glitch/non working unit, trying to figure out if I can/should fix it. I'm in NJ. Thanks!

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Shadoze 31st August 2018
Avatar for jono_marko

Anybody compared these? Looking for feedback. I realize the clipilator doesn't have the Optograph at all. I also felt the...

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andyfreeman 30th August 2018
Avatar for mamero

How do sample rates work when an MY8-AE or MY16-AE AES/EBU card is installed in a Yamaha DM2000? (May also apply to a Yamaha...

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mamero 30th August 2018
Avatar for HMastering

Hi For those of you using Wavelab 9.5 to pitch to analog chain and capture/record on same computer, how do normally audition...

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Avatar for HMastering
HMastering 30th August 2018
Avatar for Cluster

Is it possible to use just the limiter section of the BA660 bypassing the pre? I'm trying to set it up as an insert in PT for...

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Avatar for mirrorman
mirrorman 30th August 2018
Avatar for bowdagger

Hey All, I have a pair of ADAM S3X-V on Sound Anchor stands, at a decent height so they can shoot over my computer monitors. I...

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Avatar for RayHeath
RayHeath 30th August 2018
Avatar for NeilEngle

So kinda an urgent question: I have read a few forms and reviews on the AWS 900+ but i would like to know more specific...

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Avatar for DanBNE
DanBNE 30th August 2018
Avatar for b0se

I'm finding myself lusting over this preamp. Being U.S. (and due to the stupid EU laws that prevent anything with a VU meter...

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Avatar for deuc647
deuc647 30th August 2018
Avatar for UGP

Who are the go-to techs for servicing vintage AKG C24's? Anyone in SoCal? Thanks in advance.

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Avatar for UGP
UGP 29th August 2018
Avatar for Starstreet

At the moment I have both in my studio. I am not sure, if I am getting crazy and if I am hearing things, that don't exist. But I...

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Avatar for LiveMusicNY
LiveMusicNY 29th August 2018
Avatar for adampardee

Hello everyone, I'm a student/student assistant for Cal State Monterey Bay and we are in desperate need of a service manual...

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Avatar for jjblair
jjblair 29th August 2018
Avatar for tonyrockyhorror

First, I'd like to point out that I'm admittedly kind of picky when it comes to mics - very picky, in fact - and I just bought...

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Avatar for toledo3
toledo3 28th August 2018
Avatar for Progmatic-Studios

Hi, I am looking for a rack SSL buscompressor with an internal High Pass Filter. Any suggestions?

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Avatar for Sniperschool
Sniperschool 27th August 2018
Avatar for JonasW

Hey, I just got a BAES4 card for my mothership so I can connect the Avocet IIA via AES. But I just can't get it to work....

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Avatar for Rami Hashash
Rami Hashash 27th August 2018
Avatar for Terry McInturff

I have a line on one...but it is a FOH console...would this be a good console for my project studio? What would it compare...

Terry McInturff
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Avatar for deedeeyeah
deedeeyeah 27th August 2018
Avatar for Deleted 8c17990

hey there dear Slutz, i haven't been able to find any info on the power supply for Api 1608, does it have fans and is it...

Deleted 8c17990
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Deleted 8c17990eb5d8a46 27th August 2018
Avatar for mickrich

Hi all, On my Aurora Audio GTQ2, the input gain switch works as normal up as far as -40, then the gain doesn't change on...

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Avatar for Geoff_T
Geoff_T 27th August 2018