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This forum is here to talk about high-end equipment and high-end production techniques/discussions. Threads that are not 'high...

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Whitecat 23rd January 2015
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Thought you might like to hear these 2 units On a quality lead vocal COULD THIS BE THE HOLY GRAIL VOCAL EFFECTS...

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anguswoodhead 23 minutes ago
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Today, I just plugged the Amphion One18 with two Auralic Merak mono block (Hypex UcD with Orfeo Class A module) I love this...

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Lawson. 34 minutes ago
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Hi, appreciate any and all help :) I'm about to make a big investment and just want to make sure it's in all the right...

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sourpatch 36 minutes ago
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Hi All, I am unable to setup my Neve 1073LB EQ with the Neve 1073LB using Insert Mode. I am using the Radial Cube lunch box....

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slainbabyyc 1 hour ago
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RayHeath and monkeyxx asked me to post about the new Heiserman H47tube... I think high end is probably the right place. Here...

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stevehusseyband 1 hour ago
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Hi! Today I will be making the purchase, I have no way of demoing these monitors so some advice is really needed! I will be...

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midmost 1 hour ago
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Setting up a 2 channel overdub setup, and considering a Burl B2 ADC as a tracking converter. Using Lynx Aurora(n)conversion...

The Same
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midmost 2 hours ago
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Hey all, Just pulled the trigger on a Trinnov ST2 for my room and wanted to find out some honest responses from people other...

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Hubi123 3 hours ago
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Hello everyone :) Is there a place/service where I can send a PTools session, or just plain old wav files to, and have them...

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Axelrod 4 hours ago
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Hi! dCS 954 vs. Prism Sound Dream DA-1 vs. Forsell MADA-2 Which DAC is the best for mixing and mastering? I want to change my...

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morefamouser 6 hours ago
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Hi to all of you How does IZ radar converters stand-up sonically sound wise compared to today's converters. Has anyone done...

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blayz2002 7 hours ago
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Hi there. I recently bought a used Switchcraft 9625 Patchbay. Unfortunately, it didn't come with a label template. Does anyone...

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timcarter57 10 hours ago
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Does anyone here have an excel template that would work for a 96 point bantom bay? I suck at using excel and am not sure the...

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timcarter57 10 hours ago
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I had a question that, i understand, is highly subjective. I've been on the search for a new pair of monitors in the $2500/pr...

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johannburkard 15 hours ago
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Hey all, I see the crane song interstellars are starting to ship out, anyone get one and want to share some initial...

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8ttila 16 hours ago
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Neve 1073 vs Flickinger Mic Preamps Anythoughts or Experiences? I read somewhere a guy sold his BCM-10 for flickingers. I'm...

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Paul_G 16 hours ago
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Just got an email notice from B&H saying that the CL1B has been discontinued? Kind of surprising based on how popular it is....

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Russell Casse 17 hours ago
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Been offered a great price on a 2ndhand Summit Audio - EQP-200B. Ive been lookin for a tube eq for recording/mixdowns for some...

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James Meeker 22 hours ago

For me the Retro 2a3 makes me smile everytime I go from bypassed to in. And the mod that Black Lion audio did to my 192 Sent...

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Snorktop 1 day ago
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Sorry if this is redundant. I would suspect this has been asked before countless times but nothing came up in my search....thanks

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teddymusic 1 day ago
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Hey All, I've arranged and recorded a few string quartets lately for pop songs. Recorded them in a booth isolated, and...

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Moondog007 1 day ago
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Eric's new MPEQ-1 sounds so perfectly "record" like, it hurts. I was recording Katy Perry vocals all last week and he...

Greg Wells
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StevenLMorgan 1 day ago
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So does anyone know the deal here? I've heard multiple different stories about ST automation, including one stating that it was...

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Matt Syson 1 day ago
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I’m looking at an AMEK BC2 with 12 stereo inputs that was pulled from a video editing room. Assuming it’s functioning and has...

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Killergroover 1 day ago
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It fits my needs outside of the bass drum mic. 4 Tom’s, two overhead, on I believe snare mic. I have a couple of other bass...

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zwolf 1 day ago
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Hi there, Would like your opinions regarding the larger active ATC's (SCM SL 50 or 100) and the PMC IB1/IB2. I am unable to...

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GYang 1 day ago
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Hi Guys I'm in the market for new speakers! Currently I have BM15's with Dynaudio 18s Sub. My space is 15 square meters. I...

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Hello you all,howdy There are times that you can take a risk and think: " why not buying something out of the Ukraine...

flute player
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ennobeh 1 day ago
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Like the title says- anybody around here have a chance to listen to/demo/work on the new PMC active monitors they announced last...

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cheu78 1 day ago
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Is Serban mixing all itb or is he using some outboard? What plugins is he using? Someone has to know something about his...

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OwensDrumming 1 day ago
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Holy f-ing hell I hate pro tools.....I have moved over the last year and haven't really been at it until lately. Of course, I...

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surflounge 2 days ago
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Credit where credit is due. I have wanted a Manley TNT since I read a glowing review about it way back in the early naughties....

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roger 2 days ago
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Hi.I am very close to getting either a pair of Solo6 (with Sub6) or Trio6. Would Solo6 (with Sub6) be better for a small room? I...

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Xongar 2 days ago
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May I be the first to kick it off this year... Ordered another ma5 today:) Let's see some more...

turk sanchez
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Bobby Baird 2 days ago
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Hi, I am looking for the best possible reverc for classical music to add to recordings made in rooms, that are too dry. Most oft...

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Doc No 2 days ago
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What do you think? How does the Vanguard V13 (2. Gen) compares to higher priced offerings like Neumann, Horch, Flea ... . ...

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ejsongs 2 days ago
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Hey guys, have anybody had the chance to demo both ATC and PSI in the same room? I got a fairly good offer on the ATC 100's,...

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lunar151 2 days ago
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I am currently on the lookout for a sub for a small home studio. I have narrowed down my search but there’s a bit of a price...

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GYang 2 days ago
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Hi everyone, I recently purchased an SSL Sigma and I've been trying to get it set up but I've run into some problems. I have the...

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JazzP 3 days ago
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Hi, Received a mint R-880 (with remote and the most desired cards freshflowe ) today and find myself with more questions...

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Toyroom11 3 days ago
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Hi everyone, I'd like to add a high end microphone to compliment my c800g, here are some of my options: Tele 251 Tele...

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sourpatch 3 days ago
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Anyone here using the Overstayer SFE? I discovered it when watching a PureMix with Brian Lucey and saw it's the one new piece...

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Nightowl43 3 days ago
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Hi Just wanted to hear from Trinnov Users how you like working with the unit?? Do you have any negatives? Worth the hi price...

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Morgan1563 3 days ago
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I am thinking of upgrading this year from the Dangerous 2-Buss LT to either the AMS Neve 8816 or the Rupert Neve Designs 5059...

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GYang 3 days ago
Avatar for max cooper

I read that Apogee were going to offer a $200 upgrade to 192. I don't even use 96kHz, but I thought it might be a good idea to...

max cooper
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TrakLiteTheMoor 3 days ago
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Hello! Recently I bought me a pair of very nice Proac Studio 100 for my home studio, and I’m looking for a good amp for them....

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phanlon 3 days ago
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I like the natural sound of the "old" top converters. I know very well the dream da-1. Weiss DAC1, mk1, first...

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OTRM 4 days ago
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what's up everybody ? as the title says, I recently received my Neve 8424 which I love so far, now its time to get a new...

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PuebloAudio 4 days ago
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I have recently started researching hardware mastering eq's. I am looking for something with a lot of fine eq points that also...

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AB3 4 days ago
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I’m wondering what everybody’s thoughts are regarding using a tube mic preamp to warm up a line level signal from digital...

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deedeeyeah 4 days ago