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I have been collecting schematics for 30 years and 5 years ago I started make them available at my site but...

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jokeramik 3 days ago
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OK, something to spice up GeekZone = here is where we post images of the INSIDE of audio equipment. Disclaimer; any photo...

Tim Farrant
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Rtroost 25th July 2022
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Anyone who offers technical services should get themselves listed into the new member directory here... Gearspace Directory:...

Tim Farrant
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play/record 26th June 2022
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DSP Innovations has recently launched a FREE data sheet search site. The site, - Search Electronic Components ,...

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msbettyhunt 27th March 2020
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Hey All - exactly as stated in the thread title - I bought a Matrix 1000 and the seller "forgot" to put in the...

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JohnTyler 8 hours ago
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dear Geekslutz, I accidently fried a Matrix-1000 that was configured for 120 volt by plugging it into 220 volt - :facepalm:...

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JohnTyler 9 hours ago
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i bought an old psu for my soundcraft dlx delta some months ago. it has been working fine until the other day when i couldnt get...

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Monotremata 12 hours ago
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Hello, I am having some issues with my Focusrite 430 MKii Producer Pack. The Trim knob no longer has any effect, there's a bit...

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chriscaldwell11 1 day ago
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Hi, I've just purchased a second hand ULN-2 3D for a fair price. Now i've got my old ULN-2D that i'm no longer going to use....

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Aaargh 1 day ago
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so I got this yamaha PM 700 pretty cheap its my understanding they are very similar to the PM 1000 I was actually thing of...

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rjb5191 1 day ago
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Hey there hive mind, I have a Sennheiser MD421 U 5 That was working one day and now it is completely not producing any sound...

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Dainofmaine 2 days ago
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Hi all I'm hoping someone can help me diagnose an issue with my monitors. I have a pair of SE Munro Egg150s, bought...

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geolang 2 days ago
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Hello, I'm trying to figure out what could cause the noise I hear when operating this unit on manual attack/release mode....

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zMic 2 days ago
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Hello, I ve got a pair of great sounding 1:1 room isolation transformers out of an old East German radio station. They look...

3minute Tantra
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3minute Tantra 2 days ago
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Hello, a lot of people have difficulties to connect their RFZ units (V781, V741, V740 and so on) or units from VEB Funkwerk...

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jokeramik 3 days ago
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This question relates to the attached diagram I made. I understand how the RC High pass filter at the top works. The...

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samwinston123 3 days ago
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Hi, if you need some informationes or schematics about amplifiers and other gear from the "Rundfunk- und...

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jokeramik 3 days ago
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My oberheim Matrix-12 could use some new rotary encoders. Does anyone know where to look for this?? Thank You

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AuldLangSine 4 days ago
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Alright. First post so please feel free to give feedback. I’m looking to either build or buy a monitor controller. I feel...

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Kidsdwgh 4 days ago
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The local college used to have some students in their physics department who were interested in learning about audio electronics....

Thomas W. Bethe
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RayHeath 4 days ago
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hallo i replaced all the filter capacitors in my SE4400a and still get this noise can any one help me plz cable changed and...

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ANVM 5 days ago
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There has been alot of talk about importance of conversion in recording chain, and lots of people want to know which AD/DA chip...

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DAH 5 days ago
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Hi everyone, Apparently one of my Adam monitors just stopped working from a moment to another. I have a few doubts for the...

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makasi 5 days ago
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Hi Guys, I hope there is someone who can help me :) I have tried to repair both my KRK Rokit 5 RP2 speakers. What I have...

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Johnny T 5 days ago
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I brought my Mac (OS X El Capitan) to the Best Buy Geek Squad today and they weren’t able to figure out the issue either....

The Gentleman
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The Gentleman 6 days ago
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Can any standard 16x2 screen be used with an old Ultraproteus? The original screen seems to be on its way out. I checked the...

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The Dazzler 6 days ago
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I have a Tascam DA30 machine, on loading a tape the open/close button keeps flashing then the tape ejects. Any hints on where to...

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Bramley 6 days ago
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Hi there, I am a long time reader, now a first time poster - here we go: I have got a Eventide H3500 DFX with the right...

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Spindrift 6 days ago
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I have an issue with one of the woofers on my event opals. depending on the type of low end frequency you hear an audible...

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VT-MHE 1 week ago
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Just out of curiosity I thought I'd ask here if anyone's done a sidechain mod to the Electro-Harmonix Platform? I'm staring at...

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Bonsaipanda 1 week ago
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Hi. Do you have better idea? I am a gear desing. :facepalm:

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Shlomi.stern 1 week ago
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I found this Siemens/telefunken(?) module labled ”Hb 50 nr 7” I cant find any info about it online, so i wonder if someone...

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gyraf 1 week ago
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Hi Guys, I'm repairing an EMT248 at the moment, the power supply went high and took out a load of chips. Does...

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Areft 1 week ago
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Somehow I had completely forgotten about the existence of the E-Series Signature Channel that SSL released as part of their...

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midnightsun 1 week ago
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Hi there, My one of my Adams T5v's is not turning on. I assuming its due to a blown fuse, but I can't figure out where inside...

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drshakamoto 1 week ago
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Hi everyone. I recently bought a Juno 106 from ebay. I noticed that there was some crackling sounds after I played the keyboard...

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focusclear 1 week ago
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Dose anyone have one ????? Need some info please . Thanks G

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play.exe 1 week ago
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I’m in the process of restoring my 2nd Yamaha CS-70M for an acquaintance, really going to town on this one as I’m hanging up...

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plutoniq 1 week ago
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Hi all, so there is a lot of stuff around here on DIY audio gear, and many conversations occured like 6-7 years ago. So I think...

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FreakinPavel 1 week ago
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Hi everyone! I need to repair a Ddrum AT module : the trigger inputs are not working and i have distortion on outputs, and the...

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Johnny T 1 week ago
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I have a Tascam RC-88 I am selling and a guy wants to know if it will work with the TSR8. The RC88 is the dedicated remote for...

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Zipp0 1 week ago
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Hello . I am trying to source detented potentiometers. Namely 41 clicks , 100k dual gang 16 mm type. Does anyone know of any...

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Thomas W. Bethe 1 week ago
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I made a few things in 2021, but I've got a backlog of kits and projects to build this year: Pair of Matador/Chunger C12...

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Thomas W. Bethe 1 week ago
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Hi, Probably a long shot, but I'm looking for the service manual and/or schematic for the original JBL 7510 (not the 7510A or...

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cmackenz 1 week ago
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so to make a long story short I came upon an old arp solina (first version) a while back and failed to open it up and check it...

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Lamster 1 week ago
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Hello. Does anyone have tech manual for this console? I know that audiomaintenance is selling full manual. But it's real pain...

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Rodv 1 week ago
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Hi, I knowingly bought an "untested" DBX 160x compressor that happens to not work properly, and I would like to fix it....

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focusbob 2 weeks ago
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Hi all, My SPX90 (Mk I) stopped working. I've replaced all electrolytic caps and a couple of resistors. I've scraped all...

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arbor 2 weeks ago
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Hello! I'm looking for pre amp schematics for the MCI 500D series console. I have the channel strip schematics however the...

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Clomi 2 weeks ago
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I've had a project on the desk ("bench") for a while now where I'm trying to build cheap class D chips amps into 9V...

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johannburkard 2 weeks ago
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Recently a user pm'd me about specifics regarding the midas venice 1st gen console, so I thought I'd share my current project as...

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NeonCQ 2 weeks ago
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Anybody around here with info or advice, infinite wisdom or contacts for somebody capable of helping us fixing our Tore Seem...

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akem 2 weeks ago
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Hello when I rented my studio 10 years ago I got this SEEM audio broadcast console included. i wonder if anybody in germany(...
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akem 2 weeks ago
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So my beloved Audient ASP800 died the other day. Worked fine last session, now it has no power. The fuse was blown and as soon as...

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Fuzby 2 weeks ago