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ok, im curious,since i have a few good ones of my own,i know you all have many many more. what is the stupidest thing you...

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jchristopherhughes 28th November 2022
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A message from Founder Jules Standen Regarding the petition on As the founder of Gearslutz, I chose...

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Jules 19th January 2021
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For those who may not be aware. Gearspace has launched a modern chat application. Kick off the shoes and come in to chat about...

Synth Guru
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Synth Guru 3rd September 2019
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Hello everyone! We are currently searching for talented music producers who are interested in creating audio loops in various...

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rapha0501 7 hours ago
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Also on the Press Desk IKEA announces a new collaboration with Swedish House...

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Aenor Edits 16 hours ago
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Hey guys, So, what exactly do you do when you "perform" dance music on stage? No mockery here, genuine practical...

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Ludar 2 days ago
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Aenor Edits 3 days ago
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I used to drink Pepsi but now I drink Coke. When I was a young buck in my teens - 30's, I used to drink Pepsi. Then the cola...

Synth Guru
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Synth Guru 4 days ago
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YouTube - UFO Disclosure is VERY Near! 1/2 YouTube - UFO Disclosure is VERY Near! 2/2 abduction

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jeremy.c. 4 days ago
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typical cloudy skies here yingyang

nice keetee
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PdotDdot 1 week ago
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Meriphew 1 week ago
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Hi, as many of you have probably read recently, Artificial Intelligence applications are evolving very fast lately; the latest...

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ArtFluids 2 weeks ago
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Actress Naomi Watts' dad was a audio engineer for Pink Floyd. Wow.. who knew?...

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PdotDdot 3 weeks ago
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I've recently bailed out a mate of mine (figuratively) who got in debt with online gambling and needed to sell some gear- so I...

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Synth Guru 3 weeks ago
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I went to Fogo de Chao tonight. We`ve been on a string of fondue and Brazilian steakhouses and it`s showing.:facepalm: I`m an...

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Scragend 4 weeks ago
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DirtyWork8a 4 weeks ago
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What were you interested in, how did you learn and what era(s) did you learn in?

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hello people 4 weeks ago
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You heard about AI, and latest advancements? Its going to get your job now. Not some in the future. In 2023. At least if...

Aenor Edits
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AfterViewer 4 weeks ago
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Hello, This is my first post in several years, despite having been a part of this forum since the 1990s, so I'll get to the...

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Screws 23rd December 2022
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- Can I take a nap first? - Sure, let's go dancing. I'll sit and watch you. - Will this restaurant give me gas? - No,...

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jeremy.c. 21st December 2022
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weenhillage 15th December 2022
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I know a few of us studio owners get these emails from time to time, and I got another today. I just thought I would give a...

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davey boy 10th December 2022
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For me it is what remains of my immediate family. My health.

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jm2c 8th December 2022
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Hey guys, a sweetwater representative asked for my social security number over the phone this morning and says he needs it for...

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PdotDdot 3rd December 2022
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I got my first tape recorder in the mid 1950s. Something about capturing aspects of human expression was so exciting. I also...

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midnightsun 19th November 2022
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Hi all, so I am soon reaching another milestone for my music project Kah' Linda, almost 1000 followers on instagram...

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rapmusiclover123 15th November 2022
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If you are like me, you get blistering headaches when you are subjected for prolonged time periods to the crappy sound of...

Johnny B
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AfterViewer 9th November 2022
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...from 2 million songs to 100 million songs! Better start listening now if you're going to get through the entire catalog....

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PdotDdot 6th November 2022
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Show us your carving and or costume skills. The wife and I knifed out a handful last night,... once a year is plenty for me,...

The 1024th
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The 1024th 31st October 2022
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Hi There Anyone who can suggest audio equipment shop in NewYork or San Francisco? I looking for microphone and portable...

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TVPostSound 18th October 2022
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Having received numerous PM's and requests from various folks here, for those who are interested I've decided to start a running...

Deleted bd1be4f
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barbital 13th October 2022
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Anyone planning on going? It's March 30-April 2nd 2023 I got tickets for the whole weekend. I don't know anyone who is going,...

melodic dreamer
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melodic dreamer 5th October 2022
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Cool article on falling...

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Pyeguy 1st October 2022
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Hi all, so my music project Kah' Linda is not too far away from the 500 followers milestone on instagram...

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rapmusiclover123 27th September 2022
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How often have you thought about the chakras in relation to the audible frequency spectrum?

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FreshProduce 23rd September 2022
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Hi all— Mallory with Reverb here! I’ve been seeing a lot of discussion about changes to U.S. tax laws (re: 1099-K tax...

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Nielsbeard 2nd September 2022
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Hi all, thanks for listening to Kah' Linda's music, almost 30000 views are reached

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rapmusiclover123 30th August 2022
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I ran across this page, detailing research to heal, using sounds, and acoustics. I'm an absolute layman in this, don't even know...

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Karloff70 28th August 2022
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Hey folks, I haven't sold any music doesn't really cross my mind as the end-goal but instead my first inclination is...

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rapmusiclover123 10th August 2022
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No.. this is not about a Talib Kweli album. How many of you are aware that everything you dislike about those around you, is...

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i need Help 9th August 2022
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(attachments for Akai thread)

Don Solaris
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Don Solaris 8th August 2022
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Hi all, so one of my friends has made it on the Curtain Call 2 album from Eminem, he remixed "rap god", congrats to him!

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rapmusiclover123 8th August 2022
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Hi all, does anyone have any information about this? A friend of mine tried to call them a few days ago at their number (310)...

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rapmusiclover123 2nd August 2022
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I've been watching battle rap since Scribble Jam. Anyone out there?

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FreshProduce 2nd August 2022
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Just saw him and his band live at the Scottish Rite Auditorium. Wow. What a funky guy. They were all super talented. I'd...

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FreshProduce 2nd August 2022
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Lol welp I just learned there’s a character limit to the titles lol. Anyways… Well, it’s actually just a box in my home...

i need Help
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i need Help 9th July 2022
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This has to be a strong contender:

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SnowmanSoup 9th July 2022
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A few years ago I posted a thread on how new technology that made digital media i.e Albums and Singles scarce could save our...

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Whitecat 30th June 2022
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Damn it feels good to be an elder stateswoman. Here’s to me continuing on my self made musical path as it’s only God and I...

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nice keetee 29th June 2022
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Hi everyone, sorry if I´m posting in the wrong place. I need to contact with RSPE Audio, their chat has been offline for...

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Ajespi 27th June 2022
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So, It's the year 2023, autumn has fallen. You and your Gearspace fam have just been strolling around way in the outskirts of...

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EthicZH 27th June 2022
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The fact is that in my country PayPal does not accept payments. But I can change my place of residence using a proxy?

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Gartons 23rd June 2022
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It blows my mind how many people post here on GS that have nothing other to say than something rude and condescending to the OP...

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boombapdame 20th June 2022