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ok, im curious,since i have a few good ones of my own,i know you all have many many more. what is the stupidest thing you...

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Brent Hahn 2 weeks ago
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A message from Gearslutz.com Founder Jules Standen Regarding the petition on change.org As the founder of Gearslutz, I chose...

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Jules 19th January 2021
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For those who may not be aware. Gearspace has launched a modern chat application. Kick off the shoes and come in to chat about...

Synth Guru
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Synth Guru 3rd September 2019
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I haven't done this in years but I need to get a few non-holiday things on Friday. Wondering if it's the mad house it used to be...

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bill5 2 days ago
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Hi. I have poor social skills, can I still work in the studio as Audio engineer or Voiceover/vocal?

Erdem Alsirt
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Garage Rodeo 3 days ago
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YouTube - UFO Disclosure is VERY Near! 1/2 YouTube - UFO Disclosure is VERY Near! 2/2 abduction

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Lariliss 4 days ago
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JFK for me. I don't have a problem believe Oswald acting alone, that's also plausible, but I can also easily believe not. It just...

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bill5 4 days ago
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Hello British, I'm now heading to Manchester soon from Helsinki. Good luck for me and hope everything will be just well and...

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parco 5 days ago
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I can't be the only one here who feels that the democratization of the Internet which includes social media, is a lie. It has...

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jeremy.c. 1 week ago
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So. I happen to be idly killing time on Spotify and randomly clicked a few of the "recommended" podcasts that Spotify...

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telecode 2 weeks ago
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So who and what started the myth that one is not a real musician if they have a 9-to-5 and how and when did it start? Asking as I...

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MYN 2 weeks ago
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I've recently bailed out a mate of mine (figuratively) who got in debt with online gambling and needed to sell some gear- so I...

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Ulric Jenkins 2 weeks ago
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He always comes correct and it's he doesn't have the best price and a good discount. When he is on vacation, I refuse to work...

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sds1fs1r 2 weeks ago
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Hello, i need new vibes.. here the radio i know : ibizasonica, deep mix...

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lunecha 2 weeks ago
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I used to work in a record store called Record World in New York. Later I worked at Tower Records. It was so nice, you walked...

Glenn Bucci
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bill5 2 weeks ago
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xD .... they mostly POLLUATE the music-sellers (digi) TOP10.. (go dig good music to mix..) i got a russian friend that write...

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lunecha 3 weeks ago
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yo slutz.. any of you heard the stories involving 528hz????.. love frequency!!!...used to repair damaged genes!!!! google...

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bill5 3 weeks ago
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Are all "unfurnished" definitions comprise "no fridges" and "no washing machines" inside? even...

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parco 3 weeks ago
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I’m an artist and there’s a beat I intend to buy an unlimited lease for and I want to know if the contract is pretty standard...

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ThemMachines 3 weeks ago
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Regularly people write most extraordinary stories. One of these: a "society" of elite engineers hide their samples from...

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lydfar 3 weeks ago
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A digital distributor has sent me this mail: Is this only valid vor EOY releases or generally?! I mean which stores...

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Jamie munro 4 weeks ago
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I'm sorry if this has been asked but all the searches I made here brought back results for shipping and tax, tax on...

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ralphden 22nd October 2021
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A few years ago I posted a thread on how new technology that made digital media i.e Albums and Singles scarce could save our...

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Aenor Edits 22nd October 2021
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Hi, i'm sleeping/living actually in a bedroom, i miss my appart.. not the neighbors lol ! .. but i feel tired most times,...

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nice keetee 21st October 2021
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I'm thinking about trying something new and am wondering if anybody know or have heard a female rapper who is good. I think it's...

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rapmusiclover123 13th October 2021
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Hi, I wrote a song to a beat I found on YouTube and the producer wants $700 for the exclusive. I would normally always buy the...

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psycho_monkey 30th September 2021
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Hey, Is there any service or way to locally share music files privately to another person for streaming purposes? Dropbox is...

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psycho_monkey 29th September 2021
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Hi All! Listening to some old skool house tracks tonight and over the months analogue synth vids on You Tube and the texture and...

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creativemind 22nd September 2021
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Hey all, I just got a deposit out of the blue today. I looked on their website and it says that payments are actually due in a...

Coleman Young
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Coleman Young 16th September 2021
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Hello every British folks here, Now my flight schedules are confirmed, I'm going to land on Heathrow through Finland at 20th...

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parco 16th September 2021
Avatar for Phil F

Ok, so I like know nothing about this at all, so....... I've been making music for a few years now and have been releasing it...

Phil F
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Phil F 14th September 2021
Avatar for gearstudent

Hello, A lot of musicians live in California, so I figured I would ask this question. I read that California has 0.65%...

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jeremy.c. 14th September 2021
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Part of me is awed that he has turned his advice into such a lucrative business. The other part is shocked that so many people...

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hello people 12th September 2021
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:deth:yingyang:deth: DUMB A.I. is not the Answer : Dumb people should not be driving dumb cars. Neither can be trusted with...

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onewire 6th September 2021
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I don't need to tell you-- a whole cottage industrial literary complex has grown up around the notion of a certain Paul being...

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Synth Guru 27th August 2021
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This site is a great source of info but the name really could be replaced with something more professional no? When I'm on here...

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Synth Guru 24th August 2021
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Hi I started a post back in Jan, with no replies. At this point I would rather just delete the whole thing. Can anyone...

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Synth Guru 24th August 2021
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The fact is that in my country PayPal does not accept payments. But I can change my place of residence using a proxy?

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Ablainke 17th August 2021
Avatar for Synth Guru

For the past few months I've taken a huge liking to Haribo Sour Gold-Bears. I believe it's become one of my favorite...

Synth Guru
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travis.farmer 15th August 2021
Avatar for Zfalcon1

Not to sure where to post this so I'm posting it here. I've noticed that many musicians have cats and other pets in their...

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keyerose 15th August 2021
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dfghdhr 12th August 2021
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Hey all, I've been selling my used gear on ebay for years now, and have built a great reputation. 100% positive feedback,...

Deleted 2be7eae
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gsilbers 11th August 2021
Avatar for IanBSC

And it sounds a lot like Stevie Nicks. Does anybody know who it could be? It's very buried, panned center, and at least an...

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IanBSC 10th August 2021
Avatar for Deleted 38a4a95

So I just had a nap and I dreamed I was on a train and that train was "the train ride that is our life" and there on...

Deleted 38a4a95
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Tui 10th August 2021
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lunecha 25th July 2021
Avatar for subeco

Hi there... Finished with college.. Got the job... Put my music on hold for years but want to get back at it. Have a small...

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majoroson 21st July 2021
Avatar for BarcelonaMusic

I went to Fogo de Chao tonight. We`ve been on a string of fondue and Brazilian steakhouses and it`s showing.:facepalm: I`m an...

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bmanzer 16th July 2021
Avatar for Mr Funk

A music publisher recommended Sentric as a great first step into getting my songs published. The "deal" seems very...

Mr Funk
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Avatar for raisins
raisins 14th July 2021
Avatar for lunecha

Hello all, tonite i awaken at 1am, & im drinking slowly whisky-coca till 3am but im ok, atm i dont rage & im not sad...

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lunecha 11th July 2021
Avatar for Seobi

I need a lot of fast proxies to upgrade my music accounts. I want to increase the number of listens and downloads of music a...

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Beltio 9th July 2021
Avatar for Ed A.

Birth is a curse, and existence is a prison. Discuss.

Ed A.
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Karloff70 9th July 2021
Avatar for ARIEL

I keep seeing the banner ad for Chris Lorde-ALge, every time I see it I keep thinking it is an ad for national treasure starring...

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ARIEL 9th July 2021
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I guess no one here wanted to touch this one. My favorite part is the sequence about Trump. Oh well...

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RobustAmerican 8th July 2021