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What's Hi-end these days? I'm not seeing it here.
Old 18th December 2002
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Originally posted by Jules
All the cool old Neves in the UK were sold to the US.
A friend of mine - who has worked at most of the top studios around the World - has said that the Neve console at Air studio 1 (not the hall) is probably the best sounding desk he's ever used.
I think it's the one that was originally in the main room at Oxford Street.
The people who've sent their sounds up those channels over the years.....the mind boggles.
Old 18th December 2002
Capitol Studios Paris
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I'm back online...

Hi SM,

I'm the fellow who posted about the new version 5 soft for the J, which we'll be having installed shortly here at Capitol in Paris. We're a relatively new SSL J / Studer / PT / 3348 facility. Albums, singles, rock bands, orchestras, film scores and music to picture are tracked and mixed here in stereo and 5.1.

I am happy to see these kinds of discussions and agree that they are too rare on this high end forum.

As a moderator, I have personally found it politically better to not talk too much about SSLs and Studers here. I got too much hassle (on-line and off-line) for it.

But I am pleased to see you running with the ball! And, I might add, we have many issues in common that we are dealing with. Good points, all. Great posts! Keep it up.


P.S. I agree with the comments you and Thrill made about SSL desks and the 9098i. I tried the 9098i back when Battery Studios in London had one...great EQs, massive transformers in every channel, great sound. The J is a great desk...I appreciate the dynamics, the bottom/top end, the overall punch, and the auto/routing possibilities...I just wish the smalls had motors on them and not just VCAs. When all is said and done, for my money, the two modern desks of any consequence I would invest in nowadays would be a J/K or an 88R.
Old 19th December 2002
Here for the gear
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slipperman -

The mention of "Dogman" in your ref. CD list gets an A+ just for starters... one of my favourite albums...

Boring? No way. Grandstanding? Fantasic.

Carry on.

Uh, high end? erk... not qualified...
Old 20th December 2002
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Holy Cow! You saw that?

I STARTED ON THAT last night(this morning at some God awful hr)! Got about 400 words in and hadn't hit the tip of the iceberg. Gave up in disgust.
I WILL DO IT. When? I'm late for session right now..... Eek. What a load of work that's going to be!
It'll happen.
Thanx for reminding me.


Thanks SM!

I'd post a link if I knew how. It's in Fletcher's forum over at RecPit.

Old 20th December 2002
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Originally posted by slipperman
I love 'Bee'. He is about as fearless and uncompromising a mix engineer as anybody out there. He often finds BOTH 'band character focus' and 'song sympathetic' presentations in the SAME mixes. NOT easy to do.... IMHO.

'Dogman' may bulge and honk in some areas.... but the 'mixvibe' is classic O'Brien.
Plus . . it's nothing for him to mix a few songs in a day. You gotta love that. He tracks fast too. Record companies and bands have to love Brendan. He doesn't waste a lot of time and money and he brings the bands good product that sells.

Mike Clark was laughing and telling me not long ago that Brendan had some huge act in and had mixed 3 songs in one day while other bands are sitting around editing tracks in Pro Tools all day on one song.

Old 20th December 2002
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Re: Re: I'm back online...

Originally posted by slipperman

Hey, good gear is good gear, right? Whether you own it or not! Me? I'd like 2 of EVERYTHING!

Thanx Jon. I'm havin' fun. Great to trade stories and experiences regarding: driving the 'bigger beasties'!

Isn't it a shame that almost NOBODY seems to be able to 'make a go' of the 9098i. It really is the 'New Forte' IMHO. So many things go into the proper marketing and support of those types of products, it's really tough to make a run against SSL and Neve(the company). I have not heard the 88R.

I have been working(thank God) thru the 'trade shows' in the last 2 years and I don't think there's one in NYC yet....

ThrillFactor. Do you know?

Gotta jet.

Thanx fellas.

Hi Slip,

The only studio in NYC that I know has one is Sony.

I haven't heard it yet. I don't really work on Neve's anymore. I don't track music and I hardly get any rock work(once you get typecasted its hard to shake the label). grudge

The last Neve I worked on was the VX over at Right Track(great sounding board augmented with 48 outboard 1081's).

Old 21st December 2002
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Re: Re: Re: Re: I'm back online...

Originally posted by slipperman
That must have gone into 'E' huh? I haven't been over there in a while...

Don't I know it!

My ex-wife used to remark "shut-up and be happy they're hiring you for ANYTHING" Hee-Hee. I'm in exactly the opposite ship. Couldn't get a paying "Pop" gig with a gun to my head.

Beef! That brutal chunky thing on the VX. They may not be the last word in 'hi'fi', but boy are they easy to mix rock records on.

Does anyone know who designed the new desk?(88R). Was it the same fellow who did the ground work on the 'V' series. I think his name was Vincent Pope.(eek, I may be totally off base here, somebody stop the madness!).

Also, how's the pricing on 88R? Higher/Lower per channel than the XL? I really gotta start kicking tires again. In some ways I'm kinda dreading it. Back into indentured servitude for 4 more years. That's WHY I have an ex-wife.

HAHAHAHA. I married the gear!

HeyYo! Gotta flee.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


PS. Has anyone here tried the 'Massive Passive'(Stupid question huh? Sorry.) I should do a forum search....

Anyway. I'm probably the last guy on the planet but... Just got one.

I think the design of the 88R was on the shoulders of Robin Porter. They have a website dedicated to it-www.nevesound.com.

Pricewise I heard about a year and half ago(48 channels was like $650K), now don't quote me on it. A SSL 9000K same configuration is probably a $100K more(yeah but no one buys a 48channel anymore. For todays mixes 64 channel is probably the smallest configuration a studio can get away with).

The Massive i could not do without.

It is a classic in the making. I only found two uses its good for though, vocals and overall mix, but hey those are the two things that pay the bills.heh

In the first quarter(hopefully in Jan) I will add to my collection the Cranesong Ibis EQ. I am hoping it will replace the Massive on the overall mix. If not I may have to pick up another Massive(maybe a Mastering Version with detented pots)...

Yeah baby!!!grggt
Old 12th July 2003
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hey all just stumbles on this thread doing a seach.. updates anyone? Thrill, did you get the IBIS? Slippy, are you still contemplating yeat another large frame? What color is the carpet?
Old 12th July 2003
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G'day SM,

I'm coming in late here, but while I don't have an XL, the studio I run my suite from does and they've had it in since Sept 2002.

They love it as indeed do all the AEs that have flown it. The first thing I've noticed cutting tracks that were mixed on it was the bandwith especially coming of an ATR 102 (ARIA electronics).
Also the bottom end was very kewl, compared to say a 4000E.

They are managing very well and keeping up payments and bookings are solid. They are counting on keeping internationals who come here to track, to mix here as well. Sometimes it ain't possible due to the engineer's family commitments, or just the fact they have their prefered mix room that they are intimate with as indeed their ME of choice.

Obviously the locals have to provide the bread and butter. Having the kudos of Adam Kasper, Kiss, both Chris and Tom Lord Alge helps as well.
As it is everywhere, substance is important, but ya got to need to talk it up and create the mystique, especially where hits are involved.

But they are slowily getting some great pakcages together given our mediocre dollar compared to Uncle Sam's as well as a few sweetners.

Not an overnight phenomenon, but a change is happening. I'm not really sure whether major labels and A&R really know what they've got in their backyard at this point in time. Sure they see it and know, but what a significant thing it is to have a room of such high level that they could find in LA or NYC and gladly pay double or more of the rate, because it's kewler to say mixed in NYC by Andy Wallace (insert ya favorite)

Being a Glorified Tape Copy boy, my selection of high-end tools are limited to what I can comment on as well as the fact that AEs need so much more stuff.

I can't speak with any authority on mics pres etc as they are not a day to day reality for me. So I can tell you I love my Cranesong gear (thanks Brad)
as well as my Massivo. Great color box but not a primary in my book. My NSEQ-2 is a great transparent, but I wish it could be a little more misbehaved. My L2 is shall we say a stable that wants me to get into more trouble that I need to.

"Yeah yeah we really like it, BUT can ya get it up Vlado's cut"...sure if ya want it to sound like ****!!!

Never forget my first shoot out. I tried to get it as hot as I could, coz I knew that was the A&R guys fixation. Mission accomplished and personally unsatisfying, but I cut a rather more conservative version which they immediately rejected....they get the other master from the US.....not as loud!!!!!boy what do they do???... not expecting this

"Ah he's an American big cat with this weeks #1 Modern Rock Album on Bilboards and we've blown the budget. Nah she'll be right mate!!!

I digress.....

My Pride and joy is My custom Manley Mastering Console. I think after my project Hutch and EA were going to work on a shelf model, but the CUSTOM stuff was taking a back burner (unless you had the loot). From design to consultations to R&D aesthetics, functionality and God knows what else, it's a major spender of time.

I also love my Mu with the M/S mod especially when cutting lacquers.

Jeez I wish I could be more of an AE type gearslut and be a source of enlightenment (though more amusement).....

Typically I hang in some forums and have fun, but I find when I cross people who are of interest I take the intiative to ring personaaly and cultivate the high-end brotherhood as well as some friendly and professional cultural exchange. Brad and DC as well as Trevor Sadler and Tom Coyne get to draw the short straw every few weeks and it's great fun (for me certainly).

I'm sure we would share quite a few issues for similar reasons, but we would look at things for different requirements.

Take the GML 8200 EQ, great across the mix buss, but not my fav mastering eq. Transparent yes...but a little sharp in the top end.

So I guess we gotta be careful to know in which context we talk about stuff. Look no one is entirely right or wrong, but there view is still valid if they can provide some method to the madness.

Getting tired and gotta be up in 6 hrs to train and watch my little tacker compete in his karate tournament....One of the great thngs of fathering!!
That and a kewl wife to bring balance to the high end gear part of my life (albeit limited and slowly growing).

I'd like to be more detailed and more in line with what you were requesting from your initial post.

If ya like I can hook you up with the studio's owners (Phil and Kaj). Kewl dewds who are straight up with a sense of humour, who could offer you more rlevant info into what you need to know.

While I'm a Glorified Tape Copy Boy I enjoy talking to AEs. Adam Kasper was here recently and was a top bloke. We hung for a bit played him some choons in my room and left me feeling really good with what I was doing and how the room sounded.

Always willin to learn and share, but my share is going to be different and prolly more from an MEs perspective as it's my only source of income.

Cheers SM and I hope we connect over the phone. Our rates here are extremely cheap. Feel free to send me your tel# if it's appropriate and run a check on my with Brad and DC. Even had a few short ones with MM, but he was too busy most of the time to entertain me, but nonetheless was kewl and courteous as well as giving me some great laughs.
I think I reciprocrated in kind (by default) simply by my accent.....

Anyway XL rocks.....just add cash and decent personel and who knows what could come of it.

Sorry to made you endour this.


Tony Mantz.
Glorified Tape Copy Boy and Audio Janitor.
Old 14th July 2003
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Thanks SM,

Please do contact me anytime before you're trip and we will hook up for some harmless hijinx while you're in town. I'll definitely make some time available.


Tony Mantz.

Glorified Tape Copy Boy and Audio Janitor.
Old 14th July 2003
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Sounds like the start of a Melbourne Gearslut meeting to me. there sure is enough of us.

Old 14th July 2003
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I agree... just name a time and place. I promise to leave my rack @ the door and proceed unloaded!heh heh

Old 14th July 2003
Capitol Studios Paris
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Oz act Cut Copy has an electro-pop record coming out soon on Modular Records/EMI Australia that was mixed here.

The artist's name is Dan...one very nice guy from Sydney if any of you meet him...

Wish I could follow SM and come hang down under this summer.
Old 14th July 2003
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Re: What's Hi-end these days? I'm not seeing it here.

Originally posted by slipperman
Not much ANALOG 'high-end' up there at all, as far as I can see.

some good analog high-ENDS would be JLO or britney...not a shred of digital in either.... and they cost as much to have as a SSL console...can't get higher then that
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