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OUT NOW: Save 50% on our brand new TAIPEI STUDIO TAPE RECORDER. TAIPEI STUDIO TAPE RECORDER is the start of our journey to...

London Acoustics
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London Acoustics 1 hour ago
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Baton Rouge, Louisiana—September 2021… PreSonus® has released Studio One® 5.4, the latest version of its...

The Press Desk
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lllubi 1 hour ago
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The 32C Channel combines 3 of Harrison's most renowned processing elements - the 32C EQ, the 32C filters, and the Mixbus channel...

Harrison Press
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Bo Derek 1 hour ago
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Pulsar Modular has released P42 Climax, is a line amp emulation for tone shaping/coloration, saturation and conjures more of the...

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bgrotto 2 hours ago
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Physical Audio has released brand-new versions of their physical modelling plate and spring reverbs. These have been developed...

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Coles Royce 4 hours ago
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Thanks to feedback from the entire LUNA community, we’re proud to introduce LUNA v1.2. This major software update...

The Press Desk
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McWreckinBall 4 hours ago
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Quantum is an audio plugin that separates an audio signal into its attack and sustain parts. With 16 built-in high quality...

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sirthought 5 hours ago
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Handmade in Los Angeles, California, by artist Jeff Turzo, the M-A-S harmonic shaper from Overstayer Recording Equipment is...

The Press Desk
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plx 5 hours ago
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As part of the Reason 12 rollout, Reason Studios today announced the release of an all-new version of the most popular...

The Press Desk
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fceramic 11 hours ago
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HjMXBUR7JgE TL;DW: Tube is a tube style SoundBetterIzer using a new algorithm for analog...

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MusicLov3r 12 hours ago
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First reverb plugin by Analog Obsession! Not 1:1 modeling based on any device (it's room reverb plugin) but it has...

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hollohe 13 hours ago
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ANWIDA Soft releases SPATIO Room reverb plugin We are finally happy to announce the release of our brand new SPATIO Room, the...

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Realtugs 13 hours ago
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The famous British console sounds heard on the hit records of Queen, Nirvana, David Bowie, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers are...

The Press Desk
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Shaman 14 hours ago
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(from the official press release) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eay347KlZnk Klevgrand releases Rum – a room simulator...

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theXbucket 18 hours ago
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Before the 1970’s, it was almost impossible to make a record without lots of tubes and tape. Analog tape machines were...

The Press Desk
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trevon 1 day ago
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BLYSS from Kush: Mastering EQ with VIBE Check it at: The House of...

u b k
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soapmak3r 1 day ago
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Vastaus is a high-end fixer. Turns your condensers into ribbons, ear-piercing cymbals into smooth mist, 90s black metal guitars...

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jeronimo 1 day ago
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VirtualPG 1 day ago
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Narcotic is the ultimate way to add motion, movement and pulse to your sounds. At its core, Narcotic is a multi-effect,...

The Press Desk
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no genre 1 day ago
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Baton Rouge, Louisiana—September 2021… PreSonus® announced that all of its plug-ins, extensions, and hardware drivers...

The Press Desk
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johnnysaw01 1 day ago
Avatar for BlackRooster

INTRODUCING THE OMNITEC-67A We are excited to share our brand new vintage emulation plug-in with you: the OmniTec-67A...

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BlackRooster 1 day ago
Avatar for Denise.Audio

denise audio releases two new bit crushers based around an all destructive bit crushing algorithm developed this summer. The...

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Denise.Audio 1 day ago
Avatar for Dan Korneff

Micro Digital Reverberator :chug: - 2 Reverbs with INSTANT 80's Vibes...

Dan Korneff
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GroovnD313 2 days ago
Avatar for The Press Desk

IK's FREE update for all AmpliTube 5 users lets them try every X-GEAR effect September 9, 2021 - IK Multimedia is...

The Press Desk
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musicbyjf 2 days ago
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x-FpD6ObH5A CLICK HERE FOR LAUNCH VIDEO Vintage Opto Compression is one of the easiest ways to add depth, fatness...

Steven Slate
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Steven Slate 2 days ago
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I am happy to announce the release of Trident Audio's newest Plugin...The TILTRATION. The LTS Tiltration from Trident...

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alanhyatt 2 days ago
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TBProAudio has released DSEQ 3.5, a dynamic spectral equalizer. DSEQ removes digital harshness on the fly thanks to...

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Aziak 2 days ago
Avatar for TimP Nebula

Time Mod Pedal Pack for n4 commercial The Time Mod Pedal Pack came about as result of many customers over the years asking for...

TimP Nebula
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Digital Crush 2 days ago
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Product: White3 Developer: Acustica Audio Price (MSRP): Introductory price € 110 - Save 35% OFF - For the first four weeks...

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mljung 3 days ago
Avatar for The Press Desk

September 1st PAVIA, ITALY: Guitar amp plugin specialist, Nembrini Audio, is proud to launch their BG Extasy Boutique...

The Press Desk
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Nembrini Audio 3 days ago
Avatar for BadYodeler

The perfect plugin for when your other plugins sound too perfect LO-FI-AF brings you on a journey through your favorite...

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kragg 3 days ago
Avatar for AcusticaSupport

Black - Volume C Black Volume C is an additional Volume for Black. It includes ten different emulations of vintage and modern...

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moonark 4 days ago
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The highly anticipated eleventh version of Steinberg’s audio mastering software, WaveLab, introduces significant new...

The Press Desk
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GBP 4 days ago
Avatar for AnalogObsession

SSQ v6.0 is ready! Famous console equalizer with 4x oversampling and more features! FEATURES - +/- 15dB for each...

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slipper 4 days ago
Avatar for chrisj

IK4UDe10sYg TL;DW: ZBandpass is a bandpass made to sound and act like the Emu e6400 Ultra...

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XHipHop 5 days ago
Avatar for The Press Desk

New EUCON Update Delivers Custom Plugin Mapping and Meter Creation for Avid Control Surfaces Update introduces new level...

The Press Desk
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blue 6 days ago
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Sound Magic introduces Electric Guitar X featuring 7 Premium Electric Guitars in one exclusive package, powered by the latest Neo...

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shane1980 6 days ago
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We are happy to announce to you our newest release: Klirrton...

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Taurean 6 days ago
Avatar for dll

New product from the maker of Har-Bal. Very interesting concept. Certainly when producing itb or in general when without...

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smoke 6 days ago
Avatar for The Press Desk

CLA Nx brings Grammy®-winning mixer Chris Lord-Alge's famed Mix LA studio control room to any pair of headphones – so...

The Press Desk
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lllubi 6 days ago
Avatar for The Press Desk

HoRNet L3012 is a channel strip plugin designed with bass players in mind and contains all the tools needed to make a bass...

The Press Desk
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cprompt 1 week ago
Avatar for The Press Desk

Introducing a new arrangement workflow in Live XY StudioTools Song Sketch is a Max For Live plugin that makes it...

The Press Desk
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The Press Desk 1 week ago
Avatar for The Press Desk

EXPOSE 2 is an audio quality control application that helps you identify and resolve issues with your music. So many tracks...

The Press Desk
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it2audio 1 week ago
Avatar for chrisj

GSdPab4Tyk0 TL;DW: TapeDelay2 is a new implementation of a flexible tape echo. TapeDelay2.zip(618k) Woot! This ought to...

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Avatar for chrisj
chrisj 1 week ago
Avatar for AnalogObsession

Hi! Just updated MERICA and COMBOX and bundled them. MERICA Features - 3 Band (Proportional-Q) equalizer with...

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Avatar for V4nger
V4nger 1 week ago
Avatar for chrisj

m81prNuc_lo TL;DW: ZNotch is a lowpass made to sound and act like the Emu e6400 Ultra Phaser...

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Avatar for range
range 1 week ago
Avatar for random_id

Limited-MAX is a specialized limiter, based on the foundation of being a capable look-ahead brickwall limiter suitable for...

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Avatar for majoraxis
majoraxis 1 week ago
Avatar for S.W.A.T. Audio

PlugHub is a utility app that allows you to view, search, organize, take notes, and tag your installed plugins. It can also do...

S.W.A.T. Audio
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Avatar for blinkSaunders
blinkSaunders 1 week ago
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Avatar for dubguy99
dubguy99 1 week ago
Avatar for United Plugins

URBAN PUNCHER Urban Puncher is a definitive drum improving tool for any urban music producer. It doesn't...

United Plugins
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briefcasemanx 1 week ago