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OK, something to spice up GeekZone = here is where we post images of the INSIDE of audio equipment. Disclaimer; any photo...

Tim Farrant
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jmp72 3 weeks ago
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I have been collecting schematics for 30 years and 5 years ago I started make them available at my site www.SecretMind.dk but...

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gyraf 26th July 2021
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DSP Innovations has recently launched a FREE data sheet search site. The site, Datasheetpro.com - Search Electronic Components ,...

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msbettyhunt 27th March 2020
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Anyone who offers technical services should get themselves listed into the new member directory here... Gearspace Directory:...

Tim Farrant
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msbettyhunt 24th March 2020
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Reverbs and other DSP stuff.... moved? The thread on high-end was very interesting but probably should be here.......

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seancostello 1 hour ago
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Hello everyone. I have the pleasure to present you the new pcb available at general audio research...

micro rocco
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micro rocco 3 hours ago
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I need to replace the wire that connects my output jack on my les paul. I do not have any wire specifically for it, but I do have...

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TheCaptain910 7 hours ago
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Hi, my Midas Venice F16 sometimes is not powering up and when I turn it on all the LEDs start flashing. grrr I guess that it...

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OliveFromParis 9 hours ago
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I'm an 'audio engineer' who took some elementary physics classes in college, but I don't have a electrical engineering...

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UKMK00 9 hours ago
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Dear Community, the topic power is probably the most controversial topic in audio. There are tons of threads in audio forums...

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PeterPetz 1 day ago
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I have the mono/mute/dim buttons on a mackie big knob studio+ that are not engaging. Any suggestions? I tried some compressed...

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Cpl. Punishment 1 day ago
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Two days ago I was in my mastering room doing a transfer when all the audio equipment started to output a very low hum (sounded...

Thomas W. Bethe
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Rick Dalton 1 day ago
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this seems to be an ideal candidate to turn into a stunner. good bones but hopeing i can make it shine. i love the...

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jiggobee 1 day ago
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Was reading the preview of that old Tape Op article about adding a transformer into the chain to induce more color/mojo. Using...

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RogerFoote 1 day ago
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Okay I'm confused.. (not surprising) I got a juno 106.. got it home. plugged it into my stereo rig.. and immediately noticed...

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[email protected] 1 day ago
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Hi, anyone's got a PO-12 or PO-24 with broken screen please to send over? I am happy to pay for delivery (London, UK) and little...

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kloopy 2 days ago
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Just bought this wonderful quality drum machine, but it's making only snapping sound instead of drum sounds. Everything on the...

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QueenSisi 2 days ago
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Hey people, i've been lurking this forum for a while now, and I have a question to which i can't seem to find an answer even...

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longtimelurker 2 days ago
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Hi folks, I'm about to enter the wild and whacky world of EDAC connector building, and i'm wondering whether i should purchase...

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tdot 2 days ago
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Hi ,all I’m Looking the TL Audio C 5021 schematics. Thanks

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rotfenstermusik 2 days ago
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Hey guys, I just bought the Omnitronic BD-1320 second hand and it seems to run well mechanically. Currently trying to set it...

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platonism8 3 days ago
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So I've had a Summit TLA 100A on the bench for service. Apparently the bright spark who designed this was not that bright. There...

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Sean Sullivan 4 days ago
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Anyone know Richard from Lingenberg Sound? Several years ago I got some bits from Richard @ Lingenberg sound sent over here to...

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Jim Williams 5 days ago
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Hi everyone! I know this is a long shot, but would anyone have an idea why this is happening?! I have an older M80 with Jensen...

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Jim Williams 5 days ago
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I bought a well used Tascam M-1516, but after the sale, i realized it didn't include a power supply. according to Tascam, the...

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Jim Williams 5 days ago
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Hey, All! I have a Carvin mx2488 console that I recently picked up and have some tech questions about it. When I first booted up...

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cvonbreeden 5 days ago
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Hi all, I bought a TLM 103 from a "buy and sell" site similar to ebay here in my country. Upon receiving it, I...

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Vit 6 days ago
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Hello there "Gearspaces" XD I need you for this one. After major home renovations I'm experiencing a major issue with...

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samwinston123 1 week ago
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Hey, I wonder if anybody has come across this. I just got a new Mackie 1202VLZ4 and it seems to have quite a problem with...

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M50k 1 week ago
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Hi all. Just got an Schaller Echo Sound in. It is a echo disc unit. The alu solid disc is covered in a brown paint. It has the...

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Frankiefuzz 1 week ago
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Hi there, I have a D&R Avalon and it's amazing, however has a big problem, half of the modules are missing the mic pre IC- a...

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danie_faustino 1 week ago
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Any Slutz out there who have wired up a GAC-7 cable for an Apex 460? I‘m having trouble figuring out which pins the two thicker...

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MYN 1 week ago
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Can someone please explain it properly? I searched all over google about this but didn't find a propper answer. All the...

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kludgeaudio 1 week ago
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Hi Forum This is my first post here and I hope that I am posting in the right section, if not apologies to the mods. I...

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emmanuelcoder 1 week ago
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Hi I bought a BOSS SE 70 with out a PSU was fairly cheap as its a bit beat up On powering it up im gettin a blank screen it...

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hollandturbine 1 week ago
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Hey guys quick question which one of these laptop is good for music production Dell Alienware R17 HP ZBook G3 Acer Aspire V17...

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gebella 1 week ago
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One of my Furman PL-8 power conditioner units shows a hot/ground reverse on a polarity "bug". I hear a relay click and...

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tourtelot 1 week ago
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hello everyone, I'd like to introduce MidiTraC... MidiTraC combines different device classes: * Step sequencer...

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aliced25 1 week ago
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EDIT: This is interesting. Anyone with the means to do it, try and measure the output impedance of the X-Amp and get back to me...

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Philbo King 1 week ago
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Hi all, I am trying to find an NTP M100c op amp. Any ideas? Thanks, Seamus EDIT: Found some, thanks!

Seamus TM
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tobi_woerth 1 week ago
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Hi!! I recently bought a cheap akai s900, of course not working! The problem, is that when i turn it on all the characters in...

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goldenmean 1 week ago
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Hi, how would I go about replacing a dented tweeter? The sound is also affected, I can hear less high end from one...

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Thomas W. Bethe 1 week ago
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I have a question about testing error rates on an Panasonic SV3800 DAT machine. I figured out how to check them in the manual,...

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GLouie 1 week ago
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My tech spoke of building a little enclosure with just input and output jacks, whereupon you would have a set of input...

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Brent Hahn 1 week ago
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Hi, some time ago I bought an "unknown condition" Sony DPS-R7, it arrived at my home packaged with a light cardboard...

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JMoss1 1 week ago
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Today I serviced my first-gen Mackie CR-1604 VLZ for the first time since I bought it new in 1998. After sitting in storage...

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WorldPowerLabs 1 week ago
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So I finally purchased a VGA card for my Akai DR16. I thought the card would just plug into one of the expansion slots. It...

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Rick Dalton 2 weeks ago
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Hi there... i'm trying to fix a problem with a Shadow Hills Mono Gama pre-amp. The op-amp is defective. If i don't use it off...

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radiovinheta 2 weeks ago
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I'm currently troubleshooting a problem with a Neumann KM140, which is buzzing quite considerably during use. I've attached a...

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Radardoug 2 weeks ago
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Please remove. Ordered new unit.

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Dor 2 weeks ago
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I am new to this area of the site, long time troubleshooter and fixer of various things, with big gaps in knowledge regarding...

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Trojanmantony 2 weeks ago
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Forward Hello fellow GS'ers! This is a reissue of a thread that I started over in the Cakewalk forums. It was immensely...

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gmjwtech 2 weeks ago
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Ok I decided to mod my Yamaha HS80m since I'm pretty happy with it but like anything it can always be better :) I've opened it...

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Rowboat 2 weeks ago
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Hey, so I have an interesting problem. I've got a pair of JBL LSR 305s, and one of them has a tweeter that will stop working, but...

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Pinebox Studio Services 2 weeks ago