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General Forum Usage

'Share A Link' and 'Post Recycler' features - unique to Gearspace!
Gearspace has a few custom posting features that you won't find on other forums. Here are some toys you can play with!

'Share a link'

This allows you to reply to a post with a link to a news article or info page. The widget will help parse the link, try to add a photo (from the article page) and put a summary into a neat little package which is automatically inserted into your post.

Simply reply to any thread, then click 'Share a link' - on the left-hand side.

Then enter the URL and it will set everything up for you.

Please note that this tool won't parse some URLs correctly or manage to grab a photo/image - it depends on the site - but we're tweaking it all the time.

'Post Recycler'

This is a feature which can search out and re-purpose old content (of your own) in new posts.

You can "keyword search" your old posts, dating back to the date you joined to "bring back" old information for use in a current/new post or reply.

To use this function - reply to any post on the forum. Next to the 'Reply' window you'll see the 'Post Recycler' button. Click on it, and a search window will pop up. Enter some keywords that you think you used in your past post(s), decide whether or not you want to include any previously quoted text and/or thread titles, and hit the 'Search my posts!' button.

You'll then get a whole list of posts from your past that you can pull into the current reply you're making, 'quoted' for ease of reading. Just click the 'Use this post' button next to the relevant topic you want included and it will be pulled into your newest post, and it will even include a hotlink to the referenced post so that readers can go back and read the old content if they want more information, context, etc.

Please send any bug reports regarding any of the forum features above to [email protected] - thanks and have fun!

Reading and Posting Messages

User Profile Features

Can I change my username?
Please email your username change request to [email protected] All username changes are at the discretion of the forum administrators and may require several days to process.

Username changes will be limited or disallowed if requests are made too frequently! Please note you also may be required to put your old username in your signature for a limited period of time after a name change so that other forum members are not confused/misled. Please also remember that multiple user account creation is forbidden - if your username change is denied, please do not simply create a new account or you will find BOTH accounts suspended.