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The great thing about this it the 3 sounds the pre's give you

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fifthcircle 30th March 2005
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I am in the market for a mic pre that will do justice for bass tracks. I shoot for a deep reggae, pillowy round modern R&B...

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cdog 30th March 2005
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Have any of you chek out those SE GEMINI MIC? I want to know how does it sounds compare to the Manley, Lawson, Newmann, Korby?...

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vital 30th March 2005
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Hello everyone, first time poster here....thanks in advance for your replies.

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MBishopSFX 30th March 2005
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Here is my set up that I am recording a Martin Dreadnaught. 2 Shure KSM 141 SD mics set up X-Y to a trident S-20 pre to a FMR...

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Zarathustra 30th March 2005
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hello folks As starting engineer I just recently I found this job at this nice little studio with big plans, they are building...

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gilson 30th March 2005
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I went to Guitar center today to audition these pieces and they (guitar center) were not setup and ready to do so. But they said...

Big 3rd
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ixnys 30th March 2005
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Hi all, I´m in a real pity. I got a technician around to oversee my console (Neve 8128/48 channel). But now we noticed that I...

Achim L
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Achim L 30th March 2005
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Hi guy's just wanted to know from people who have used manley gear, weather the Elop compressor would suffice for an La2a...

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Drumsound 30th March 2005
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Did these two comps ever hit the market? Is anyone using them? Where can you get them? ..etc.. These are two units I wanted...

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Silver Sonya 30th March 2005
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I realize it is unlikely I will find this, but I will be mixing a record in NYC in June that will be mixing to an ATR102/Aria...

Silver Sonya
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Igotsoul4u 29th March 2005
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How does the pre silver face Helios Eq sound? How is it compared to API? Can they share the same rack/power supply?

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Jules 29th March 2005
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Hi all, I currently have on loan a pair of Adam P11As. I've had them for about a week and I'm totally sold on them. Awesome depth...

matt f
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Fletcher 29th March 2005
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Ladies and Gents, I've trolled around and joined a number of good forums on the web and have found Gearslutz to be topshelf...

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natpub 29th March 2005
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HI GUIS, Do you know any place I can rent some Manley MP, SSL XLogic channel, and some good mics? tHanks in AdVANce!

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max cooper 29th March 2005
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Hi everyone, First post here! I am millimeters from purchasing either a Shure KSM44 or a Rode K2. (Starting to lean towards...

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sleepwalker 29th March 2005
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I was reading an interview where Puig said the he used compression on vocals to make them sound real-like the singer was singing...

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Musiclab 29th March 2005
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I'm looking into getting a few ribbon mics. (one pair and a single) I'm considering the Royer R121 and AEA R88. Has any one...

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Lynn Fuston 29th March 2005
Avatar for sadworld

for those who track to 2" tape.... where do you buy your tape from? how much does it cost per reel? how much tape do you...

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sadworld 28th March 2005
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Just got one, and I've got three questions for those of you who use Crane Song's HEDD: 1. From threads that I've read here, it...

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tsma 28th March 2005
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Alright here's the deal. As some of you know, i've recently bought an ISA 428. I've also upgraded the entire studio to mogami...

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AnthonyV 28th March 2005
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I got an r84 recently and I've been messing about with it in front of a Fender Twin on plucked electric guitar. (The EQ knobs...

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warhead 28th March 2005
Avatar for saskatchewan

Okay, so I recently bought a few mics, and I think I made some silly choices. I'm thinking of selling a few and getting a few...

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Ollie 28th March 2005
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I have a Lexicon 300 unit in mint condition. I tried selling it but I couldn't get a decent price for it. Then I decided, what...

Mike H
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lucey 28th March 2005
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hello, anyone know where i can get a set of 7 string active guitar pickups that sound like an emg 81? i currently have emg 707's...

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maskedman72 28th March 2005
Avatar for AB3

Any preferences on stereo Direct Boxes for keyboards, bass, guitar. (under $1000) THANKS for any help on this.

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Ruphus 27th March 2005
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I've read very little on the inward connections stuff on this site, so i thought i'd write a little about the new 820 sidecar. ...

unseen hand
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STARSKI 27th March 2005
Avatar for The Renegade

Considering buying one of these bad boys. Was wondering if any if you guys have one or what your thoughts on them are, or if...

The Renegade
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Al Chine 27th March 2005
Avatar for Big 3rd

Check it out. My predominate genre of music that I am producing/engineering is rap. But I do want my studio versatile enough...

Big 3rd
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Big 3rd 26th March 2005
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I just read a very in depth review at Sound on Sound (April edition) regarding Soundscape Mixpander Power Pack adn Mixtreme 192....

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TheSweetener 26th March 2005
Avatar for blackcom

What do you guyes use the 20-ratio mode on yuor distressors for? I like it on bass, specially fingerplayers in metal/rock-bands.

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blackcom 26th March 2005
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Hello All, Im looking for a reliable source to transfer some old 2" stuff into a Pro Tools session. Very old, and very...

Sofa King
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Sofa King 26th March 2005
Avatar for Big 3rd

I want to know what techniques you guys are using as far as when tracking. Say you have some tracks that you have arranged...

Big 3rd
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DAWgEAR 26th March 2005
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I've been very close to getting a 3124 but I just noticed that Sonic Circus is offering a free lunchbox when you buy 4 500 series...

Chris Parsons
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Chris Parsons 26th March 2005
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Can someone tell me if there is a desent magazine for recording kit and news. I only know of S.O.S uk, more for your home...

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papawhitehead 26th March 2005
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Hi all, this is my first post hope its in the correct forum! I produce hiphop over here in the uk and am currently deep in mixing...

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seriousfun 25th March 2005
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im looking to build sound absorption panels using 3lb fibreglass. my question is what kind of material or fabric i should wrap...

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Ethan Winer 25th March 2005
Avatar for drundall

Hi Slutz, Does anyone want to enlighten us on the API/Van Halen connection? As in which albums, what board, etc. I heard the...

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bassmac 25th March 2005
Avatar for unseen hand

decided to stop working properly today....any suggestions on a good repair person would be appreciated...thanks

unseen hand
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unseen hand 25th March 2005
Avatar for doogie

Alright this is a 2 pronged question first of all after some extensive research and some ABing I settled on the AD 16X and after...

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Avatar for Darius van H
Darius van H 25th March 2005
Avatar for Big 3rd

dfegad I am about to get an HD2 system and I have both coverters of the apogee 16x series. I was going to connect directly to...

Big 3rd
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Avatar for T_R_S
T_R_S 25th March 2005
Avatar for edIT

I have a Rosetta 800 96k and i have a X-Mix card on backorder. However I was evetually going to get another Rosetta 800 and was...

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natpub 25th March 2005
Avatar for vinco

Hi there, as in my previous post, I'm seriously considering to buy an apogee A/D converter but I still have doubts about what...

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Avatar for Max
Max 25th March 2005
Avatar for Big 3rd

Been thinking about getting the Avalon 2044. Before I hear it, what is your opinions? Been hearing a lot about the distressor...

Big 3rd
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thethrillfactor 24th March 2005
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Mytek or Apogee 8 channel Converter, which is better, which has a better clock I want to upgrade on my Digi 002R. I would like...

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johnnywinston 24th March 2005
Avatar for TitaniumG

Why isn't there a volume control on the Rosetta 200 at the D-A section, so that I can hook up my speakers? boing

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Avatar for Albert
Albert 24th March 2005
Avatar for Big 3rd

Neumann U87 > Neve 1073dpa > Avalon 2044 compressor > control 24 > apogee ad16x > HD2 > G5 > apogee da16x...

Big 3rd
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seb37000 24th March 2005
Avatar for sunflute

Is there any justification in buying expensive word clock cables? Thank you

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sunflute 24th March 2005
Avatar for vinco

Hi again, I should bring some coffee here. I know I ask a lot of questions and I apologize for this but this definitely helps...

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Killahurts 24th March 2005
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these and 8078s are venerated and still active in many rooms all over the world - but most of them are used primarily for...

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Avatar for Fletcher
Fletcher 24th March 2005