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Hi there, first I want to thank you all for your help. I finally found a biased place to talk to :-) after a few...

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vinco 24th March 2005
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Can have a pair for cheap (without a try)... How do they sound? I can't find any review/comment but they are in the racks of...

Renaud Charlier
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cgarges 24th March 2005
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something that has been on my mind for awhile A funny anecdote to start with: I was working with a client a while back...

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alphajerk 24th March 2005
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I had to record drums in a fairly dead room the other day and compressing the room mics did not give me that space that I needed,...

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rwhitney 24th March 2005
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Occam's Razor principle says the simpler the solution the better the result. So a ribbon with its... um, Ribbon, magnet,...

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Ruphus 24th March 2005
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is it possible sum on a 2" studer? in other words, are there stereo outs that can be used to dump a stereo mix of 24 tracks...

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studjo 23rd March 2005
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If you were to be the engineer on Ray Charles "Ray Charles" what gear would you use? the person who answers this,...

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moeses 23rd March 2005
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Hi, I noticed the 635 series mics in a recent post where people exposed (!) the contents of their mic drawers. Any idea if...

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hywyn 23rd March 2005
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Hi all- So I've just purchased a new home and will be building out the basement as a studio using friendly advice from John...

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chetatkinsdiet 23rd March 2005
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Comments anyone? http://www.vintech-audio.com/x73i_info.html

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gracejames 23rd March 2005
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Has anyone bought one of these units? What do you think of it?

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vital 23rd March 2005
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Hello- I know this isn't truely high end, but it's not low end either. I'm wondering if anybody has used a venice for the...

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bloodstone 23rd March 2005
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Hi, A client wants to use my Focusrite RED 1 Pres with his DBX 166XL. The Focusrite doesn´t have insert points, so which...

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denial 23rd March 2005
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I want to get the apogee da-16x w/ the firewire card for use with Logic. I would also get the ad-16x but I feel like its...

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stardustmedia 23rd March 2005
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I searched , but didn't find . I want to upgrade my mic pres and converters. I like the sounds that I am getting now, but...

63 Jaguar
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Tetness 23rd March 2005
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if you had 900 pounds what mic pre would you buy to record nice clean vox for r&b and hiphop vox? chris. p.s if...

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christian 23rd March 2005
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im currently recording midi based tracks from cubase thru a avalon mic pre(line) back into cubase. the board im using to...

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INDECISIVE_2000 22nd March 2005
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bradb 22nd March 2005
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what would you choose for recording, OTB-Summing and monitoring?

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84K 22nd March 2005
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Hi Here's a link for you guys www.earthworksaudio.com I ordered their demo CD (it's free) and I advice you to do the same so...

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James Lehmann 22nd March 2005
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Hi there: This is my first post here (though I've been lurking here for a couple of months) - and it's finally justified...

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Snatchman 22nd March 2005
Avatar for Seti808

Everyone seems to prefer a different one, but it seems that most agree they change the sound a little (some more than others). I...

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pgk 22nd March 2005
Avatar for doogie

Does any one out there own one that can give me a hand ... I can't seem to get a handle on the inserts ... I ran an API 550...

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Shaman 22nd March 2005
Avatar for hoodun

Does anyone one know in simple terms how to make a variable pad.

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hoodun 21st March 2005
Avatar for kudzu

Been using a pair of U67's (for the first time) as ohs on rock kit and all sorts of overdubs....They are fantastic...Couldn't...

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Berolzheimer 21st March 2005
Avatar for nek

OK, first of all, what does jitter sound like to you guys? Secondly do you think a Big Ben could improve the sound of a high...

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Avatar for Max
Max 21st March 2005
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I might be able to get into a pair of 1066s for a good price as part of a trade deal. Is there any difference in these modules as...

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7rojo7 21st March 2005
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hello i have convinced the band i'm working with to invest some money in mixing 2 songs in NEVE room. the music is HIP HOP....

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7rojo7 21st March 2005
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Hi there just wondered if i could get some feedback on the sound of a km56 which i might buy but cannot try yet .It would be...

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7rojo7 21st March 2005
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raal 21st March 2005
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Has anyone tried out UAs A/D/A? I am trying to weigh whether or not to get a Benchmark DAC-1 with some other A/Ds or just get...

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mytek 21st March 2005
Avatar for Hiwatt

Might be lookin at some Adam S2.5's in tha near future... would the size of the room be a factor in getting them? What I'm asking...

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Hiwatt 21st March 2005
Avatar for rr1073

This question has 2 parts. The first is: What sample rates are you using for complete album projects with high track...

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roughly 20th March 2005
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hi, has anyone experience with the compressors called "Barth U 311 VCA"? besides compressing i would like to know,...

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bojan_1 20th March 2005
Avatar for Hiwatt

So I have decided to go for it and purchase a set of Apogee AD and DA 16x's... What would be the best way to hook these up to the...

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atticus 20th March 2005
Avatar for dpel

hi guys i'm selling my 01v's i need something to plug my synths, bass, strat and mic into. 12-16 inputs. i'll spend the money...

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not_so_new 20th March 2005
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How do they do it? Anybody know? The quality of their vocals is redic. Very simple, but it do stick out good. Matter of...

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Avatar for STARSKI
STARSKI 20th March 2005
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So anyone still using Belden 8451 cable, I don't hear people talk about it much? How does it stack up against other stuff? ...

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not_so_new 20th March 2005
Avatar for not_so_new

Okay so I just picked up a 3M M79 for a really really good price (if i get stuck with it I am not out much I guess). I know...

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not_so_new 20th March 2005
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Hey all, If you had to pick a single two-channel mic pre to track rock/pop music, then add a little hi-shelf on the way out...

Deleted 6f6e2d3
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Deleted 6f6e2d37e4f7470 20th March 2005
Avatar for roughly

Ain't Mike grand? Just been really listening to X's "Ain't Life Grand" a lot lately and really enjoying it . ....

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Avatar for Drumsound
Drumsound 20th March 2005
Avatar for johnnyblotter

Hey all, I may in the market to book 3-4 days studio time in NYC and I figure now's a pretty good time to do it. Just...

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pure13 20th March 2005
Avatar for mwagener

Has anybody seen the free Tina Turner concert on PPV channel 124. Man she kicks major ass, even at that age, what an amazing...

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roughly 20th March 2005
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Hi I don't know if this group allows this kind of message but I'd like to tell all of you guys about EvenMate (Eventide Remote...

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audiofreak77 20th March 2005
Avatar for Tetness

What would be an "A+" EQ (stereo or two mono) for two Telefunken V72s? Mainly for vocals, acoustic guitar. ...

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Avatar for Tetness
Tetness 20th March 2005
Avatar for Seti808

I have been using a phase meter when recording tracks and I could use some tips. I have been trying to make sure the phase...

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Seti808 19th March 2005
Avatar for basement

Got a new API 2500 -- I'm having issues. Here's my chain: PT LE on a Digi 002 API 2500 STC-8 HEDD L2 Masterlink Even...

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Avatar for TinderArts
TinderArts 19th March 2005
Avatar for DrShann

Hello. I have been using some of my rack gear 'loose' i.e. not racked. But, It's got to the point where I have little spare...

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Avatar for impact studios
impact studios 19th March 2005
Avatar for Max

We are looking for some beta testers for FireMix, Apogee's low latency mixer for use with the X-Firewire card. If you own an...

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Avatar for C.Lambrechts
C.Lambrechts 19th March 2005
Avatar for Autowow

What are your suggestions for high end adat lightpipe "Toslink" cables. I was reading a post on the Dan Lavry forum...

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Avatar for zimv20
zimv20 18th March 2005