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If you could have just one stereo/dual mono eq for tracking and mixing purposes...what would you choose? Vibe may be more...

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themiracle 19th April 2019
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I'm a bit of a muso and recording person, so a friend singled me out to help her get rid of some speakers she has that are...

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[email protected] 19th April 2019
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Hello, I am slowly moving into high end preamps and have boiled down to my 3 choices. It's not easy to raise the funds for these...

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NathanBarley 19th April 2019
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Hi guys. I have a Focusrite Red 3 compressor with tantalum capacitors. It is a revision 2. It has input and output...

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Ingenia 19th April 2019
Avatar for Free Mind

I read when earlier 6386 tube Vari Mu's get upgraded with highpass switches they loose their "vibe". I know they...

Free Mind
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Slug1 18th April 2019
Avatar for Matt Hepworth

Looking to add something along the U47 or ELA M 251E lines for vocal use. As I have not had the occasion to put them to work...

Matt Hepworth
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RTUD2 18th April 2019
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Hi There, My current mix setup is a combo of KH120a's with a KH805 sub, and then some Avantone mix cubes. (Room is fully...

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Deleted e09cd8e 18th April 2019
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Hi there peoples. I have an EMI 301 valve tape machine. Living in the UK. The unit kinda powers up but motors are done.. A...

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snod_donkey 18th April 2019
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Hello guys. I would appreciate help with recognizing microphones used by France24. Who is its manufacturer? Please have a...

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peterwagner 18th April 2019
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Hi, i know there are a lot of posts about monitors, i have done some digging and wanted to get opinions. My Room has a lite...

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Davidestrelinha 18th April 2019
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The fan went out on my 8x192. I ordered a new one, but in my haste, I made an egregious error and forgot to note which header I...

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lectric 17th April 2019
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Does anybody own both and can you give me your opinion when comparing both products againts each other? Will use mainly for buss,...

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waldie wave 17th April 2019
Avatar for PeterChapman

What are people's experiences with the Slate Dragon Hardware Compressor? What do you like to use it on? What do you find it...

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mattcollen 17th April 2019
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Hello guys I'm a newbie to this forum so If I describe it in the wrong way please forgive me. I just recently bought a used...

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Rec_Eng 16th April 2019
Avatar for walth

Hello does anyone know where Bobby Caldwell "what you won't do for love" was recorded. i'm curious to know what was...

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massimo 16th April 2019
Avatar for Showcase

Im trying to repair some dunamics card for SSL 4000, Ive recapped them but they are completely dead no sound is going through...

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Spanzor 15th April 2019
Avatar for Sput

Hi Folks! I'd like to know about your experience with this console. I'm looking to buy a new desk and there are several...

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Dan O 15th April 2019
Avatar for Dan O

Hi, I'm interested in knowing a little more about Raindirk Symphony LN3. I've been scanning the web and gearslutz but...

Dan O
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Dan O 15th April 2019
Avatar for everglass

I have a pair of original API 312 pre's that Brent Averill racked back in the day when he was refurbishing & rack mounting...

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Avatar for Brent Hahn
Brent Hahn 14th April 2019
Avatar for Dan O

I've heard some samples of the original orion 32 and I wasn't that impressed. Seemed to lack bass and had to much high...

Dan O
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Avatar for Dan O
Dan O 14th April 2019
Avatar for mr. torture

I have a silver face LA610. When you adjust the gains, I can here the scratchy dust in the pots thing going on. Should I open it...

mr. torture
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jwh1192 14th April 2019
Avatar for Soundgeeza

I am hoping that Roc Mixwell and/or Fletcher might be able to help me out with this one ...or anyone else that knows RADAR and...

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Avatar for Zoot
Zoot 14th April 2019
Avatar for fromthepuggle

Getting ready to start a large recording project of my own, putting together a new front end. Music is mostly vintage analog...

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Avatar for fromthepuggle
fromthepuggle 13th April 2019
Avatar for _super

Desk used to record Led Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven up for sale The original studio console used to record Led Zeppelin’s...

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Avatar for cjones
cjones 12th April 2019
Avatar for jolufer

Hi guys I"ve just received the mic this afternoon> I did a couple of tracks with voice and it just sounds with not too...

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Avatar for clearwave
clearwave 12th April 2019
Avatar for AudioGold

I did a search and there is not much info on custom molded In ear Monitor comparisons since almost 10 years ago. I’m looking...

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Avatar for -JJ-
-JJ- 12th April 2019
Avatar for lm66

Hello to all here, Any experience with this one ? Worth to have an ear on it ? Usable for mastering ? Thanks for your...

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relaibleman 12th April 2019
Avatar for no ssl yet

I know it's not the best pre/eq in the world but is there anything redeeming in this board before I sell my 24x8? Does a way...

no ssl yet
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Avatar for swafford
swafford 11th April 2019
Avatar for Uli Auer

Hey guys, just chimed in on a discussion on the Overstayer 8755 some days ago where people were talking about the SVC...

Uli Auer
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Avatar for Uli Auer
Uli Auer 11th April 2019
Avatar for punkrock

I only used 960l. Does PCM 96 sounds same with 960L? Or is it better than 960? I don't know which to buy.

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Avatar for Rumi
Rumi 11th April 2019
Avatar for phatbeatstudio

A SSL newbie question. ,how the heck am I going to connect line or mic cables to a SSL 4000. how is this done what cables do I...

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Avatar for Spanzor
Spanzor 11th April 2019
Avatar for bs44

Hi, I recently splurged on a Dangerous Monitor ST, I love it, except; When adjusting volume by the remote click by click it...

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Avatar for Spanzor
Spanzor 11th April 2019
Avatar for Jackie Moon

Hi, I have the opportunity to trade some gear toward one of those and while it may have been a good alternative to the more...

Jackie Moon
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Avatar for Jackie Moon
Jackie Moon 11th April 2019
Avatar for Rockin Daddy

The highly praised 1073 pre-amp gets a lot of press on this site and elsewhere. The problem is I've never worked with/heard one...

Rockin Daddy
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AudioworksMedia 11th April 2019
Avatar for carbon

There was a thread in the past commenting about Sterling Modular's service. Just writing to say I'm very impressed. Emailed...

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Avatar for carbon
carbon 10th April 2019
Avatar for mantis style

I'm trying to decide between buying an all-in-one integrated solution such as the API Box, or building up an equivalent system...

mantis style
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Avatar for nmrecording
nmrecording 10th April 2019
Avatar for Dan O

Sorry guys! Yet another converter thread.. :facepalm: ( And yes I have searched and looked at similar discussions.) I'm in...

Dan O
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Avatar for Dan O
Dan O 10th April 2019
Avatar for SStudio

Anybody still swear by the TC Reverb 4000 or it's long in the tooth? I don't see that they've tried to update or improve it since...

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Avatar for Dave Peck
Dave Peck 10th April 2019
Avatar for johnlewisgrant

I drove to Montreal from Toronto in heavy winter weather to listen to the MBC-A. Liked them ALOT. Unfortunately, I didn't...

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Avatar for johnlewisgrant
johnlewisgrant 9th April 2019
Avatar for SoundOffHear

I'm looking for string, orchestra or horns that have their sample library in 96khz/24bit? I don't want up-sampled...

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Avatar for SoundOffHear
SoundOffHear 9th April 2019
Avatar for MixingStick

I have been in the market to upgrade my main vocal mic (a TLM 103) for a while. I've tested a good number of industry standards,...

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Avatar for Cathedral Guitar
Cathedral Guitar 9th April 2019
Avatar for Grindlefinch

Friends, Just reaching out to ask if any more of you have purchased one or a pair of these? The reviews all seem positive...

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Avatar for Fiedelfinn
Fiedelfinn 9th April 2019
Avatar for Sailor Hope

If you had to leave your high end studio - and you were traveling with say a Teenage Engineering OP-1, another small...

Sailor Hope
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Avatar for Sailor Hope
Sailor Hope 9th April 2019
Avatar for edIT

So I've rave reviews of the Big Ben clock. Which from my understanding is also the clock in the AD16x and DA 16x? Someone correct...

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Avatar for AudioworksMedia
AudioworksMedia 9th April 2019
Avatar for szegedin

I have a Schoeps CMC5 /MK41, and it seems to operate fine on 24v. But just out of curiosity, is the lower phantom power voltage...

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Avatar for quagga
quagga 9th April 2019
Avatar for mherrane

I've been wondering, why doesn't anybody do this, is it too expensive to build or what... In the days of hybrid mixing, think...

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Avatar for jwh1192
jwh1192 9th April 2019
Avatar for mpitluk

any one remember how much the focusrite red 2 cost originally?

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Avatar for waldie wave
waldie wave 8th April 2019
Avatar for timtoonz

I recently lucked out with a good deal on an old AKG 451EB mic and it seems to be in pretty good shape. It's one of the older...

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Avatar for moltenwok
moltenwok 8th April 2019
Avatar for chazmar

I was thinking about getting either a Vintech 473 or an API 3124+. Has anyone ever heard either of these? I actually haven't but...

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Avatar for bushwick
bushwick 8th April 2019
Avatar for askebode

Another monitor post! I'm moving to a new studio space and I'm looking to upgrade my monitors (from Dynaudio Bm15a's). Hedd...

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Avatar for AndreiPiatra
AndreiPiatra 8th April 2019