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ok, im curious,since i have a few good ones of my own,i know you all have many many more. what is the stupidest thing you...

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thedberg 1 week ago
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A message from Gearslutz.com Founder Jules Standen Regarding the petition on change.org As the founder of Gearslutz, I chose...

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Jules 19th January 2021
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For those who may not be aware. Gearspace has launched a modern chat application. Kick off the shoes and come in to chat about...

Synth Guru
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Synth Guru 3rd September 2019
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Hey all, I just got a deposit out of the blue today. I looked on their website and it says that payments are actually due in a...

Coleman Young
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Coleman Young 3 days ago
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Hello every British folks here, Now my flight schedules are confirmed, I'm going to land on Heathrow through Finland at 20th...

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parco 3 days ago
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Ok, so I like know nothing about this at all, so....... I've been making music for a few years now and have been releasing it...

Phil F
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Phil F 5 days ago
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Hello, A lot of musicians live in California, so I figured I would ask this question. I read that California has 0.65%...

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jeremy.c. 5 days ago
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YouTube - UFO Disclosure is VERY Near! 1/2 YouTube - UFO Disclosure is VERY Near! 2/2 abduction

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onewire 5 days ago
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Part of me is awed that he has turned his advice into such a lucrative business. The other part is shocked that so many people...

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hello people 1 week ago
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Hi All! Listening to some old skool house tracks tonight and over the months analogue synth vids on You Tube and the texture and...

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chrisj 1 week ago
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Seamus TM 1 week ago
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Found this to be very interesting, part.2 hopefully soon

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wagoo 1 week ago
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:deth:yingyang:deth: DUMB A.I. is not the Answer : Dumb people should not be driving dumb cars. Neither can be trusted with...

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onewire 1 week ago
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I don't need to tell you-- a whole cottage industrial literary complex has grown up around the notion of a certain Paul being...

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Synth Guru 3 weeks ago
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This site is a great source of info but the name really could be replaced with something more professional no? When I'm on here...

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Synth Guru 3 weeks ago
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Hi I started a post back in Jan, with no replies. At this point I would rather just delete the whole thing. Can anyone...

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Synth Guru 3 weeks ago
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The fact is that in my country PayPal does not accept payments. But I can change my place of residence using a proxy?

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Ablainke 4 weeks ago
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For the past few months I've taken a huge liking to Haribo Sour Gold-Bears. I believe it's become one of my favorite...

Synth Guru
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travis.farmer 15th August 2021
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Not to sure where to post this so I'm posting it here. I've noticed that many musicians have cats and other pets in their...

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keyerose 15th August 2021
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dfghdhr 12th August 2021
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Hey all, I've been selling my used gear on ebay for years now, and have built a great reputation. 100% positive feedback,...

Shannon Adkins
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gsilbers 11th August 2021
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And it sounds a lot like Stevie Nicks. Does anybody know who it could be? It's very buried, panned center, and at least an...

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IanBSC 10th August 2021
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So I just had a nap and I dreamed I was on a train and that train was "the train ride that is our life" and there on...

Deleted 38a4a95
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Tui 10th August 2021
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I've recently bailed out a mate of mine (figuratively) who got in debt with online gambling and needed to sell some gear- so I...

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PdotDdot 6th August 2021
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I can't be the only one here who feels that the democratization of the Internet which includes social media, is a lie. It has...

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Tui 2nd August 2021
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lunecha 25th July 2021
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Hi there... Finished with college.. Got the job... Put my music on hold for years but want to get back at it. Have a small...

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majoroson 21st July 2021
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I went to Fogo de Chao tonight. We`ve been on a string of fondue and Brazilian steakhouses and it`s showing.:facepalm: I`m an...

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bmanzer 16th July 2021
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So who and what started the myth that one is not a real musician if they have a 9-to-5 and how and when did it start? Asking as I...

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Rob 28 15th July 2021
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A music publisher recommended Sentric as a great first step into getting my songs published. The "deal" seems very...

Mr Funk
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raisins 14th July 2021
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Hello all, tonite i awaken at 1am, & im drinking slowly whisky-coca till 3am but im ok, atm i dont rage & im not sad...

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lunecha 11th July 2021
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I need a lot of fast proxies to upgrade my music accounts. I want to increase the number of listens and downloads of music a...

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Beltio 9th July 2021
Avatar for Ed A.

Birth is a curse, and existence is a prison. Discuss.

Ed A.
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Karloff70 9th July 2021
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I keep seeing the banner ad for Chris Lorde-ALge, every time I see it I keep thinking it is an ad for national treasure starring...

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ARIEL 9th July 2021
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I guess no one here wanted to touch this one. My favorite part is the sequence about Trump. Oh well...

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RobustAmerican 8th July 2021
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So, as the title states, 50 years ago today (June 27th, 1971) Bill Graham shut down one of the the greatest concert venues of all...

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PdotDdot 7th July 2021
Avatar for iFi audio

It's a constant question I find people asking, but genuinely curious. I love doing yoga and it makes a considerable difference...

iFi audio
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newguy1 1st July 2021
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AfterViewer 29th June 2021
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I´m sure now - here´s the final proof: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=75EjjTvpchY diddlydoo

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romplix 26th June 2021
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I looked at my video analytics on YouTube for the first time. I’m totally shell-shocked. YouTube tells me that the average...

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mattiasnyc 23rd June 2021
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Hi there, is soundbetter $39 monthly fee worth if you are an online mixing and mastering engineer? are those jobs real and...

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mrdelurk 22nd June 2021
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How many feel gear is overrated and skill is underrated? I'm more about developing skill for music making based on certain...

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PdotDdot 20th June 2021
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A famous female popsinger and an analog synthesizer: Kylie Minogue Korg Minilogue K ylie Min ogue K org ...

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marssound 20th June 2021
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Good day to all, I present to you 'The Keshanator' (aka profit making machine cooge). The Keshanator is an automatic song...

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Synth Guru 18th June 2021
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I'll start... Focustrite Universal Audi Poland Stud I/O Electronics Borg Duking Shire Pony Guffel PMT

James Lehmann
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kuasalogam 15th June 2021
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A few years ago I posted a thread on how new technology that made digital media i.e Albums and Singles scarce could save our...

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Sounds Great 12th June 2021
Avatar for dc_r

If I order a preamp from the USA, how much tax do I need to pay on import to the UK? Thanks!

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Wull 8th June 2021
Avatar for lunecha

i drop that.... <deleted by moderator> FRANCE.... & the European institute of medecine, localized in...

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lunecha 3rd June 2021
Avatar for WVTG

I hope I placed this in the correct sub forum. I've been buying more new gear & parts, lately. I've worked for companies...

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WVTG 2nd June 2021
Avatar for hcppp

Found this while looking through my Mackie 2404VLZ4 manual. I found it funny!

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hcppp 2nd June 2021
Avatar for puppee

Hi, What is the general consensus regarding using samples in your music taken from online videos, blogs, speeches, etc. What...

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puppee 1st June 2021
Avatar for lunecha

hi, i have somes.. but i love these : #1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7pOr3dBFAeY , #2 this one...

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lunecha 30th May 2021
Avatar for StarfishMusic

Musicians have a long history of making music and performing intoxicated, but we electronic musicians have alot of technical...

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CAL. 30th May 2021