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101 _ making it work !
Old 16th November 2007
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101 _ making it work !

I would like to ask the experts how they would explain the whole scenario to someone thats totally clueless. ( yes, that could be me heh )
I am lacking a bit of basic information to see the whole picture, so feel free to enlighten me and hit us with a short summary of what we need to do to be able to sell our music online. thank you !
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Smile a short summary of what we need to do to be able to sell our music online

Originally Posted by 5down1up ➡️
hit us with a short summary of what we need to do to be able to sell our music online.

Just go to CD Baby or one of these other fine companies here (,, etc) - and sign up!

They're all designed to make it as easy as possible for you, so that you just have to answer a few questions, upload-or-mail your music, then once it's up-and-selling, tell your fans and friends to go buy it.

Start here : CD Baby: CD Baby: sales and distribution for your music
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Peter Wells, SVP Operations, Customer Advocate - Tunecore
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Indeed! Try our tour:


If you have massive questions, try our massive FAQ:

TuneCore: FAQ

Nimbit, CD Baby and more are all out there, trying to build the best, the easiest, the most fair. It's a wonderful world, isn't it?

Here's something our co-founder Jeff Price once drew up, which I think you might find helpful. It's long, but it packs a lot of information:

Jeff Price says:

If you're looking into getting your music into online digital retailers, it’s important to define what it is you are trying to achieve. Are you a bedroom musician that will never tour? Do you only want to tour and could care less about the sales of your music? Is your goal to be the next big Britney "Pop" star? Is this your career or hobby? Do you want to make money from your music?

Once you get your head around what it is you want to accomplish, and you have decided you want to make money off your music, its important to understand all the different ways you can generate revenue for youself, including:

--Public performance fees
--Gig income
--Merchandise sales
--Music sales & licensing

Learn what each one is, how they work and how they make you money. From there you can move forward in assembling the pieces you need to accomplish your goals.

All the assets and opportunities are out there for any artist to have direct access to--most with no cost. Remember, music is not food shelter or clothing but everyone wants it and everyone needs it. It is the fuel that generates money for all of these businesses. Your music is valuable. In some cases so valuable the there are federal laws requiring you to get paid for the use of your music.

TuneCore allows the completion of the equation: a new model allowing you to get into retail stores around the world and get all the money from the sales of the music for the cost of a pizza. Your art is the most valuable asset you have, but for many it's no longer about releasing one 12-song album on one day. It is about rolling out media (music, video, flash animated games, etc.) over an extended period of time. Each piece of media you put out to the world has the potential to make you "happen."

The ability to produce the media has never been less expensive: simple hand held cameras for a few hundred dollars or even short clips from your cell phone have the potential to turn you into the next OK GO "Treadmill Dance" phenomenon, Star Wars Kid icon, Sick Puppies Free Hugs campaign or Numa Numa sensation (look them up on-line, you can’t miss them).

There are many way to get your creations out to the world and many more people that want to see or hear what you have created. Understand the way it all works so you can then move forward with knowledge and realistic expectations

For the first time in the history of the music industry artists have access to the entire music making, marketing, promotion, and distribution process. Before, to have any sort of career at all, artists had to through the old model where the label was the gatekeeper to the process. Artists now have a choice now. TuneCore takes the pain out of getting into the music business.

Jeff wrote that long ago, but the idea of choice is still there, and is a running thread in most of my responses. We really believe in it!

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Thanks Guys ! When i come home tomorrow, ill do my homework and feed the lil brain ! thumbsup

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