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MP3's are on post #211 on this thread! Mike's singing into a Pearlman TM-1 with CineMag/EF14 Mics: Male vocal = Pearlman TM-1...

James Lugo
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soufis 15th January 2021
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Just bought an SSL2+ to go along with a GAP73 pre. The mic is a CADe100s and the audio is completely dry (just normalized). The...

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tokyofan 16 hours ago
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I put 2 songs in my music website: "Fear Not and Be Strong" is the song on top, and "You Gonna Do That?" is...

aaron aardvark
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aaron aardvark 1 day ago
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I evaluated the AD-DA loops from Prism Orpheus and Mytek proposed in this post . I used only the symphonic clip that you can get...

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pkane 2 days ago
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I just modified the input internal preamplifier and I feel sound is better, noise level is 3dB lower, less distorsion, very...

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Jean30 3 days ago
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I shot out my pair of AML ezP-1A EQs on mix buss against: Waves Puigtech Acustica Audio Purple Acustica Audio Smoke NoiseAsh...

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ashmundo 1 week ago
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I was curious how the "dynamic speaker modeling" of the UA OX Box compared to the "dynamic speaker responses"...

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elambo 1 week ago
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In this video, I compare three mix options for my debut single “Work It Out”. The legendary, 20x Grammy Award Winning Howie...

Les Vegas
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Paul_G 1 week ago
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My dearest perverted Slutz, I actually was more than decided to buy a MOTU M4. But after watching this blind shootout, i ended...

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The Count 1 week ago
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Alright, here is the followup to my quite popular thread SSL Bus Comp Shootout (SSL X-Rack, Stam SA-4000+, Duende, Slate, Waves,...

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JSchlomo 2 weeks ago
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Hear the Distressor on drums, vocals, bass guitar, electric guitar, acoustic guitar and an entire mix. Learn why the...

Les Vegas
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Les Vegas 3 weeks ago
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Just was too curious and needed to know before investing 300$ in the UAD Luna "Neve Summing" Plugin how it would differ...

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mozart999uk 3 weeks ago
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Clipper Shootout 2020 Do all clippers sound the same? Do clippers change the tonal balance of a mix? Let's find...

Simon Morrison
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DAZZER 3 weeks ago
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I put 2 songs in my music website: "All The Time" is the song on top, and "Play a Part 2" is the next song...

aaron aardvark
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aaron aardvark 4 weeks ago
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Maybe not ALL tape plugins... So I was just playing with my tape machine (a TEAC mastering model, nothing overly fancy, but its a...

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telecode 4 weeks ago
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I've spent the last couple of days doing this big summing test and reckoned this might be of interest for...

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rzde 4 weeks ago
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Feel free to download the full resolution files and listen in your own studio here:

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seawell 21st May 2022
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AD Converter Comparison Test A very elementary ITB rough mix with no EQ or compression, of an album I´m working with at the...

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rachansky 19th May 2022
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O.P.R U47 FET Vs 1970's Neuman U47 FET AB samples available for download here...

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Paul_G 18th May 2022
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Decided to compare all my saturation plugins. Thought I would share the comparison clips. This is not super scientific. I level...

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Paul_G 18th May 2022
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First test is some "vocalizing" into both mics. Please note this is not a performance, just a quick and dirty test. I...

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voiceoversteve 17th May 2022
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Raw and Compressed Female Vocal - 67 Reissue, C725 and 017 FET Single take, 3 mics as pictured, all to Pueblo JR Preamps All...

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StevenLMorgan 17th May 2022
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Hi! Had a Metric Halo Uln-8 3d (that I am contemplating buying) on loan yesterday. Compared it to my lovely Tascam hs p-82....

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mirkoc 12th May 2022
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Hello everyone, I finally sorted out all the files for the "blind" test between a vintage 1960's U48 (which is a U47...

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living sounds 10th May 2022
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Raw Female Vocal, Melody and Harmony Tracks, Soyuz 017 FET to Pueblo and Coil Preamps. 96-24 WAV,...

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StevenLMorgan 8th May 2022
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Big Update: 28/10/19 Added: 1) CraveEQ (analogue mode) 2) DMG Equilibrium (analogue FIR w/long impulse) 3) TDR Slick M...

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illsoulprod 8th May 2022
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Aloha, So I tried my best with this. I tried to match the levels and spacing. Used my Audient ID22 and itʻs preamps. I have a...

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Necro 8th May 2022
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seawell 5th May 2022
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seawell 3rd May 2022
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Each take is with the same mic placement, beside the tail end, 1.4 m above the floor, 19 cm AB steered to the pianist. The mics...

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Petimar 3rd May 2022
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Here's a quick Mic shootout I did today on Elec Gtr. Dropbox link to all the Audio...

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anguswoodhead 30th April 2022
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Greetings from Australia Long time GS member, studio owner, Glasshouse Studios and growing Aussie distributor / retailer. The...

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anguswoodhead 29th April 2022
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Hey there, thought someone might be interested in this.. I recently built a hairball audio rev d 1176.. Very impressed with the...

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Melodicca 29th April 2022
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just a brief sample of a Summit Audio DCL -200 doing a soft lifting... A/B (on-off) inside Hope you enjoy it. kfhkh

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Melodicca 27th April 2022
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Update 24/04/19: Added AA Titanium 3 and reset play counters. Shuffled numbers again bar 1 and 3 since they have been commented...

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CaptainNovember7 24th April 2022
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I put 2 songs in my music website: "It Is Over" is on top, and "What Will You Do2" is the next song down. One...

aaron aardvark
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aaron aardvark 24th April 2022
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I put 2 songs in my music website: "We Can Heal" is the song on top, and "Makin' It Through The World Now" is...

aaron aardvark
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aaron aardvark 19th April 2022
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With all the new reverbs out lately time for a little shoot out. Simple test. One aux send instance on the drum bus. About 30ms...

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Fleer 15th April 2022
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Edit: February 2012 I removed the esnips and megaupload links that dis not not work any longer. New download link for raw...

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Rumi 9th April 2022
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We recently had the entire Cascade ribbon microphone line in one session, and of particular interest is that we built a special...

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BoomWomb 8th April 2022
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I'm sure there are going to be a ton of people telling me how unscientific this is, but so be it. I know something like this...

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123pblack 30th March 2022
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Millennia NSEQ 4 Here you can hear what that baby is all about.Before and after.No add gain is add.Just the EQ...

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DanTheMan06 30th March 2022
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Hey guys I'm working on a U87 shootout that includes: Vintage U87(all original, 1979) U87ai Serrano 87 BeesNeez BU87i C Warm...

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seawell 25th March 2022
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Attached are Maag Audio PREQ4 (500 Series) audio samples. A sample with and without the AIR BAND is provided for comparison...

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Averagebear6 23rd March 2022
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Since this two boards are getting discussed a lot lately, I thought that posting some audio files would have been a good thing...

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phutureboy 21st March 2022
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So who else is using this sweet mic? What sources are you using it on? Today my professor and I mic'ed up a cello and we had...

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morrison23 21st March 2022
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I decided to do a quick demo of a new studio drum kit and mic setup I am dialing in to see how it might translate. I figured I...

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Gruner 18th March 2022
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This is a complement to a previous shootout with 6 cardio SDC pairs. Same Chopin nocturne, same piano, same room, same mics...

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Aggelos 13th March 2022
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Raw Female Vocal Capture - Dual-mics Johanna - So Will I Downloadable 96-24 WAVs Josephson C725 > Coil Audio 70 > Pueblo...

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Angeleno Kid 12th March 2022
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I've wanted to know Max Martin's vocal chain for a long time now. And there's this...

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andy3 11th March 2022
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C725, C715, U67 Reissue to Pueblo Audio JR - Two Different Songs, Each With A Different Raw Female Vocal - Downloadable Same...

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StevenLMorgan 7th March 2022