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ok, im curious,since i have a few good ones of my own,i know you all have many many more. what is the stupidest thing you...

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Martel80 1 week ago
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A message from Founder Jules Standen Regarding the petition on As the founder of Gearslutz, I chose...

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Jules 19th January 2021
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For those who may not be aware. Gearslutz has launched a modern chat application. Kick off the shoes and come in to chat about...

Synth Guru
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Synth Guru 3rd September 2019
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YouTube - UFO Disclosure is VERY Near! 1/2 YouTube - UFO Disclosure is VERY Near! 2/2 abduction

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dfghdhr 7 hours ago
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Ok, so I like know nothing about this at all, so....... I've been making music for a few years now and have been releasing it...

Phil F
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upstairs 19 hours ago
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I really dig the Elliot Smith albums Rob Schnapf did with Tom Rothrock. I also really like the sound of the first Foo record,...

max cooper
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Seamus TM 22 hours ago
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lunecha 2 days ago
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A few years ago I posted a thread on how new technology that made digital media i.e Albums and Singles scarce could save our...

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joshrosen 4 days ago
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In case you have not seen this yet: Perhaps future missions will include more...

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DanielRaible 4 days ago
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For the past few months I've taken a huge liking to Haribo Sour Gold-Bears. I believe it's become one of my favorite...

Synth Guru
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Synth Guru 4 days ago
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Aside from mix, tape op, etc, what books are you reading these days? Books I've read in the last month: "Full of...

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Derp 4 days ago
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Musicians have a long history of making music and performing intoxicated, but we electronic musicians have alot of technical...

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StarfishMusic 6 days ago
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A study from Berlin: - they asked 485 musicians - 37% of them only live from their earnings from music - 29% want to stop...

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tridelica 6 days ago
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Lately while perusing online I see the reverse psychological messaging popping up in the form of, In 1 other cart, notices. I...

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tridelica 6 days ago
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Hello, everyone. Hope you're all good. TL;DR: How do I ask a studio owner to sponsor my US work visa? I don't know if this...

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Nitrouspizza 1 week ago
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Don't get me wrong, I love my nephew more than the world. I was elated when he told me he was going to pick up a guitar and start...

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Derp 1 week ago
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What's the point of registering domain names at little-known registrars? Why not just choose Godaddy or Namecheap? Yes, domain...

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Seobi 1 week ago
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Well if at first you don't succeed:...

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Thomas W. Bethe 1 week ago
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Lets face it, many people find there's nothing better than getting baked, plopping on some headphones and noodling around on...

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Atomicfear 2 weeks ago
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The valley in Germany (the country best known for its famous microphones; well at least in gearsultz’ world) where the...

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onewire 3 weeks ago
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Can I use the term "recreation of" for a plugin? Many plugin manufacturers (Steven slate, ik multimedia etc ...) use...

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MAXU4U 3 weeks ago
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Why do so many GS members leave? @dwellander smoothjazz drcmusic WizKiD musaee

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boombapdame 3 weeks ago
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i've been out of the music biz for about 8 years while i've been dealing with some pretty heavy health issues. in that time i...

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crestifer 30th March 2021
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Is anyone else amazed this crapass web site is so popular? First off, it's impossible to get rid of that "People you may...

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Takkyi 28th March 2021
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No talent junkies who thought their crap songs would get them a record deal to get more money to score more drugs. Or it was...

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lame pseudonym 27th March 2021
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This may be the wrong forum so mods can move it if need be. Hugh Padgham and Steve Lillywhite were two of my favorites when I...

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Sole Relic 27th March 2021
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jeremy.c. 23rd March 2021
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And society overall w/regards to music? Mine were 1995-2001.

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Kaatza Music 19th March 2021
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The first digital-only art auction by Christie's auction house has netted $69m (£50m) for the artist Beeple. The digital art...

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mattiasnyc 15th March 2021
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This week is National Apology Week. So I'd like to apologize to anyone I've ever offended. And if you feel I've not yet managed...

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dwpthe3rd 7th March 2021
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If anyone knows someone who might fit the bit, please send me a message. Thanks!

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dkeatscary 6th March 2021
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Found this to be very interesting, part.2 hopefully soon

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wagoo 5th March 2021
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Share your experiences regarding music education.

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Whitecat 26th February 2021
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I asked what defines musicianship? and is old school training in music a forgotten pastime with younger generations? and I feel...

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mattiasnyc 20th February 2021
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I've noticed in several recent threads about used gear a common theme of people complaining about how other people are...

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santibanks 18th February 2021
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ChromeCrescendo 18th February 2021
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Wow! The snow drifts up to 18". I know Chicago and here in Sarnia took some major snow! I dug out the car, but the...

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AfterViewer 16th February 2021
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Ive been listening to punk in poland and soul in scotland today lol click on the green dots and it plays the local station...

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AfterViewer 12th February 2021
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I have reached the age where a cape might be required! I already have the chain-mail and custom light sabre, but what type of...

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Ed A. 11th February 2021
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Feel free to weigh in here Of course I’m talking about the mild stuff like a little reefer or coke. Any stories you have...

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WarmJetGuitar 7th February 2021
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I don't really get it, how can I sell items at classifieds? I have a bunch of synths that only collect virtual dust and it'd be...

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Sniperschool 5th February 2021
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This forum seems to be the preeminent communication space for musicians and engineers. I've been here for a very long time. I...

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Synth Guru 5th February 2021
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It just occurred to me that clicking on the "skip intro" button on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video or HBO Max might allow...

Patrick Norton
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liv4ree 5th February 2021
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Who else is enjoying every second of...

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mattiasnyc 3rd February 2021
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He's one a kind, and his original 'Zen and the Art of Mixing' is a classic for a reason - thought i'd let slutz know he has a new...

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shay2089 1st February 2021
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Hey all, I've been selling my used gear on ebay for years now, and have built a great reputation. 100% positive feedback,...

Shannon Adkins
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d2ba 31st January 2021
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Here’s a few I can think of... 1. The classic crossroads myth/selling your soul. 2. Songs that “write themselves” ...

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Aenor Edits 30th January 2021
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i'm older than kcearl today rockout

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kcearl 28th January 2021
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Found this while looking through my Mackie 2404VLZ4 manual. I found it funny!

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Synth Guru 24th January 2021
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What is/are your goal(s) for 2021?

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Aenor Edits 24th January 2021
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Hi, It's ten years since I came here, in part because of the name. In that ten years I've gone from student, to fully fledged...

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kcearl 21st January 2021
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Internationally, the Visual Art website "Deviantart" is to the Pro/Hobby world of artist designers, animators, gaming...

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AfterViewer 20th January 2021
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LOL why do they sing PARTS of "this land" ..when the point of the WHOLE song is to say this land ISN'T for you are me...

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Sigma 20th January 2021