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This forum is here to talk about high-end equipment and high-end production techniques/discussions. Threads that are not 'high...

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Whitecat 23rd January 2015
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Hi guys, I have the money in my account, and I am just one phone call away from ordering a Bricasti M7. I do a lot of jazz...

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Jim Williams 15 minutes ago
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Hi I don't see much talk anymore about the Quested VS2108. Any of you guys still using them? How would you compare them to...

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encke 17 minutes ago
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its really simple,what is best analog to digital converter you ever heard,doesnt matter how much it cost or if its even curently...

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Jim Williams 17 minutes ago
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Is Serban mixing all itb or is he using some outboard? What plugins is he using? Someone has to know something about his...

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quarantinebeats 29 minutes ago
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Moving my gear up to a cottage for the next 6 months for a project. I can't install any treatment there as I have to leave the...

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Bassmankr 44 minutes ago
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In your opinion what are the top 10 pieces that every studio shouldn’t be with out. The LA-2A. 1176, etc,,

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Pat 45 minutes ago
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Looking at getting a tube compressor for mainly tracking vocalists. I have a pair of distressors looking for something with some...

James Lugo
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carloff 52 minutes ago

I have had my ATC 25A’s for the better part of a decade and couldn’t be happier, however I recently changed rooms in my...

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Kronos147 2 hours ago
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How are the wait times these days? Anything improved?

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chaitanyo 2 hours ago
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This may be scratching the bottom of the "High End" barrel in terms of quality or price, but I plan on buying a pair of...

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clearwave 2 hours ago
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I've always had a problem with "brutally honest" as a depiction of the Barefoot sound, as the last word I would use to...

John Galt
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CakeKills 3 hours ago
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I’ve had an SSL Fusion and an SSL G Comp in my stereo buss for 24 hours, and while they sound great, when I perfectly level...

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rearslum 3 hours ago
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Hi guys, I'm looking for a new pre amp to record mostly acoustic and electric guitar. I already got an 1073 spx > cl1b....

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Squawk 3 hours ago
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My favourite and fattest tube pre amps are made by Coil. I just wondered why people don't rave about them more. I've never...

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swafford 6 hours ago
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I have a couple of SA2A's that I bought about 2 1/2 years ago. One of them blew a fuse a few months ago and I am having a really...

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swafford 6 hours ago
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Hello friends, I have recently noticed that there is a sharp high pitched frequency coming from my Apogee Symphony Mk2. Not...

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slainbabyyc 6 hours ago
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So I’ve got these wonderful ATCs And I set them up when I got them and they are a perfect height and I have had no problem...

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uptheoctave 8 hours ago
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Hey all, I have been checking out the different ATC and Amphion threads here (sirjuxtable's thread has been great) and have some...

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maxell 13 hours ago
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Joined Mix with the Masters as a pro member back in 2015 and while it was never meant to be a heavily instructional based...

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Jeroko 16 hours ago
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There's lots of threads about the "Wow" factor, but I was curious if anyone had experienced any gear that wasn't as...

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mike-661 17 hours ago
Avatar for eclipse

Curious does anyone know what sub Shawn uses with his NS10s? Thanks Dave

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eclipse 18 hours ago
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Does anybody know of a good source of ITT Cannon DL crimp contacts in the UK? Bryant have closed shop and I am only finding them...

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forestcreature 20 hours ago
Avatar for Ghost In The Attic

Happy New Year! What’s on your purchase list for 2021?

Ghost In The Attic
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iFi audio 20 hours ago
Avatar for clearwave

I mix rock stuff OTB on a console and I was thinking I could use bit more dynamics processing. I like the "idea" of SSL...

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deedeeyeah 20 hours ago
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SSL Sigma


I am a prospective buyer of this and this is very new product which I don't fully understand yet so I guess having a dedicated...

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rachansky 21 hours ago
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I just got a pair of pulse eqm-1s3 mastering eq’s and they are truly amazing on everything. This is the only pair of hardware...

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carolcappetta 22 hours ago
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Hey folks, I'm looking to run a quick audio comparison past some trained ears. I'm doing some research into classic bits of gear...

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Dirk Churlish 23 hours ago
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Currently using Neumann KH120a. Really like the sound of these, and I hear they lean more to the accurate side than flattering,...

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cheu78 1 day ago
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As already announced before, I finally got the opportunity to have the new SRP line of Sonodyne monitors (namely SRP 400, SRP 500...

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MRSEED 1 day ago
Avatar for Pops

Hello. I was lucky the other day to pick up a Neumann m49c for under $4k. Was very happy, good score. I was just curious....

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shobud 1 day ago
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Sorry if this is redundant. I would suspect this has been asked before countless times but nothing came up in my search....thanks

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daoriginalqupes 1 day ago
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ks digital


i build small project studios, mostly for clients who come to sing or play at my place. so heres this client who says " i...

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MRSEED 1 day ago
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Hi, I've just been having a look at the KS-Digital website after hearing good things about their A200 and noticed they make...

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Solidtrax 1 day ago
Avatar for Analogue Kid

Hi Happy New Year to you all !!:) Well our RADAR ADA1 24in and out of 96K Classic Card goodness has finally given up the...

Analogue Kid
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mondegreen_ 1 day ago
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Really like my KRK E8B's, they are really natural, but also very punchy and powerful sounding. But, one of them as of today seems...

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MRSEED 1 day ago
Avatar for bluespills

There’s lots of threads comparing the modules, but not much about the racks themselves. Any reason to recommend one over the...

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HGC 1 day ago
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Anyone have this by any chance? Modular Channel Stereo — OVERSTAYER Recording Equipment, Inc. I think it’s kind...

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alkor 1 day ago
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Hello everyone, I am mixing a record that has multiple singers on it and so far most of the vocal tracks are way overly...

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elegentdrum 1 day ago
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Hey folks, As I just moved to a new place with a larger room for my home studio, and my current monitors are starting to show...

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sirjuxtable 1 day ago
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I got a pair of Dutch and Dutch 8C loudspeakers for evaluation and am most certainly buying them after working on them for the...

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Avatar for Earcatcher
Earcatcher 1 day ago
Avatar for bob2018

Hey Guys, I just invested some moneys into new gear for recording at my studio. And all together is getting high on the...

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bob2018 1 day ago
Avatar for seedubs

I'm sure the vintage KM84 is worth more than 3x the price of a new one in sound and all but is there anything out there that...

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seedubs 1 day ago
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They make the power supply most SSL owners use and love. But I found today they make a full range compact studio monitor Called...

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bkb911T 1 day ago
Avatar for drBill

RayHeath and monkeyxx asked me to post about the new Heiserman H47tube... I think high end is probably the right place. Here...

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celticrogues 1 day ago
Avatar for NL5

So, just got a 1/4 inch two track tape machine - Otari MTR-12, if that makes any difference - and it seems that one channel has...

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Brent Hahn 2 days ago
Avatar for Lonnie5

Look I hate the VS dealio.... but demoing gear in 2021 in person is not really a thing anymore. I'm looking for a couple new 500...

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Avatar for adam_f
adam_f 2 days ago
Avatar for koldice

thinkin about picking one up, but was wondering if there was a on/off switch on this 1space rack unit?

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kellyd 2 days ago
Avatar for themiracle

Just wondering if anyone has experience with the radial catapult line of CAT5 audio snake boxes? I've got a nice little home...

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Avatar for Bassmankr
Bassmankr 2 days ago
Avatar for carloff

I have in my studio Kii Three and Geithains which spoiled me a bit and I'm used to great sound in a great space. But I also...

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Avatar for the_mixer
the_mixer 2 days ago
Avatar for LaChunkyStudio

Just acquired one of these mics for my studio. Used it on a session - lovely on vocals, ac guitar and percussion. I found...

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Avatar for Hymnographer
Hymnographer 2 days ago