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MP3's are on post #211 on this thread! Mike's singing into a Pearlman TM-1 with CineMag/EF14 Mics: Male vocal = Pearlman TM-1...

James Lugo
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soufis 15th January 2021
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Want to participate? Download the .wav file in the attachments, run it through your limiter(s) at +10 dB gain and post the...

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johannburkard 12 hours ago
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Does the Slate Digital ML-2 and VMS-ONE compare to my Shure SM7B and Neve 1073? Watch now for a detailed comparison on...

Les Vegas
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Les Vegas 14 hours ago
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Update 24/04/19: Added AA Titanium 3 and reset play counters. Shuffled numbers again bar 1 and 3 since they have been commented...

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bambaio 1 day ago
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I've wanted to know Max Martin's vocal chain for a long time now. And there's this...

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konokoknk 4 days ago
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There has been a lot of discussion on here lately about 500 series racks since a power supply is a vital component in audio...

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James7800 4 days ago
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Hi! I’m a very long time lurker of this community but never really bothered to register, since I didn’t feel like I had much...

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sokoleski 4 days ago
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there seems to be an ongoing controversy about how the KM184 sounds compared to the KM140, so i thought i would post a couple of...

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didier.brest 4 days ago
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Hi, friends. I have made a test for mic preamps with hi-gain guitars. What do you think about it? Preamps in test:...

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PirateCatAudio 6 days ago
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Hi everyone! I recently learned about the Presonus Quantum 4848. Love the feature set, it's perfect for my studio where I have...

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danyull 1 week ago
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Big Update: 28/10/19 Added: 1) CraveEQ (analogue mode) 2) DMG Equilibrium (analogue FIR w/long impulse) 3) TDR Slick M...

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congregator 1 week ago
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I evaluated the AD-DA loops from Prism Orpheus and Mytek proposed in this post . I used only the symphonic clip that you can get...

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didier.brest 1 week ago
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Matched pair of Coles 4038s and Fathead I Lundahls. Same position & 35 dBs of gain through BAE 1073 into a JCF Audio AD8...

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Zoot 1 week ago
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AD Converter Comparison Test A very elementary ITB rough mix with no EQ or compression, of an album I´m working with at the...

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socorro32 1 week ago
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Hello slutzers! Just four years of work and new microphones are ready to work for you! Listen and compare. However, there is...

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Elationmiclab 2 weeks ago
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I put two songs in my music website: "Think About It Tomorrow" is the song on top, and "What Are You Asking"...

aaron aardvark
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aaron aardvark 2 weeks ago
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Just 4 mics and 4 tracks of instruments Random introduction, 1 this mic is the most famous stage voice mic (2hand 60...

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QueenSisi 2 weeks ago
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Hi spacers/slutzers! well, Senn 800 is a discontinued model, but...owls and larks, try to guess where in the recording which...

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Elationmiclab 2 weeks ago
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I just modified the input internal preamplifier and I feel sound is better, noise level is 3dB lower, less distorsion, very...

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brinaddison 2 weeks ago
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I have recorded some audio files and level matched the audio , the zp output was A bit softer then the AA I think because it...

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Paul_G 2 weeks ago
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Hello everyone, I finally sorted out all the files for the "blind" test between a vintage 1960's U48 (which is a U47...

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Nikbeat 2 weeks ago
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Alright, here is the followup to my quite popular thread SSL Bus Comp Shootout (SSL X-Rack, Stam SA-4000+, Duende, Slate, Waves,...

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JSchlomo 2 weeks ago
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A friend of mine visited me in the studio, so I asked him to sing a bit in the microphones that I have now...

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Husky Squad 3 weeks ago
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This is a complement to a previous shootout with 6 cardio SDC pairs. Same Chopin nocturne, same piano, same room, same mics...

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sounddguy 3 weeks ago
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Each take is with the same mic placement, beside the tail end, 1.4 m above the floor, 19 cm AB steered to the pianist. The mics...

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sounddguy 3 weeks ago
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Clipper Shootout 2020 Do all clippers sound the same? Do clippers change the tonal balance of a mix? Let's find...

Simon Morrison
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Roberto_ 3 weeks ago
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Hey everyone, Those of us who've been here for long enough know how much we anticipated having that Empirical Labs sound...

Diogo C
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Diogo C 3 weeks ago
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Sorry to put up a new thread but there seemed to be some wandering topics in that other one. Anyways THIS is a REAL test of what...

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ulysses 3 weeks ago
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Lockdown, had some time, downloaded lots of mixbus compressor demos to try. here’s the candidates: Waves SSL G...

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zinzin 4 weeks ago
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Ok I tried to match the sounds as closely as possible, they are still a tad different but really you can decide which you like...

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olafmol 4 weeks ago
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Samples are recorded with the preamps on the Audient ID22. Microphones were side to side, and I tried my best to match the levels...

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Bradahman 4 weeks ago
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Ronan Chris Murphy did a great review of the Analogue Tube AT-101 (Fairchild 670 recreation) on Ronan's Recording...

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qslprod 4 weeks ago
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Just was too curious and needed to know before investing 300$ in the UAD Luna "Neve Summing" Plugin how it would differ...

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e-are 4 weeks ago
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So I recently got my hands on a friend's Neumann KM 84 and decided to do a shootout with my Neumann KM 184. Having completed the...

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Ty Ford 5th April 2021
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I recently upgraded my Apollo 16 Mk1s to the X16s, and while I had both sets of converters I thought I'd test how much of a...

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Scragend 3rd April 2021
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I wanted to try out a pair of Lewitt 441 Flex mics and compare them with some other mics. Normally I never find time for this,...

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DAH 2nd April 2021
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Heiserman H47T and Neumann 67 Reissue Vintage Tuned Capsule Johanna - Vocals (Incomplete) Vocals are incomplete because Johanna...

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Danielbest1 2nd April 2021
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I recently grabbed an SPX-2000 and tested out the Rev-X verbs tonight. I am not aware of any shootouts with it, so here it is...

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eugtone 1st April 2021
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First let me start by saying, I LOVE "The Hardware Compressor & Limiter Comparison Thread (With Audio Files)"...

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qslprod 31st March 2021
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I had a lot of fun making a 30 minute shoout-out between these very different, but yet so similar samplers of the 80s. I'm a big...

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Kola 31st March 2021
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I put two songs in my music website: "When You Touch Me That Way" (has some guitar) is the song on top, and "The...

aaron aardvark
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aaron aardvark 30th March 2021
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This is the followup to my original shootout which can be found here: Another SSL Comp shootout - sorry, no SSL involved...

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Diogo C 29th March 2021
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Hi Everyone ! My first post here. I was checking my mikes before a recording session and thought "why not make a quick...

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QueenSisi 28th March 2021
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Last time i did a blind test.. this one is not blind also last time i used more of a thicker arrangement and it was somewhat...

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EliLunde89 27th March 2021
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Did a TEST myself a d streamed it. Went really deep about the BIT and...

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darkhiidden 25th March 2021
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A while back, I took a moment to compare DAV BG1 Preamp to my Focusrite ISA One. These two mic preamps are discussed a lot (esp....

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pierre_r 23rd March 2021
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Today I had a rare opportunity to shoot out my ADL 670 from Anthony Demaria against an Analogue Tube AT-101. We've been proud...

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the octopuss 22nd March 2021
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Aloha, So I tried my best with this. I tried to match the levels and spacing. Used my Audient ID22 and itʻs preamps. I have a...

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sonnycheebs 19th March 2021
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Hey I know some people around the forums have been trying to get clips of the Great River, Mike E, and the new Tone Beast. For...

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ELAmental 16th March 2021
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Hi all! Found this channel, a great job comparing HW vs...

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jvpsounds 15th March 2021
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I've spent the last couple of days doing this big summing test and reckoned this might be of interest for...

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AdamAsnan 13th March 2021