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Check here for daily gadget deals from eBay USA.

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Right now on eBay 23rd February 2014
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I'm an old guy and I've spent a constant portion of my life perfecting my hi-fi. I've got it just like I like it. And yes, I do...

lame pseudonym
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lame pseudonym 1 week ago
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Ok I have taken my music hat off for now and put on my inventor hat. Is there anyone here who could build a fairly cheap...

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Bushman 5th April 2021
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Hi. I'm a Quadriplegic (i.e. paralyzed from the neck-down) writer. I'm also on a ventilator. However, I do have an extremely...

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TheGimpedOne 1st April 2021
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We are a production audio studio and we do a lot of sessions where our clients need to listen in over the phone via Phone Patch...

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Brent Hahn 12th March 2021
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Advised by Jules , I created this thread for all sluts that are into the DSLR thing ! Let's discuss our "optical gear"...

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chip mcdonald 19th January 2021
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What songs would you recommend I listen to in order to help me evaluate and compare MP3 players?

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Garpy 27th November 2020
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Hey all, I've been looking to upgrade to an Apollo from a Focusrite Forte, and having the extra inputs could come in very handy...

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gibson92 12th November 2020
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Hey Guys! Some days ago I´ve found a neat little trick to use basically ANY Audio Interface which runs with Asio to play...

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Worgram 11th November 2020
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Hey guys, Any home theater nerds around here? :) Well, I'm looking forward to buy a Full HD projector for under U$700. So far,...

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Jaybird 8th November 2020
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I need a controller-type device which will simply cause a circuit - probably a light bulb on an extension chord, or a safety...

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razorboy 12th September 2020
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I seem to always run into the situation where a device (like a car stereo for example) has an "aux in", so like any...

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Mastiff 14th August 2020
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Sorry for asking in the section, was going to ask in "Music for Picture", but that had very little viewers. Let's...

Just Started
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EvilRoy 30th July 2020
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Hi Everyone! I am a photographer. I recently bought 2 BCF2000 on eBay to use in Lightroom. When I first got them the Encoders,...

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Synth Guru 8th June 2020
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hello, my laptop is a bit slow compared to my work needs. So I decided to add more ram to it. hmm i have an extra ram from my old...

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kientrucarcviet 1st June 2020
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I want to do 4k video editing on a galaxy s10 plus I can either get the 8gb or 12 gb ram which one should I get ? Anyone no a...

simply intricate
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qualegonna 30th April 2020
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Has anyone found a solution to the flaky magsafe power supply connectors that only last around 12 months? I'm still using a...

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Jiglo 16th February 2020
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Hi, owners of the Beats Solo Pro headphones! I set my eyes on these pretty headphones and now I am about to buy them. Ivory is...

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jfak7670 21st January 2020
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I have a $650 budget and was looking to get the biggest bang for my buck. lmk please and happy NY!

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gregerlindberg 21st January 2020
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Ok, maybe not music production per se, but no idea where better to post this. I use Google Docs for songwriting and want to pick...

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lame pseudonym 11th January 2020
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Hi folks, New to the forums so if this post is in the wrong place feel free to delete. I'm looking for a bit of help with...

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Mege 31st December 2019
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What's is the dealio??? I tried to connect a large monitor from my GF's new Macbook and got an error message disallowing...

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Jules 28th December 2019
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Hi Guys, I have an Lenco L76 connected to my JVC Stereo REceiver RX 6001RGD with a pair of B&W DM110 speakers and a...

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lame pseudonym 20th December 2019
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I used to live a quick hop from the Eastman School, and would often take in the free nightly recitals in their theatres. That...

lame pseudonym
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lame pseudonym 19th December 2019
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Any good suggestions for flat TV speakers. I was looking at klipsch but I have no idea what they sound like. I have a wall...

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THE_NIK 13th December 2019
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I had a Harmon Kardon surround sound receiver for years. It did the job and sounded good, but one day it just started spitting...

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Synth Guru 23rd November 2019
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With the holiday season in mind, any suggestions out there for $75 or less must have gadgets for the (home) studio? Obviously,...

Ca$h Marty
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carllock 10th November 2019
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As Hi Res audio on mobile phones is going slowly I think I might pick up a dedicated device. Pioneer XDP-100R-K High Resolution...

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Jules 29th October 2019
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Convince me to buy one. I'm not slutty enough. Plus they're on sale. $150 off. (Yes, triathlons are for me) I really...

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mattiasnyc 17th October 2019
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I’ve just finished recording and mixing a five song demo for a new band I’m the guitar player in using Logic Pro x. Did a...

FM Stew
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blueflake 20th June 2019
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Here's the situation: I'm looking to buy a home theater system. The problem is that my budget is tight. So now I’m choosing...

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mattiasnyc 1st June 2019
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I’d like to get my Sharper Image Own Zone Wireless TV Headphones to work with my Apple TV 4K and Insignia NS-22D510NA19 TV....

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connorhawke 20th May 2019
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Anyone running Neuton the hi-res Android app? I am thinking of abandoning iPhone. And as a hi-Rez fan I am curious what is...

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Jules 19th May 2019
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Hi, I’m looking to buy a Tentelometer. Preferably a T2-H20-ML or T2-H20-1;One that will work for 1/4” to 2” tape with the...

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calvinsteel 17th May 2019
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Hello. I would for the first time like to have a decent home stereo for pleasure listening. For the amp/receiver, I wonder if I...

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leddy 14th May 2019
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I like to sit out on the deck with a little set of speakers and my laptop and keyboard to work out melodies and arrangements. ...

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kafka 6th April 2019
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It is my first hi-fi system: Monitor Audio Bronze 2 standmounters and the Onkyo A-9010 amp. I don't like listening to...

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sd270 24th February 2019
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Greetings I have an older Denon AVR-1100 hifi amp that haven't been used for a couple of years. Unfortunately, the amp boots...

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perrodg 19th February 2019
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Any recommendations for hi-fi portable music players?

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burns46824 7th December 2018
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Hello dear audio fans! I'm an newbie and I have this question: I have wireless headphones B&W P5 which have Bluetooth 4.1...

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GoodToKnow 22nd July 2018
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I'm looking for a good quality chromecast speaker (bluetooth would also be ok). Most of the models I see in the store don't...

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theblue1 6th July 2018
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MONO is Back !!! so make sure you Check your Phase - now more than ever - we are back to the 30's with one speaker that people...

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theblue1 7th June 2018
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I'm looking at buying a nice HiFi solution for my home. I used to have these big stereo installations, however, after an...

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theblue1 23rd April 2018
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Thinking of ditching the iphone 6 Whats the best phone to get? Looking at Nexus 6 and Moto G (the 2nd, latest version)

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Quetz 20th April 2018
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I’m thinking about signing up for violin class. My online girlfriend loves classical music and always wanted to date a musician...

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SausageSound 13th April 2018
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I don't know how this appeared in the list of suggested videos for me, but when I saw it I had to have it, the Raven...

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theblue1 22nd January 2018
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I realize there's already a thread about "technology that will be never made again" but that is focused on music...

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Brent Hahn 2nd January 2018
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Require audio for a small salon. Salon is approx. 10m x 5m. Would like 1 x ceiling mount speaker for above reception. Would...

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farabi 31st December 2017
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Curious as to your reactions to Apple getting caught slowing their old phones through ios. They programmed it so that the cpu...

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Reverb 29th December 2017
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Hey Folks, I just bought a Boss BR-532 digital recorder and have been searching for a tutorial video. Would any of you...

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foxwaves 10th December 2017
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Hello I'm looking for advice on my new earbud purchase and was told this is a good place to ask. Sweatproof (considering to...

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Deleted 3cb98a6 1st December 2017