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Favorite heavy rock/metal records?
Old 15th September 2002
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EduardoApolonia's Avatar
🎧 15 years
Fear Factory - Demanufacture
Machine Head - Burn My Eyes, The More Things Change
Meshuggah - Destroy Erase Improve
Pantera - Vulgar Display of Power
Sepultura - Arise, Chaos AD
Pissing Razors - Cast Down The Plague
Old 15th September 2002
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🎧 15 years
Ahh, how did I forget Fear Factory?
Old 17th September 2002
Here for the gear
🎧 15 years
hmmm, I thought we were talking production values here, not just good heavy bands. I mean, as much as I loved AND JUSTICE FOR ALL (my favorite metallica album), the production was just so thin! Well, in that case.....

How come nobody mentioned At the Gates SLAUGHTER OF THE SOUL?! That's just a great heavy album!

What about Myrkskog MECHANICAL BEASTS, even though the god damned kick is higher pitched than the damned snare (as with most new productions on underground metal)..... that album is just thick speed and chaos.

Morbid Angel's COVENENT was just the **** when it came out too.


Slayer - when you play a solo, if you're still just learning guitar, pick a key and stick to it, or at least try to incorporate some of the notes from the rest of the song. My friend did say the production/feel on the new Slayer is just great though.

It's a shame that Darkest Hour's image is holding them back. I think they sound like At the Gates.

Helmet, some Ministry, Judas Priest, and some Pantera all just rocked. \m/ I'm sure I left plenty out.

But the reason I really posted was to find out if anybody knew of any extreme metal that had a really good production on it? When I say extreme, I mean more extreme than carcass. And why the hell do they make the kick drums so clicky so much? I mean I know it cuts through the mix, but triggers just don't sound good recorded IMO (for rock and metal that is).
Old 17th September 2002
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Tim L's Avatar
🎧 15 years
I wouldn't call some of these records "production masterpieces" but I loved the **** outa' them at one point or another.

Led Zeppelin:
The first record pretty much wrote the book!!!

Judas Priest:
  • Hell Bent for Leather
  • British Steel
  • Unleashed in the East

Van Halen:
The first record and Fair Warning in particular but the entire catalog up to and including "1984". Post Roth stuff(?)... no comment.

  • Highway to Hell
  • Back in Black

There's a whole lot more but these come to mind off the top of my head.
Old 20th September 2002
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🎧 15 years
Well these are prettymuch pop albums but, all Led Zep but I really love the 4th album,with stairway, four sticks is very unusual,Of course back in black, any Janes, Soundgardens SuperUnKnown, and lately I can't stop listening to Ozzies Ozzmosis. I gotta check out alot of the picks on here now!
Old 20th September 2002
Gear Head
🎧 15 years
I'd have to say Sabbath Bloody Sabbath:

"You see right through distorted eyes, you know you had to learn,
The execution of your mind, you really had to turn.
The race is run, the book is read, the end begins to show.
The truth is out, the lies are old, but you don't want to know."

One there day they could blow any band away!

Old 20th September 2002
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The Specialist's Avatar
🎧 15 years
Production wise, these are pretty killer

I'm new here, but this was an interesting post, since I am primarily involved in "heavy" music.

Some of these have been overlooked, but I picked these for tone and mix vibe, not necessarily music, they sound heavy.

In no particular order:

The Melvins: Houdini/Stoner Witch have some great tones, and the mixes rock

16: Drop Out, This album sounds amazing for a indie project, also proof that great players are more important than anything else. If you like heavy ****, find this record.

Fu Manchu: The Action is Go, sounds great, awesome guitones
Thanks again Joe, I be tryin to cop those tones!

Sepultura: Roots/Chaos A.D. I think the mixes are awesome on these two.

Barkmarket: Lardroom E.P. a great band headed by a great producer David Sardy.

Down: N.O.L.A. (already mentioned), does the mastering on the new one bother anybody? It sounds to me like they sacrificed volume for bottom and punch.

Soundgarden: Badmotorfinger, when that came out, I REALLY knew I wanted to be an engineer. I think that record changed the way hard rock was presented aurally (That and Meantime by

Skin Yard/Grunttruck period Endino: These sound like taking the garage as far as it will go. Ring every last drop out of the 1" machine.

AC/DC: Powerage, It sounds old, but it sounds HEAVY. Every tone is mean and desparate. A perfect example of setting the mood with proper recording. This is why guys like Chris Goss are so good.

That's all I think of for now, I'm going to bed so I dream about micing drums.


Old 24th September 2002
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🎧 15 years
marilyn manson's antichrist superstar
Old 25th September 2002
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Detuned6's Avatar
🎧 15 years

Carcass-symphonies of sickness
cryptopsy- none so vile
anthrax- among the living
Nile-(the new one- it ****in rules)
Cannibal corpse-vile
deaden-hyms of the sick
suiccidal tendences- lights camara.....
kataklysm-temple of knowledge
skinless-progression towards evil
overkill-under the influenece
Old 25th September 2002
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cram's Avatar
🎧 15 years
Oh man, where do I begin?

Helmet, Aftertaste. A totally overlooked album, way better guitar tones than Meantime.

Stompbox, an unknown Sylvia Massey joint, track 2 will strip meat from bone.

Godflesh, any album.

Prong, any album. Tommy Victor somehow makes those crappy ValveState amps sound great!

Buried Secrets, a Bill Laswell sicko-pus-bucket.

Chrome, any album. Chrome don't get ya home, unless it's this kind of Chrome.

C.O.C. the one with the blown speaker on the cover.

Soundgarden, Badmotorfinger.

Foetus, any album.

Revolting Cocks, any album.

Ministry, FilthPig, and many others.

Life Of Agony, their first album was Heeeaaavvvyyy, more metal than I like, but still great.

Clutch, I think it was their first album I really dug.

Killing Joke, I even like that throwaway song "Eighties."

I could go on all day. In the late 80's and early 90's I thought that there was going to be an Industrial Revolution and a Heavy Music coup. Alas "Grunge" came along and made the world safe and ready for the 70's again.
Old 28th July 2004
Lives for gear
🎧 15 years
Good stuff all around so far.

Ok how about this.

Soundgarden: Without a doubt "Beyond the Wheel" off of Ultramega OK has to be one of the heaviest, metalist couple minutes ever. Really it was all downhill from that point even though all of Louder than Love is great throughout and JC Pose and Slaves&Bulldozers off of Badmotorfinger satisfy. "Beyond the Wheel" is almost Wagner with distortion. It's Black Sabbath to cinematic proportions. Of course all sorts of people can pack on the speed, crunch and sludge but this was Cornell at absolute peak. I think this was the stuff Axl Rose commented about when he said the little known Cornell "just buries me".

Black Sabbath: Paranoid. The blarney stone of heavy.

Metallica: Ride the Lightning/Master of Puppets. Untouchable. Plenty of stuff came out around then and after that's aim was to outheavy and outspeed Metallica and succeeded but not nearly as musical and heavy at the same time. Als worth mentioning is Whiplash. Not the drier produced Kill Em all but he semi live version of the same songs minus "hit the lights, motorbreath, the 4 horsement". What was the story on this recording? I remember it out at the time but it seems to be non existent today?

I like that someone mentioned Ministry's "In case you didn't feel like showing up". Awesome raw live versions from the tour in support of another supremely heavy album "A mind is a terrible thing to taste"

Also a ditto on Slayer's Reign in Blood. They were one of the first to come along to outheavy Metallica and succeed. I too can't quite figure out King's approach to solos. To put it bluntly they suck. It doesn't matter what key, tempo, or direction of the song all his solos are exactly the same. Squirrely out of key, out of rhythm shredding that provides no musical drama at all. You could cut and paste his solos from one song to the next and it wouldn't make any difference.

Ditto on the other usual suspects
Iron Maiden: Number of the Beast
AC/DC: Back in Black
Judas Priest: Screaming for Vengance

Honorable mentions
White Zombie "remixed"
NIN: Broken
Bad Brains

I guess I'm old but most of the latest Carcass, Cannible Corpse, and the legions of north european drano garglers don't sound heavy to me. They sound like Saturday Night Live skits of what heavy should be. Kinda like how there are lots of movies that have serious gore, mayhem, and evil but aren't scary. Meanwhile the Excorcist still scares the **** out of me and it's pretty tame.
Old 28th July 2004
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the dice's Avatar
🎧 15 years
KNUT - challenger

REFUSED - the shape of punk to come

OLD MAN GLOOM - meditations in b

CONVERGE - jane doe


BOTCH - we are the romans
Old 28th July 2004
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flexoffset's Avatar
🎧 15 years
Re: Re: Favorite heavy rock/metal records?

Originally posted by mwagener
Accept: Balls To The Wall
'Balls To The Wall' was among the very first videos I ever saw on MTV. I still remember it.
It's an awesome song. The video wasn't too bad for 1984 vintage MTV.

My list would be:
AC/DC - Back In Black
Queensryche - Operation Mindcrime
Metallica - Master Of Puppets
Britney Fox ..... just kidding. heh
Old 28th July 2004
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el cochino's Avatar
🎧 15 years
I like big drums and I cannot lie!

Entombed - Inferno

Melvins - Stoner Witch

Kiss - Creatures Of The Night heh
Old 28th July 2004
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C_F_H_13's Avatar
🎧 15 years
Here's Mine In No Particular Order:

-Metallica-Master Of Puppets (thing that should not heavy)
-Slayer-Reign In Blood
-Killswitch Engage-The End Of Heartache
-Dillinger Escape Plan- Mike Patton EP or Miss Machine
-Machine Head- first album (can't remember name)
-Refused-The Shape Of Punk To Come
Old 28th July 2004
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Farm sounds's Avatar
🎧 15 years
Yes!! Creatures of the night!! Eric Carr's drum's are just huge, especially on "I love it loud"- This was the KISS record that influenced Tommy Lee's drum tones on "Shout at the devil"-

Slayer Reign In Blood and South Of Heaven changed my life, not really in a good way though.

Judas Priest Defenders Of The Faith rocks. "Freewheel Burning" Oh yeah!!

Iron Maiden Powerslave is an epic metal cd.

Anything by Motorhead.
Old 29th July 2004
Gear Maniac
🎧 15 years
Cave In- self titled
Cave In - beyond hypothermia

yep cave in used to be a metal band.

dillinger escape plan
melt banana
creation is crucifixion

i've been listening to records by all these bands for years now I just can't get sick of them
Old 29th July 2004
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GMR's Avatar
🎧 15 years
I'm not that old but my music is old!

Number of the Beast, Iron Maiden, hell all up to Powerslave
Diary of a Madman is a favorite
Metallica Black Abum is killer,

The old stuff gave me headaches
"For Whom the Bell tolls"I was in a band in high school and a guy wanted to play this song and I had never heard it. I had a week so I listened to it repeatedly! Man did I ever had a ****ing headache that night, I never forgot it.

I really digged that Skid Row "Slave to the Grind" album produced by Gearslutz own's MWagener

White Zombie's 2nd album ?
Screaming for Vengence "the priest"
Dio's Holy diver

Man I wish I had time to re-listen to all this!
Old 29th July 2004
Lives for gear
🎧 15 years
I think Dream Theater's A Change of Seasons was the best thing we'll ever hear from that group. Some SICK heavy guitars and synths on there.
Old 29th July 2004
Gear Maniac
🎧 15 years
When I need "heavy" I reach for these:

Pantera - Vulgar Display Of Power - this one showed me that, yeah, there is a such thing as "heavier"

Testament - Low - no one can touch Chuck Billy for metal vocals.

Slayer - Seasons In The Abyss

Metallica - And Justice For All - pure angst

Mega - Rust In Peace

Sepultura - Roots

Metallica - Garage Days re-revisited - I actually like the production/engineering better on this than any of their other albums

Slayer - Gemini - last song on "Undisputed Attitude" - this has got to be one of the heaviest songs I've ever heard. The drums sound killer, just raw and meaty as hell.

Black Sabbath - Master Of Reality - the godfathers of heavy

These are all albums I discovered as a kid and they changed me very profoundly. Unfortunately I haven't really heard much since then that gave me the same feeling. I need to update my collection.. I'll be visiting this thread for suggestions for sure.

Thanks fellas,
Old 29th July 2004
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🎧 15 years
Bad Brains- Rock for Light
24-7 Spyz- Harder Than You
Old 4th August 2004
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🎧 15 years
- Listen to Extol "Synergi", a Norwegian band
- The latest Vintersorg album. Steve D`gorgio on bass..
- Mayhem "Chimera"

I was the engineer/producer....................
Old 5th August 2004
Registered User
🎧 15 years
King's X - Dogman
Faith No More - King For A Day...
Shihad/Pacifier - The General Electric
Soundgarden - Badmotorfinger
Black Sabbath - Heaven And Hell

...and two supplementary numbers -
Power-shuffles of 1972: DP Highway Star and Uriah Heep's Easy Livin'.

Old 5th August 2004
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blackcom's Avatar
🎧 15 years
Meshuggah - Destroy Erease Improve/Nothing
Pantera - Vulgar Display of Power/Far Beyond Driven
Fear Factory - Demanufacture
Strapping Young Lad - City (Awsome production, check this out if you havent yet...produced by Daniel Bergstrand)
Oh, and don't forget the two latest Dimmu Borgir albums...

I'd like to mention some Machine Head albums to, but the band just sound like "Rob Flynn on coke". His whole vocal style just says "i'm the coolest dude around, piss off everyone else..".. I think Phils Anselmo pulls of the same thing very well, but without the same arrogance....

Guess I'm just not into drugs...I dunno...
Old 29th September 2004
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dobber's Avatar
🎧 15 years
I would also like to add:

Cult of Luna-The Beyond
Suffocation-Pierced from Within

The Arcturus statement is true also, especially the strategic filtering in "Of Nails and Sinners".
Carcass' Heartwork is a damn fine display of engineering, for metal, as well.

It is bad ass to see this thread though.
Old 29th September 2004
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🎧 15 years
Pig - Sinsation ... not the most hi fi sounding though
Old 29th September 2004
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🎧 15 years
Finally someone mentioned Dream Theater but i think the last album is definitely their heaviest and most raw production.

any Metallica up till the black album rules.

Operation Mindcrime form Queensryche was definitely one of my favs. I remember seeing interviews with them and they said they puposely made that record sound shrill.

Any Pantera album

Iron Maiden until 7th Son of a 7th Son

I really dug the guitar tone on Extreme's Pornograffitti. Also M.Wagener.

Skid Row's Slave to the grind is also nice and raw, great album
Old 29th September 2004
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🎧 15 years
fates warning - the spector within
slayer - reign in blood
c.o.c - amimosity
sabbath - sabbath bloody sabbath
don caballero - for respect
iron maiden - powerslave
dead kennedys - frankenchrist
soundgarden - down on the upside
sonic youth - goo
Old 29th September 2004
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🎧 15 years
zeppelin iv and blackdog is the best rocker
Old 29th September 2004
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1 Review written
🎧 15 years
Originally posted by blackcom
"i'm the coolest dude around, piss off everyone else..".. I think Phils Anselmo pulls of the same thing very well, but without the same arrogance....
Is this a joke?

You've never seen Phil launch into his showstopping 10 minute diatribe about how "he invented this vocal style" and how "everyone else is just lame wannabes imitating him?"... Every show. He's legendary for it. And he believes it!

Don't get me wrong- I'm a big fan. But saying "Phil Anselmo" AND "without arrogance" in the same sentence is --... uh, interesting...
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