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This forum is here to talk about high-end equipment and high-end production techniques/discussions. Threads that are not 'high...

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Whitecat 23rd January 2015
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Good morning everyone, I am changing systems again and am considering the JBL 4429 mainly for fun. Particularly because I love...

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Osolemio 1 hour ago
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My favourite and fattest tube pre amps are made by Coil. I just wondered why people don't rave about them more. I've never...

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BillyLunn 1 hour ago
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Just wanted to start a thread based specifically around the use of consoles in a HOME studio. Who here has decided to go down...

Shadow Puppets
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deedeeyeah 1 hour ago
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I’m getting way ahead of my skis here. But you know, I’m bored. Lol. After the first of the year I’m going to start...

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deedeeyeah 2 hours ago
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Hello, So my friend recently bought ATC SCM50 ASL in the hifi version. We're still playing them in and doing some casual...

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stevep314 4 hours ago
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Anyone have this by any chance? Modular Channel Stereo — OVERSTAYER Recording Equipment, Inc. I think it’s kind...

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Ovrlord 4 hours ago
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I am placing several threads for various answers but I noticed this is a critical question and may help me narrow down my...

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GRiFF 5 hours ago
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I'm so sad to hear about the passing of great Billy Woodman, the ATC founder. A true legend. RIP. I wanted to share it as...

mev dinc
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cheeswolfenstein 5 hours ago
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I am looking for a preamp to get the most out of my U67 Reissue. I am learning that certain preamps go really well with certain...

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Piilani 6 hours ago
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Hi everyone, Long story short, a few years ago I decided to sell everything and go completely ITB. I've been very happy with...

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tekn0 7 hours ago
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Deciding between Neumann u67 reissue or Telefunken ELA M 251. Or maybe even u87ai ? Mostly for Male and Female Vocals and...

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#19 7 hours ago
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What pre amps, eqs, comps, consoles , would give you the distinct vintage tones in Jefferson Airplanes Today and Pink Floyd...

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Bushman 11 hours ago
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It feels like I could upgrade my Twin6's to something bigger. After searching around, there's not many alternatives i found in...

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dolomick 14 hours ago
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Let me start of by saying I love the Neumanns. I've been working with them for about 2 years now and their size and accuracy...

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AlexMCAD 16 hours ago
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Seriously considering some 500 stuff. I have nothing as yet, so I am going to ask some of you to point me in the right direction....

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pencilextremist 22 hours ago
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I've read a lot about these EQ's but have yet to hear one. Seems well established that a lot of people like them and describe...

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GRiFF 22 hours ago
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I had to draw and describe our workflow around a console and an Audio over Ethernet system. Probably some inspiration for some...

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deedeeyeah 1 day ago
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Today, I just plugged the Amphion One18 with two Auralic Merak mono block (Hypex UcD with Orfeo Class A module) I love this...

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SeanMS 1 day ago
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Hi Guys, I just wanted to post about a incredible Bass DI I used recently that I feel more people need to know about, because...

Farm sounds
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Farm sounds 1 day ago
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I'm about to buy a pare of ProAc Studio 100s and I am trying to pick the best amp for them. Any suggestions?

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themaidsroom 1 day ago
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Hello folks, I have bought a Neumann 750 KH and had it for 2 days. Very well built subwoofer, however please note: - NONE of the...

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MiMi 1 day ago
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Just a quick post... Y’all should definitely buy one of these immediately. I have STAs, LA2As... I have lots... BUT,...

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Bingy 1 day ago
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I recently purchased a Daking Mic Pre One and I can't get over how awesome this class A pre sounds. Its personally my favorite...

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kbshearer 1 day ago
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Does anyone have some user feedback About the coil audio mic pre's? The 286 and the CA70's?

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drBill 1 day ago
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Hi all I am wondering has anyone used a behringer x32 as their soundcard for Dolby atmos? It seems to fit the bill, 16 outputs...

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deedeeyeah 1 day ago
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Hello, I contacted Focal to ask about this. Hoping they get back to me quickly, I was hoping to get a little help here: I'm...

Sheldon Cooper
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Sheldon Cooper 1 day ago
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Hello! I do all of my mix buss primarily OTB. Varimu, Massive Passive, Vitalizer and a TubeTech Multiband but I do find myself...

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Bassmankr 1 day ago
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I've talked with a few people on here already through other threads and in private messages and I'm getting some good responses....

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gregmanning 1 day ago
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I’m looking to get a Neve style pre into my setup. Am I ok to get the BAE Audio 1073 MPF with power supply for tracking single...

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easyrider 1 day ago
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Anyone know anything about the Neve 1073 DPX. I saw this on SOS, had a real nice write up. Two neve 1073s for under 5 large is...

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Burstwurst 1 day ago
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Curious does anyone know what sub Shawn uses with his NS10s? Thanks Dave

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DownSideUp 2 days ago
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Hi there Anyone with either units offer some input? Cheers

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christube 2 days ago
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Hi folks, I've got a M2D2 that I use as portable recording interface & preamps while away from the studio. It occurred to me...

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mrmarquez 2 days ago
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Does anyone here have an excel template that would work for a 96 point bantom bay? I suck at using excel and am not sure the...

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d3l 2 days ago
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Want to buy one of these vintage mic-pre for that Motown vib.. Anyone with experience in them and can do a comparison? Thanks.

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Paul_G 2 days ago
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Just received a used API 525 and noticed it appears to have a high noise floor, which sounds like tape hiss - not in a good way -...

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nuemes 2 days ago
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Hi Current recording chain for tracking pop vocals is BAE1073MPF into a CL1B. I like the sound but i feel the CL1B has a bit...

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GRiFF 2 days ago
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Anyone considering this? For someone considering a U67 RI, should one get this instead? Asking for a friend…...

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nephew312 2 days ago
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Decided to open this new thread to cover all new things officially Helios and Olympic (Audio Digital Technology) Regarding...

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Paul_G 2 days ago
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Brauner Microphones’ historical contribution to design and manufacturing will reach far beyond the oft-cited impact on the...

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xcskier 2 days ago
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My name just came up. Anyone have one? Is it really a game changer vs plug-ins? Mostly do rock and pop in my home studio. Would...

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drxcm 2 days ago
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I did a search about this and it seems Neumann take a long time to respond to dating enquiries so I'm wondering if anyone else...

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QueenSisi 2 days ago
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(serious hobbiest here) I have for many years been 'mixing into' a Dramatic Audio Obsidian making all styles of 'popular'...

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Puresonics 2 days ago
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what's up everybody ? as the title says, I recently received my Neve 8424 which I love so far, now its time to get a new...

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rrroque 2 days ago
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I am currently using the Focal Solo 6 Be and about to take the ATC plunge. My sales rep. mentioned that he auditioned both of the...

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AuraJunkie 2 days ago
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Here we go again!!! But seriously, most threads are old so we need to have a new fresh start ;) At the moment I am using a...

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splitradix 3 days ago
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Im looking to buy a Flea 47 and 49 as they are having a special on two mics for the month of May. There is not really a lot of...

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Paul_G 3 days ago
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definitely inspired by the "Control Room thread" I was wondering if there were pictures to post of various mic'ed up...

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Drumsound 3 days ago
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SaschaP 3 days ago
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Hi Everyone, So for a number of months now I've been trying to find a mic which works well with a particular singer I'm working...

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EngineerMoney 3 days ago