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Gracenote Media Database Submission?
Old 16th November 2007
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Gracenote Media Database Submission?

Hello Derek, Patrick and Peter,

First off, thank you for donating your time here on Your insight into the current music biz climate has been helpful as I'm getting ready to release my first EP.

Now here's my question: By using Tunecore, CdBaby or Nimbit as a digital distributor are my songs automatically submitted to the Gracenote Media Database?
Old 18th November 2007
Peter Wells, SVP Operations, Customer Advocate - Tunecore
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It's not automatic, Scriabin, but we include directions for putting your information into places like All Music Guide (AMG) in our FAQ, and of course encourage folks to do it.

Are you a fan of Scriabin? I love his work. Now if I could only play him as well as Horowitz did!

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Old 21st November 2007
Founder CD Baby
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Smile automated processes can do it for you

Originally Posted by Scriabin ➡️
are my songs automatically submitted to the Gracenote Media Database?

Yes. We have metadata deals with a bunch of companies including Gracenote, AMG, and Muze, and some others in the works.

A big part of our job we do for every album that arrives here is making sure all the metadata is clean and perfect, so that we can spread it around for you, wherever fans may be.

Busy musicians shouldn't be wasting their time typing their info again and again and again when automated processes can do it for you.

I'm kindof a database nut so I love programming data-transfer scripts like this in my spare time.

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