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This forum is here to talk about high-end equipment and high-end production techniques/discussions. Threads that are not 'high...

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Whitecat 23rd January 2015
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Decided to open this new thread to cover all new things officially Helios and Olympic (Audio Digital Technology) Regarding...

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Paul_G 3 minutes ago
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Today, I just plugged the Amphion One18 with two Auralic Merak mono block (Hypex UcD with Orfeo Class A module) I love this...

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Sniperschool 11 minutes ago
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Hi, i've read allot of the debates about clocks for convertors for years. And been quite happy with my dig 192 for years &...

[email protected]
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chrisdude 18 minutes ago
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Hi Guys! I found lot of post about Neumann kh 310 vs PSI a21 but PSI a21 are 2,490 eu for one speaker on Thomann and Neumann 310...

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Martijn W 2 hours ago
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Since plug-ins are getting better and better I hear that some “cats” (engineers) are selling off their analog gear and moving...

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InPhazor 2 hours ago
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I opened my second-hand MD 441, and the innards are perfect, but the grill has small holes. Problem: a replacement grill would...

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Sinocelt 3 hours ago
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Just saw this 500 series unit at Mercenary's site!? Looks cool!!! Any users of the DeEsser in the Lilfreq want to chime in...

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moeses 5 hours ago
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Hi there guys, I was looking for a good analog summing mixer and I wanted one with it´s own AD/DA converters so I would have a...

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Mixxed Up 5 hours ago
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Hi, I own a pair of Genelec SAM monitors. They are connected to my RME via the aes/ebu inputs. In order to control the monitor...

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slainbabyyc 7 hours ago
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Hello gearspace people Between the Neumann U67 vs Neumann M49 Sonically speaking sound wise in openness in sound good...

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A.M.G 8 hours ago
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Hi I'm canvassing opinions for the above choice, for a pair of mics.... I need options for catpure in mono and stereo, but...

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avillalta 11 hours ago
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Im curious for other people's experience when sending a head to Thiersch for reskinning. I sent them a spendy U47 head in need of...

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elambo 12 hours ago
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This thread will probably help alot of slutz out there so here we go... So I have the budget for 3-4 500 series preamps. (I'm...

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elambo 12 hours ago
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Hi guys, hoping you can help me out. I purchased an Avid S4 5 foot frame at an auction. It's just the frame no modules... what is...

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joelfarr 12 hours ago

For me the Retro 2a3 makes me smile everytime I go from bypassed to in. And the mod that Black Lion audio did to my 192 Sent...

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KIDBILL 13 hours ago
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Is Serban mixing all itb or is he using some outboard? What plugins is he using? Someone has to know something about his...

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rorymillermixes 13 hours ago
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You can use your Sigma so many diffent ways so please share your setup layout. I have used it now about four years and I know...

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Nickerz 14 hours ago
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Is this still something worth investing in, if I'm not mistaken there are a few pieces in that pack that are quite old now. Are...

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EQss 15 hours ago
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Anyone with any knowledge of these two mics and how they compare? I had a U99 maybe ten or so years ago and loved it. It had a...

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eddward 16 hours ago
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Hello everybody! I found some feature of the ATC SCM 25 monitors, which is a flat soundstage, the sound is not positioned in...

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wsstudio 16 hours ago
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Hi, I own the Roland R880 reverb and I have all presets card (480L, massenburg, quintana) and I copied those many times for...

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Trigunaudio 16 hours ago
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Hello dear members, I am looking for a new analog ''betterizer'' unit, something to make my digital tracks even bigger and...

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EngineerMoney 19 hours ago
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Anyone here using the CM-2 or another cool model? It's a broadcast console, but with just *ridiculous* pres. Back in the...

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ram75 19 hours ago
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Hey all, I'm a sound designer but only recently discovered the reason my slowed-down recordings don't stand up against...

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vincenty 19 hours ago
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Ok everyone, I have a bit of an embarrassing situation at hand. I’ve been producing, professionally mind you, for quite some...

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sws1 21 hours ago
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Hello all! I placed an order for this unit many months ago...I finally got it today. I've had SSL clone comps before and also...

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Taivanski 1 day ago
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Neve 1073 vs Flickinger Mic Preamps Anythoughts or Experiences? I read somewhere a guy sold his BCM-10 for flickingers. I'm...

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dandeurloo 1 day ago
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Figure there's got to be a few others out there. Got mine earlier this year and it's been a pleasure to use so far. What's...

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lukehowardmusic 1 day ago
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Hey guys Iam looking to get a diode bridge compressor so looking for advises , I don’t have any hardware compressors so my...

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NathanEldred 1 day ago
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Hello, I recently upgraded my vocal booth and room, so I've decided to purchase a new vocal chain. I already have a U87ai and I...

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Moritz Werner 1 day ago
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Since we became parents in the past month, I've only had limited testing time with this amazing mic (76 original capsule) I...

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sourpatch 1 day ago
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Looks like we will be pulling the trigger on Solar Panels, and as a result my studio will be running on 100% Solar Power. but...

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AlexisHarrington 1 day ago
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SSL Sigma


I am a prospective buyer of this and this is very new product which I don't fully understand yet so I guess having a dedicated...

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Jon Con 1 day ago
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Hi, I recently got my first ribbon mic (AEA R88) and I'm wondering how much I would benefit (noise-wise) from using a...

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dfghdhr 1 day ago
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Hi! Has anybody any experience with the Otari Concept Elite console? We're building a new studio and are looking for a good...

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smartfreq 1 day ago
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Both seem to be similar, with minor variations in how their respective summing can stack. UTA calls its style 'cascading', which...

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breakinrecords 1 day ago
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So sorry if this is in the wrong section. Allen & Heath are not replying to me emails so I am in a bind. I have a...

Surf Devil
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Surf Devil 1 day ago
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I just got my cl1b as some of you know , I have a trial period with vintage king . Now here’s the truth I’m a bit...

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Burstwurst 1 day ago
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OK I'm, beyond frustrated trying to set up my Bricasti up via AES. I'm using a digi 192 Pro Tools HD 8.1. I have searched...

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Casey 1 day ago
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Hi everyone! I bought a used SSL Fusion one and I'm super happy with it, but noticed something weird: When I turn on the HF...

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squarecircle 2 days ago
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I've been on a quest of sorts to purchase a Neve or Neve like preamp. I was thankfully loaned an AMS Neve 1073DPA, that I've now...

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nukmusic 2 days ago
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I found this Burl bmb6 unit used for a great price but really not too sure how it’s connect to my symphony mk1 2x6. The Burl...

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A.McCann 2 days ago
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Hello experienced gearslutzers Got a strange problema with my LA-610mkii Suddenly it started to behave very microphonic......

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fushapanther 2 days ago
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Is SSL Matrix 2 still a good choice in 2019 ? I guess theres many alternative available today even a mixerless workflow with...

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79_Limited 2 days ago
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I am currently thinking about rearranging my private analog studio setup. I set up everything like in the old times - 24-track,...

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avare 2 days ago
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Hi, Does anybody have a recommendation for a sub that mates well with ATC SCM25A's, other than ATC's own ($8000 approx) sub? ...

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Brad Lunde 2 days ago
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Hey! so I'm thinking of treating myself to a high end multi pattern microphone, I have narrowed it down to : Neumann U87AI...

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cheu78 2 days ago
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definitely inspired by the "Control Room thread" I was wondering if there were pictures to post of various mic'ed up...

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jchristopherhughes 2 days ago
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Stam Audio


How are the wait times these days? Anything improved?

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EQss 2 days ago
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Recommend something. Will be used sometimes with AEA R88A on piano But every type of mic and situation

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Paul_G 2 days ago