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i thought, well what the heck.. all other forums have this thread already, so why not this one too ?!?? there were...

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Doce 1 day ago
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No copyrighted material Please provide a link that leads DIRECTLY to the samples. Any type of message that starts with...

golden beers
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konturi 2 days ago
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Bigger, better, faster, stronger. The SP-404MKII has everything people love about its predecessor—with some serious upgrades...

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Kraut 3 minutes ago
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I heard it from someone who has a demo prototype : A new Waldorf Synthesizer is in the making. I just know that it's a...

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VladiS 10 minutes ago
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Esla 17 minutes ago
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It seems that they are working on something new (probably for Superbooth in May) Edit (4/3/2022) : it's an Iridium...

Spectral Climax
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blipson 29 minutes ago
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I have been surfing a round for Mint to Excellent used versions: Korg Pro 8 about $890 in excellent condition with 49...

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momomel 40 minutes ago
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Hi fellow slutz and producers (as if I ever was one :lol:) 4/4 with a subdivision of 16 beats is doubtless the most favored...

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jags 41 minutes ago
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Looking through my local classifieds/FB Marketplace/Reverb/Ebay - all appear to be indicating used prices have at least plateaued...

Manse Duzac
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wooderson 46 minutes ago
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I started that Integra thread, but the phrasing makes it a bit biased. I'm trying to find the best rompler for bread and butter...

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locust_tree 52 minutes ago
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What techno do you produce? How long for? Do you perform live? if so what do you use? Do you release professionally? or only...

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HrastProgrammer 1 hour ago
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Watch out Behringer: Replica 3340 voltage controlled oscillator and classic 4-pole OTA VCF with discrete envelope-- It’s...

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Philips 1 hour ago
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I've been really into a lot of this kind of 'prog trance', although I'm not actually sure what the real term is, as when I search...

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ibtl 1 hour ago
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Surprised that no-one has started a thread specifically for this, so let's drag it out of the car crash that is the '909Day'...

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basehead617 1 hour ago
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ok so i've seen there's a replacement for SCSI2SD called Zulu and it's supposed to be better because it uses FAT32 and uses...

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ibtl 1 hour ago
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A.I. Batule Chee 1 hour ago
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Something old Something...

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AuldLangSine 2 hours ago
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Over in the Social Entropy Engine thread, Ripe posted a photo of his booth setup, which he appears to be sharing with Abstrakt...

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chaosium 2 hours ago
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These look pretty fun!

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momomel 2 hours ago
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Here's a thread from Musicplayer about a leak from France: KORG PROLOGUE 8 et KORG PROLOGUE 16 translation - Prologue,...

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Synthpark 2 hours ago
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I am curious what parts are becoming scares and expensive?

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Rangoon 2 hours ago
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Dave Smith Instruments Tempest Press release Unofficial DSI forum for Tempest: Tempest Forum Soundcloud page with samples:...

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cbmd 2 hours ago
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Following the Prophet~6 vintage knob patch , I am curious if you guys don't own any sequential synth whatsoever, which model...

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lxm 3 hours ago
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Here's the...

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rockmanrock 3 hours ago
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Okay everyone, here's what I'm thinking. Every synth thread that I visit (especially for new gear) folks are begging to hear...

Mr Knoch
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Synth Guru 3 hours ago
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I have had a long relationship learning music and production with its up and downs for the last 10 years. I kind of don't know...

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steelyfan 3 hours ago
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I've had a Roland SH-101 for years now. Had some tuning issues, got it fixed, recorded my parts, then put it in its case. That's...

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wedgewedge 4 hours ago
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I think this would make a fun, ongoing thread. Post something you did with your synths (and other gear) today. Whether you...

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DesolationBlvd 4 hours ago
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ralphNYC 4 hours ago
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I’m in the market for a polyphonic. I have a lot of monophonic synths and a Korg Polysix (love the vibe), as well as Minilogue...

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littledoodler 4 hours ago
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Info from Abtmusic & Dutch Synthforum: Take 5 specs : OSCILLATORS Two analog VCOs per voice ...

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billnineo 4 hours ago
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Mods, sorry if you think this is a duplicate ... just thought we might have a place that can stay more on topic. Probably not...

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metaredundant 4 hours ago
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So this is new. So new I can't find any videos or anything on it. But it's up on...

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badmark 5 hours ago
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Thanks Dave..kfhkh

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Mcnulty 5 hours ago
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Just saw this video posted on FB.

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RogerFoote 5 hours ago
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I'm having lot's of fun Started two years ago just having fun with nested code etc ..eventually gave up afte a month . Now ,...

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jags 5 hours ago
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Please can you assist. In the intro (Part 1) of Shine On You Crazy Diamond, you can hear the "Brass" Synth Lead...

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the donal 6 hours ago
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Features Dual-filter paraphonic analog desktop synthesizer 3 discrete wave-morphing oscillators with PWN, synch, FM and ring...

Deleted 60622ed
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StepLogik 6 hours ago
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The Moog Model 15 and the Micro Korg seem to go quite well together... kfhkh

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noddyspuncture 6 hours ago
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This is news to me. Looks and sounds very...

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growlley 6 hours ago
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UDO on Instagram: “We are excited to launch our first instrument in the coming months. Keep in touch. Watch this space....

Deleted 80b9b09
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Swedgin 7 hours ago
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Must be cool by the reactions... Where'd my wallet go??? Edit... It's...

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PuggaMahone 7 hours ago
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I just sold my 15 passenger Ford Transit van at a profit. Bought it 5 years ago for $30K and just sold it for $40K. Truly some...

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kvmoore 7 hours ago
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dmbandtimmy 8 hours ago
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I have a Roland S760 I've recently hooked up to a MOTU MIDI usb interface to allow pc daw note midi to get sent to the 760. I'm...

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JoaT 8 hours ago
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I have created this thread so we can directly and specifically discuss and compare the pros and cons of both the OB-X8 and the...

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jags 8 hours ago
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Considering either a Lead 4R or a1R (when/if I can find any). Dont know much about nords - but its for a live rig (so hands on...

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Exe2479 8 hours ago
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The synth soundtrack on this film is absolutely delicious, dark moody pads and rippling thunderous arps with cavernous reverbs,...

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telecode 9 hours ago
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So I got a broken Prophet 600 for $750 Yep I just won a broken Prophet 600 for $750 The seller has several, said "It was...

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Fast Attack 9 hours ago
Avatar for ac_music

We’ve all had them if we’ve been in this game long enough. What are yours? I’ll start: Bought a Juno 106 and the $500...

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MarkF786 10 hours ago
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Wow! I never thought! I guess I should start saving my pennies!

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Paul_xyz 12 hours ago
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BuGvF1o0OHw rockoutrockoutrockout

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dr_Jezz 12 hours ago