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Jules 3rd June 2020
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who of you engineers is working with mild to severe hearing los? Can anyone please share your experience? Especially as a mixing...

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Dawnrazor 2 days ago
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I feel like the last couple of weeks have been a real turning point for me with this whole new normal pandemic dystopia thing....

Local Man
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MAXX VADA 3 days ago
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Hi all, About 3 weeks ago I came down with a brutal flu... not Covid but felt just as bad. After the flu began to clear up I...

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riffwraith 4 weeks ago
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Title says it all. What standard size earplugs are the best when it comes to lowering all frequencies evenly? Some options:...

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newguy1 31st July 2022
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I had knee joint pain, arthritis in my toes and pretty bad arthritis in my fingers where it started even getting curled...

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PatrickFaith 30th July 2022
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Misophonia is a "disorder of decreased tolerance to specific sounds or their associated stimuli." To the point of...

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pencilextremist 8th July 2022
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Hi I suffer from mild hearing loss on my left ear (-30db at 3Khz) and I do hate it! The male vocals sounds “chip” and not...

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aviorrok 6th July 2022
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Hi, apologies for the 'boring' topic, but I can't be the first person here to think about this? I am relatively 'fit' and active...

The Beatsmith
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Alexx77 27th June 2022
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Sometimes I think I can point to definite things I did(listening to loud music with my stereo, mixing in the cans, was in a...

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nice keetee 21st June 2022
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Hi. I am officially diagnosed with ADHD and Asperger's syndrome (Autism spectrum discorder) (DSM-5)... There is any wrong with...

Erdem the mixer
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Erdem the mixer 15th June 2022
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This is not an anti vaccine post. I am sharing my personal experience and asking if this has happened to anyone else here, and if...

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hcppp 21st May 2022
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A simple thought: I have tinnitus from 2003. Now I'm using nyacin, magnesium, zinc, and very little amount of rivotril. But, as...

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Moondog007 9th May 2022
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Hearing loss due to aging, noise and certain cancer drugs has been irreversible, because scientists have not been able to...

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MichaelDroste 7th May 2022
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psycho_monkey 5th May 2022
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I decided to get serious in treating some pesky Athlete's Foot! :cop::cop::cop: I'm also treating some nail fungi!:deth: I...

Synth Guru
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Scragend 24th April 2022
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Over the last two weeks I've noticed this in my left ear. Especially with organ music. It seems that certain high tones have a...

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barbital 11th April 2022
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For many people excessive ear wax can be a problem that can lead to diminished hearing levels. While browsing the net, I ran...

Synth Guru
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Synth Guru 31st March 2022
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So thought I would throw this out here. I had my COVID Pfizer shots last summer. All went fairly well. Then sometime around...

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telecode 26th March 2022
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Hi ! I have two questions. The first is : how do you deal with high frequencies hearing loss ? After using too much...

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barbital 22nd March 2022
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Hi, I have a slight hearing loss in my left ear (from 8Khz to 12Khz the curve goes down), while my right ear is still perfect,...

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howseth 20th March 2022
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daaronhoffman 11th March 2022
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i've been experiencing on again off again issues with my ears for the past few years and thought it might be worth a shot to see...

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alehmon 10th March 2022
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I read this article and have been researching into it:...

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PatrickFaith 20th February 2022
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The title may sound like a contradiction, but tinnitus and hearing problems pop up on the board once in a while. Most of the...

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Deleted 6176fb637fbe241 20th February 2022
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Hi all, I'm close to buying one of these fly repellant wall plugs to get rid of flies who are bothering me at night (I live next...

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Synth Guru 17th February 2022
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So, I've recently developed a new symptom: the ringing in my ears is now sidechained to my pulse, so on really good days, I get...

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syntonica 10th February 2022
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I have mild tinnitus that comes and goes depending on sound exposure.. Due to my living situation, it's not always practical to...

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PatrickFaith 6th February 2022
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This is something everyone who visits this forum who suffers from permanent hearing loss or tinnitus would be interested in. At...

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edwinhurwitz 1st February 2022
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If you are over 40 years of age, please answer the following questions: (1) Do you suffer from any amount of tinnitus?...

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TomPaul 23rd January 2022
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How do you guys deal with loud environments at events you must attend? I just went to a wedding, and I'm glad I brought my...

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rosewood123 13th January 2022
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Has any one of you had a similar experience? I had a pretty blocked Eustachian tube on my right side for a few months. For...

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Folkie 13th October 2021
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Hi, I've been recording and engineering music for years, even taught it f/t at a university for a few years and was responsible...

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Brent Hahn 9th September 2021
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About a month ago, I started using Lion's Mane (just for general health reasons), and have just lately noticed that my tinnitus...

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DrNOBackburner 2nd September 2021
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Hey guys, just wondering if others suffer from this. I work as a freelance producer/engineer for a living, therefore tracking...

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deedeeyeah 4th August 2021
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Does anyone make software that tests your hearing? I’d like to be able to check my hearing every few months to track changes in...

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johannburkard 24th July 2021
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Humans are bathing in EMFs at increasing rates - it's a fact. Issues are showing up everywhere (depression, adult stress, kids...

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tonejunkee 16th July 2021
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This came up in another thread, and I think it's really important that we're all aware. Lyme disease can cause tinnitus and...

Samantha Glocker
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beshel 1st July 2021
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Hi, Why most of ENT said the Ultra-High frequencies (9khz+)hearing test is bull**** and not accurate? Thanks!

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Zed999 25th June 2021
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Hello folks, I've been googling endlessly, but haven't found anything yet, so I thought I'd ask here in this forum, maybe this...

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corazon 29th May 2021
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While doing some tests, i just noticed if i take a sound (tryed with snare, sub and a strings) and i hard pan left and right...

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Frankie.T 19th May 2021
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Hi all, After 20 years of productive professional music listening/making, I've noticed ear problems in the last few months in my...

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bodega. 17th May 2021
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Hi, At late October tinnitus start on my left ear and I have a hearing loss -30db at 3Khz on left ear and some high end...

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Hardtoe 14th May 2021
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I've decided to test my hearing just for fun about a month ago. Basically running sinus wave tests in the high frequency range....

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DSK 10th May 2021
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Hello everyone, Since about 1,5 months ago I've had this problem with my right ear hearing much worse than it used to. The...

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barbital 10th May 2021
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Hello everyone, As no doctor could give me any solid advice in my recent hearing-trouble situation, I did quite a bit of my...

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8azulak 8th May 2021
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Has anybody else had experience with Heberden's nodes or osteoarthritis in general in their fingers? About a year ago I...

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Synth Guru 6th May 2021
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IF you're over 50 and IF you wear headphones for many hours, you should be aware of this skin affection. Nothing serious, but...

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UncleGroOve 21st April 2021
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Hi, Since November 2020 I had tinnitus and hearing loss in left ear (3Khz -30db) how can I improve the hearing loss from your...

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aviorrok 18th April 2021
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Here's a cheery subject So who's lost their high frequency hearing ? or even worse has tinnitus ? A friend of mine who also...

Deleted efd8500
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norfolk martin 13th April 2021
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kmHhLs2_opw Thought it's a subject that needs more awareness, so there you go.

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Synthhead 12th April 2021