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I find that the diaphragm that I ordered from Madisound to replace a blown tweeter in my Hafler TRM6 does not seem to be the...

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tourtelot 4 weeks ago
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I have an EMT 240 goldfoil and Neve 1762 remote module, but no remote cable or pinouts for either one. I Googled but didn't...

Dr Funk
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HansMues 4 weeks ago
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Hello, We are in the process of adding a TT mic patchbay to our studio. We are gonna be using a solder type switchcraft...

Phase Shift
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bmdaugherty 4 weeks ago
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I've been fishing the web recently for info about capacitors for overhauling a forty year old tape machine and came across this...

Riley Casey
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tINY 4 weeks ago
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Hello, Would anyone be able to recommend more readily available, or cheaper alternatives to - Carnhill VTB9045 Carnhill...

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1fisch4 4 weeks ago
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Looks like some E-mu spare parts suppliers have dried up of old E-mu parts. I have been able to locate some proper NOS rotary...

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Thomas W. Bethe 4 weeks ago
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Hi all,, I have a tascam us20x20 audio interface and recently have short circuited my laptop with the audio interface...

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Thomas W. Bethe 4 weeks ago
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Hi everyone. My Apollo Firewire burned after an electrostatic shock last week and, considering that I'm from Italy and the...

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MatteoCT 4 weeks ago
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ADC design stuff we talk about a lot : chipsets, dc coupling, discrete design, power supplies etc. Things we don't talk about...

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Nickerz 4 weeks ago
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Hello everybody. I have an A800 MKIII permanently stuck in Mute problem. The mute light is permanently on and the mute switch has...

General Malaise
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Zeppelin 4 weeks ago
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I'm about to buy a Celestion Fullback to put in a cab I have and run a big old Red Knob Twin head through it. The amp has an...

Sean B
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Sean B 4 weeks ago
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Hi all Maybe you can help me: I can't switch on my Lexicon MPX1 anymore. It's just as if it doesn't receive any power. I...

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AdrianM55 4 weeks ago
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Hi People, Just wanting to check with knowledgeble folk out there with regard to speaker crossover caps, I'm going to replace...

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pablometal 4 weeks ago
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Forgive my mistake, Do you know more about fiber optic cables in microphones? Is the construction of such a cable the same as...

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cyrano 4 weeks ago
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Hello, I'm here to see if anyone knows of a good source for electrical information on well, specifically a Mackie CFX12 analog...

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PJD3 4 weeks ago
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So ... I put a Bluetooth speaker inside one of those vacuum bags for clothes. When I took the air out of the bag, the sound...

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CFB4 4 weeks ago
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Hi, I'm looking for an available SN7483J replacement for the MCI Autolocator 2 Thanks !

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analogguru 4 weeks ago
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Digital EQ. Do all eq plugins use the same computational process? or do they vary?. I appreciate there is a difference...

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palebluedot 4th April 2021
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Hey all! Was hoping some of you might be able to offer some advice or your experience with repairing gear, or specifically with...

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alexsandor 4th April 2021
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I picked up a CPS 450 to replace a dying CPS 150 for my Delta 200 board. I am looking at the specs for the two psu's and can use...

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Jim Williams 4th April 2021
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Hi, Does anyone own or have opinions on the SPIRIT ABSOLUTE ZERO nearfield monitors ? A friend is offering them to me at a...

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SympaSizer 3rd April 2021
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I love my Portico 5033, but it's got a terrible interface for mastering, which got me thinking, how do-able would a mod be to add...

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Jim Williams 3rd April 2021
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Hope someone has can help me on this.. *Sometimes when I switch on the synth it will reset a few times before I have touched...

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Shenes 3rd April 2021
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Anyone knows how to do this mod? I have read many places online that it will make the MA-8 sound better:) Cheers

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musicmixer04 3rd April 2021
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Hey guys, this may be a silly question but... I was plugging my electric guitar into the focusrite scarlett 18i20 and as I...

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Kaizerwulf 3rd April 2021
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I have a Lexicon MPX-1 that is dying on boot up. When first powered on, all the LEDS light up and then it begins the boot...

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AdrianM55 2nd April 2021
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Good morning all ! I come here hoping to find some help with my MCI JH24 tape recorder. I bought this tape recorder 2 years...

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Piermo 1st April 2021
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There has been alot of talk about importance of conversion in recording chain, and lots of people want to know which AD/DA chip...

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paulthesparky 1st April 2021
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I needed a whole bunch of these on my last Mouser order and have a lot left over. Is there any reason not to use the rest of...

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Orson Maxwell 1st April 2021
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Hey all - some kids were playing with a Roland boutique. Now a number of black keys are dead. No physical damage to be seen and...

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Catabolic 1st April 2021
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Hello, I have a problem with my LA610 (first version). I'm the original owner. When turned on, the vu-meter goes 100% to the...

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claudiomas 1st April 2021
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Hi does anyone know what converters the MOTU Pre8 USB uses? Trying to find the dynamic range of the ins and outs and the...

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phuketian 1st April 2021
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I have an 36 channel inline Neotek Elan 2 console. It has 24 busses but the first 8 are balanced and must have been rebuild at...

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mattssons 31st March 2021
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I just bought 2 Soundcraft Delta mixers, a 24 channel and an 8 Channel. The 24 channel did not come with a power supply, and the...

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teddymusic 31st March 2021
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Hi I am a new member here from across the pond in the UK. howdy I am hoping to get some advise based on the forum members...

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KimWave 31st March 2021
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Hi folks, I just installed two Redco TT D-Sub patchbays. I downloaded their patchbay template, but it doesn't line...

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DrScruggs 31st March 2021
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I need help configuring a line level "equalizer" Evidently, the RCA out of the DAC is 4 db and the XLR is 14 db. I'm...

J Ex
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J Ex 30th March 2021
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Hey gearspace folks. I've got a Mackie Onyx 1640 I'm trying to refurbish to use for with my rehearsal PA and I'm finding it...

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crosscutred 30th March 2021
Avatar for rog951

Guys, I picked up a Tapco 4400 reverb recently and ALL the slider pots are quite scratchy. I've cleaned a lot of rotary pots...

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FatLucy 30th March 2021
Avatar for Seccione

I have lost hope for finding a reasonably priced MV8-OP1 output expansion board for Roland's MV-8800. :( So I've been toying...

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DJ T Havoc 29th March 2021
Avatar for PaRaNoId

Is there a easy build for a very simple line-level (or mic level) passive high-pass filter? It's hard to find any designs catered...

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Surbitone 29th March 2021
Avatar for Murky Waters

Hi All, I have a Soundcraft Delta that has a few channel 'ON' pushbutton switches that have seen better days...

Murky Waters
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Toneshifter 29th March 2021
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Hello everyone. I picked up an Oktava mk 319 yesterday and they sound very nice for the given price, but I saw there are a lot...

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kamimarga 28th March 2021
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I just picked up a mackie control universal controller with one mackie control xt expansion controller. Each are having issues...

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Cris_ProMusic 28th March 2021
Avatar for 80sboy

Hello! I am trying to wire up a new power supply for my sequential circuits Tom drum machine. It is basically a center tap AC...

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Thomas W. Bethe 28th March 2021
Avatar for General Malaise

Hi. I have a studer A800 problem. When the machine is first turned on and cold it will play tapes for a few minutes and then...

General Malaise
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Radardoug 27th March 2021
Avatar for blackmajik2021

I have several pieces of gear with horrible pots that are overdue for cleaning. The headphone pots on my UA Apollo, EQ on several...

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lame pseudonym 27th March 2021
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Hello, Does anyone know how to calibrate VU meter on TLA-50. Summit seems to be impossible to contact. Emails bounce back phone...

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Hammerstiel 27th March 2021
Avatar for Piku

I just took delivery of a Peavey 6505 MH Japan Edition. I was planning on having a step down converter ordered but spaced on it....

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Piku 27th March 2021
Avatar for Santiago

Hi, I have had for a while a Ross distortion pedal (the early tan version made in the US) that I like a lot, as it can go from...

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Avatar for Jim Williams
Jim Williams 26th March 2021