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Hello everyone, Since about 1,5 months ago I've had this problem with my right ear hearing much worse than it used to. The...

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barbital 8 hours ago
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Hello everyone, As no doctor could give me any solid advice in my recent hearing-trouble situation, I did quite a bit of my...

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8azulak 11 hours ago
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Has anybody else had experience with Heberden's nodes or osteoarthritis in general in their fingers? About a year ago I...

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Synth Guru 2 days ago
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Hi ! I have two questions. The first is : how do you deal with high frequencies hearing loss ? After using too much...

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markmann 1 week ago
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While doing some tests, i just noticed if i take a sound (tryed with snare, sub and a strings) and i hard pan left and right...

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Frankie.T 1 week ago
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Hi all, After 20 years of productive professional music listening/making, I've noticed ear problems in the last few months in my...

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bodega. 1 week ago
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IF you're over 50 and IF you wear headphones for many hours, you should be aware of this skin affection. Nothing serious, but...

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UncleGroOve 2 weeks ago
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Hi, Since November 2020 I had tinnitus and hearing loss in left ear (3Khz -30db) how can I improve the hearing loss from your...

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aviorrok 2 weeks ago
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Here's a cheery subject So who's lost their high frequency hearing ? or even worse has tinnitus ? A friend of mine who also...

Deleted efd8500
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norfolk martin 3 weeks ago
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kmHhLs2_opw Thought it's a subject that needs more awareness, so there you go.

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Synthhead 3 weeks ago
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I've decided to test my hearing just for fun about a month ago. Basically running sinus wave tests in the high frequency range....

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sigmundklaus 4 weeks ago
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Hello Dear Members, Last week I was so excited. I got myself some new software and was working on my new track that was on...

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Mac808 27th March 2021
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Hi, Breaking a property in Japan to rebuild and wondered if you guys could ID this material. It looks suspiciously like...

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Robo 27th March 2021
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The title may sound like a contradiction, but tinnitus and hearing problems pop up on the board once in a while. Most of the...

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Aconlee 25th March 2021
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I have mild tinnitus that comes and goes depending on sound exposure.. Due to my living situation, it's not always practical to...

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psycho_monkey 18th March 2021
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Hey guys, just wondering if others suffer from this. I work as a freelance producer/engineer for a living, therefore tracking...

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Zed999 13th March 2021
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No hearing loss per se but a distortion of sound only at certain pitches. The ringing only occurs at one frequency. It sounds...

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Zed999 12th March 2021
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Hey guys, at 29 years old I just got diagnosed autistic..... Growing up I never sang cause I hated the sound of my voice,...

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styphon 1st March 2021
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This came up in another thread, and I think it's really important that we're all aware. Lyme disease can cause tinnitus and...

Samantha Glocker
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Samantha Glocker 1st March 2021
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A simple thought: I have tinnitus from 2003. Now I'm using nyacin, magnesium, zinc, and very little amount of rivotril. But, as...

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barbital 4th February 2021
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Here is a new forum member :) 8" vs 6" monitors for newcomer in tinnitus? I have tinnitus backwards 2 months, the...

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loujudson 4th February 2021
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Hello ! So I would like to know if some of you are familiar with this (diplacusis), or can give me your opinion on...

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cyjanopan 29th January 2021
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JblKid95 26th January 2021
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Hi all! i would really like to sort this out since its getting me crazy :D I'm an amateur producer, working on electronic music...

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backfisch123 25th January 2021
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I feel like the last couple of weeks have been a real turning point for me with this whole new normal pandemic dystopia thing....

Local Man
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Synth Guru 24th January 2021
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This is a very long post so I’ll summarise so you’ll know if you want to read it. I had debilitating symptoms of extreme...

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ashm 8th January 2021
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Hi. Not quite sure where to post this, so apologies if it's the wrong place. Yesterday I had several bad events culminate...

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barbital 26th December 2020
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Dear Gearslutzers A little post to ask you about something that has been worrying me since a few months. I’m hearing a...

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barbital 26th December 2020
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Hi, I mostly mix, I do a lot of broadcast and live recording. I find myself a lot of time starting to feel ear fatigue and a...

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souljahh 20th December 2020
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According to the news, people are dying from vaping. However, 'vaping' is a very general term that can mean a lot of things....

Sounds Great
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Sounds Great 9th December 2020
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Hey guys. I've been making music for a long time and I'm finally going to address this subject. I use Ableton right now, but I've...

Axiom 27
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deedeeyeah 4th December 2020
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Just wondering if theres other artists who like their music loud and have tinnitus yet still make music. When you show your...

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AfterViewer 23rd November 2020
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who of you engineers is working with mild to severe hearing los? Can anyone please share your experience? Especially as a mixing...

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deedeeyeah 5th November 2020
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I recently got diagnosed with ADD and got described Wellbutrin. But after reading up on Wellbutrin online I found that it can...

Deleted 444b9a2
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MattOhara 17th October 2020
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There are lot of discussions about this on net but I would like to hear from people whos ears are tools for work. ...

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MattOhara 17th October 2020
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New study on treatment of tinnitus. Thought it would be worth sharing.

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Sharp11 16th October 2020
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If you remember nothing else about the topic, remember this: it often isn't like you see in the movies, where you have this...

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bill5 13th October 2020
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Hi gearslutz! I need to get som expert’s advice from you guys now. I am a singer and working almost always in studio. Always...

Little Aaron
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Little Aaron 27th September 2020
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A team has won the IG-Nobel prize for medicine for"diagnosing a long-unrecognized medical condition: Misophonia, the...

Jake Johnson
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Jake Johnson 26th September 2020
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Theres hope yet :

Deleted 10089a2
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ivato 13th September 2020
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Middle age and lifestyle changes.. When I was in my 20s and 30s I basically ran on nicotine, sugar and caffeine...booze and...

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sameal 6th September 2020
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I've been suffering from heartburn for many years now and it's been getting worse specially at night. Honestly, I'm sick and...

Synth Guru
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Deleted 9b8a45329ac0fe0 6th September 2020
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While mentioned in the past, this is worth repeating. Protect your hearing. Sadly the people that need to hear this aren’t...

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Deleted 9b8a45329ac0fe0 6th September 2020
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hey so for reference i’m 18 but about 3 months ago exact i got a new laptop and literally as i’m plugging it in i got a crazy...

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Wowee 28th August 2020
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So years of sitting in a mixing chair, are hemmies inevitable for middle-aged folks who have been sitting in desk chairs for...

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JohnEdson 25th August 2020
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I'm sure we could all agree that a wide hearing range does not necessarily yield good engineering and production. I think it...

drp audio
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Old Yin 5th June 2020
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i've had a lifetime of problems with my right ear. whenever i get a cold, it cuts out for time it lasted for nearly 6...

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junkshop 6th May 2020
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Dear all, I’m so happy that i finally opened an account here. I’m a fan of the forum for a long time, but never actually...

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makis90 25th April 2020
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For a while I have been experiencing a low rumbling hum in my right ear off and on which sounds like a truck in the distance with...

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LeChuck 18th April 2020
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About a month ago, I started using Lion's Mane (just for general health reasons), and have just lately noticed that my tinnitus...

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markseevers 11th April 2020